Mueller may have a conflict of interest

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GOP vs. DOJ: Clash over FBI source

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Black Support for Trump

Black Support for Trump Reaching ‘Danger Zone’ for Democrats

Trump black support

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has been trending upward ahead of the 2018 midterms, and that should bode well for Republican candidates. Rasmussen’s daily Presidential tracking poll puts Trump’s approval at 48 percent today, higher than Obama at the same point during his Presidency.

Furthermore, the RNC has vastly out-fundraised the DNC. The RNC raised $157.7 million so far this year and has $42.4 million in cash on hand. By contrast, the DNC has raised just $79 million in total over the same period, and just $10.1 million in cash on hand.

 Generic Democrat and Republican midterm candidates are polling within the margin of error according to CNN’s polls.

We reported last week that Trump’s approval among black men doubled in one week after the rapper Kanye West expressed support for him. While it’s unclear if that was the cause for the sudden uptick in support among black men, black support for Trump overall is crossing into a “danger zone” for Democrats.

 According to the latest The latest YouGov/Economist poll (May 6-8), among African-Americans, 16 percent approve of Trump, 10 percent are not sure, and 75 percent disapprove. It should be noted that YouGov puts Trump’s overall approval among registered voters at 41 percent, which is lower than other polls.

While 16 percent support for Trump seems low, blacks generally vote for Democrats by larger margins in national elections.  For instance, Mitt Romney only got 7 percent of the black vote. Trump received a similar share, eight percent. Sixteen percent approval represents a doubling of Trump’s approval among black voters.

 And according to The Federalist, YouGov/The Economist isn’t the only poll showing this positive trend for Trump’s approval:

Marist’s March 19-21 approval for Trump among black Americans was 6 percent; 17 percent were unsure, and 77 percent disapproved. The Quinnipiac poll, which is consistently negative to Trump, on March 21 found black approval at 11 percent, “Don’t Know” at 4 percent, and disapproval at 84 percent. Taken in the aggregate, the three polls have Trump’s approval at 11 percent, at 12 percent for not sure or don’t know, and disapproval at 77 percent. Again, while the negatives are high, the positives are higher than is typical for Republicans, and if black Americans vote in accord with these approval ratings it would be easily enough to tip a tight election.

In all, this would mean hundreds of thousands fewer votes for Democrats in a Presidential election if these trends hold, and some of the effects could be seen in the midterms.

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Obama loyalists conspired to undermine the Trump

How Obama loyalists conspired to undermine the Trump transition

– The Washington Times – Sunday, May 13, 2018

Republican-driven investigative reports on Russia have provided an unanticipated view into secret anti-Trump maneuvers by Obama loyalists during the span of the presidential transition.

Congress set out in early 2017 to investigate Moscow election interference and any coordination with the Donald Trump campaign.

As the collusion avenues led to dead ends, Republican investigators for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Judiciary Committee traveled on a new lane. They discovered a number of behind-the-scenes moves that they said transformed a traditionally acrimony-free transition into a partisan transfer of presidential power.

Among the findings: Obama appointees relied on Democratic opposition research to push Trump collusion claims into the public domain. They also leaked sensitive material to news media, some of it grossly misleading.

In addition, House intelligence committee Chairman Devin Nunes, California Republican, is seeking access to Justice Department documents to determine whether the FBI inserted a spy into the Trump campaign.

Ari Fleischer, who served as press secretary to President George W. Bush, said Obama aides “made life extremely difficult for the incoming team.”

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Clinton Email Scandal_Segment 6

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Was There a Spy Embedded in the Trump Team?

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Kudos to Fox News

Fox News poised to claim victory for best ratings week since 2017

By Peter Barry Chowka

This past week witnessed Fox News pull far ahead of its major cable news competitors CNN and MSNBC – setting itself up for the largest weekly ratings victory since last fall in the critical Nielsen Research television audience measurements. In recent months, the lead in the important cable news evening shows has seesawed between Fox News (FNC) and MSNBC, with Fox usually leading in total viewers and MSNBC often winning the so-called advertiser preferred prime demo (viewers 25-54). But not last week.

Starting on Monday May 7 and for the next three nights (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) – Friday’s ratings won’t be available until Monday May 14 – FNC basically trounced MSNBC and CNN in both total viewers and the demo and by significant margins. The pre- and post-prime time hours (7-8 P.M. and 11 P.M. to 12 midnight E.T.) were also handily won in both metrics on the four nights by Fox News.

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Happy Mothers Day

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Three American Returnees

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Who is the Source?

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Biased NY Times

Biased NY Times owes Mike Pompeo a huge apology

The New York Times was forced to eat crow after slamming Mike Pompeo for being absent during a critical time for the Trump administration.

The headline of the Times piece bashing the secretary of state which was published Tuesday read, “At a Key Moment, Trump’s Top Diplomat Is Again Thousands of Miles Away.”

(Image: Wikipedia/White House)

Pompeo was, indeed, thousands of miles away in Pyongyang as President Trump made his long-anticipated statement on the Iran nuclear deal, announcing the U.S. would be withdrawing from the Obama-era pact. But Pompeo wasn’t on just any trip, as he was actually rescuing three Americans being held captive in North Korea.

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Navy SEAL to Receive Medal of Honor

Navy SEAL to Receive Medal of Honor for Rescue Attempt in Afghanistan

A retired Navy SEAL who led an attempt to rescue a fellow service member stranded on a mountain in Afghanistan in 2002 will receive the Medal of Honor on May 24, the White House announced Monday.

Retired Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Britt Slabinski will receive the medal later this month for leading a reconnaissance team that was under fire to rescue a “seriously wounded teammate” stranded on an Afghanistan mountaintop on March 4, 2002, according to the statement released by the White House.

The Navy Times reported that Slabinski carried out the rescue during Operation Anaconda in 2002.

Slabinski “repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire as he engaged in a pitched, close-quarters firefight against the tenacious and more heavily armed enemy forces,” the announcement stated.

He led his team “through waist-deep snow” while continuing to fight the enemy.

The man Slabinski and his team tried to rescue, Air Force Tech Sgt. John Chapman, later died an exchange of fire with the enemy combatants. Although the White House has not announced it publicly, a report from last month stated that Chapman would receive the Medal of Honor posthumously.

The Medal of Honor is given to those who risk their lives to go above and beyond their duties as service members.

Slabinski is only the 12th living service member to receive the Medal of Honor for displaying bravery in Afghanistan, and his Medal of Honor is an upgrade from the Navy Cross he received for his heroic actions in Afghanistan, according to a statement from the Navy.

He enlisted in the Navy in 1988 and became a SEAL two years later, according to the White House. Throughout his career, Slabinski went on nine overseas deployments and 15 combat deployments to operations supporting the War on Terrorism— including Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

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The UN Is Trying To Force Americans Into A ‘Legally Binding’ Climate Pact

The UN Is Trying To Force Americans Into A ‘Legally Binding’ Climate Pact. Nikki Haley Says That’s Not Gonna Happen


The United Nations will likely vote on a proposal Thursday that would streamline international environmental law and codify it under one “legally binding” document enforceable over all nations, Fox News reported.

French President Emmanuel Macron is sponsoring the initiative. United States U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said the U.S. would reject it.

“When international bodies attempt to force America into vague environmental commitments, it’s a sure sign that American citizens and businesses will get stuck paying a large bill without getting large benefits,” Haley told Fox News in a statement. “The proposed global compact is not in our interests, and we oppose it.”

 United Nations Secretary General António Guterres joined Macron in pushing the pact through the international body.

“It is about our duty of care to provide an environment that supports the health, well-being, dignity and prosperity of everyone on this planet,” Guterres said. “Let us support this worthy initiative.”

The Global Pact for the Environment would be a first-of-its-kind treaty designed to form a coordinated resistance to climate change by universalizing environmental laws that are widely variate from country to country. The U.N. would enforce those laws.

The U.N. initiative was a direct attack on national sovereignty, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change” author Marc Morano said on his website, Climate Depot.

“The U.N. and France are pushing this new global pact on the environment, which will be binding to all the nations that sign onto it,” Morano said. “They are essentially performing a bait and switch: first, they got the nations to sign onto the allegedly ‘voluntary’ U.N. Paris climate pact and now they are ratcheting up the environmental commitments with this new pact.”

“The new pact could become the EU on steroids with all nations that sign onto it being forced to bow to new regulations emanating from U.N. bureaucrats,” Morano added.

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Why I Left the Left

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President Trump Gives Remarks on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

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