Annihilation of the Democratic Party

Donald Trump’s Annihilation of the Democratic Party

By Conrad Black| February 6th, 2019

The nadir of the amoral egotism of what might broadly be called “Me-ism” has been reached by the avant garde of the Democratic Party in their race to the bottom of the electoral depths. The renunciation of any notions of sacrifice, patriotic pride, the spirituality of life, or the recognition of anything except the smash-and-grab politics of endless atomized grievances and instant gratification of convenience, has reached what must, in its way, be the end of history.

The governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, a pediatric neurologist, led the way downwards with an unctuous statement on the virtues of delivering children, assuring their survival as live babies, and then determining in discussion with the mother (of course) whether they deserved to be allowed to survive.

This was an attitude that appalled a large section of opinion in 5th century B.C. Athens. In espousing it, far more than the utter moral vacuity of the cutting edge of the Democratic Party has been exposed. When running for governor, Northam called his opponent a racist and President Trump a “narcissistic maniac.”

The Bigger Fight
The informal, spontaneous, emergent strategy of the Democrats is finally erupting and foaming from the mouths and nostrils of their legislators and candidates in a mighty outburst of opportunistic consciousness. This is a delayed reaction to the destruction of their monopoly on political power by the Trump phenomenon, compounded by the recognition that Trump can’t be impeached and will do everything he promised if he can get a firm enough grip on the apparatus of political power.

The supreme struggle for the commanding heights of American politics, the battle of Verdun or of Stalingrad, has come over immigration. The decades-old understanding between machine Democrats vacuuming up easy Latino votes and largely Republican employers exploiting the cheap labor of illegal Latino immigrants enabled Donald Trump to forge a new coalition of the threatened working class, the middle class exhausted by more than a decade of flat-lined purchasing power, the silent majority of disinterested patriotic Americans, and the legitimate immigrants who do not want their ability to climb the socio-economic ladder as American immigrants have done for 240 years to be undercut by swarms of illegal migrants with no sense of choosing a new country and determining to accept that country’s values and work within them.

Democrats rejoice in proclaiming that Trump didn’t drain much of the swamp when the Republicans controlled the White House and both houses of Congress. They know perfectly well that the Republicans in the Congress were NeverTrumpers. The only senator Trump had at the outset was the subsequently hopeless attorney general, Jeff Sessions, who could not have done more to assist the cover-up of Democratic skullduggery if he had co-authored the Steele dossier.

Now Trump has banished the worst of the NeverTrumpers from the congressional Republican delegation, and won the rest over by friendly persuasion—except for Mitt Romney, who virtually terminated his useful career as a senator two days before he was sworn in with an article on the president’s character. The piece confirmed about Romney what his predecessor from Utah, Orrin Hatch, had called him: “a well-oiled weather vane.” It showed, too, that he was a treacherous one. Despite Romney and the chronically bumptious Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Trump’s allies are now in control of the Senate and its committees and the unearthing of the misconduct of the Obama Justice Department, intelligence services, and the Clinton campaign—as the attorney general-designate has pledged—are about to begin.

Democrats Backed Into a Corner
The Democratic House of Representatives has taken its stand on immigration. Led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), they claim to favor border security but are reluctant to do anything to reduce the flow of illegal immigrants. The entire Democratic media echo chamber has gone to maximum decibel levels denouncing the time-honored solution of an “immoral” wall, and claiming the problem is wildly exaggerated and chiefly occurs at airports. They are backing themselves into the corner of “sanctuary cities” where police are instructed to ignore federal immigration laws and census-takers are enjoined from asking the citizenship of the country’s residents, as the Constitution requires.

This is insurrection and the pervasion of the immigration question, around 20 million people who entered the United States illegally, has corrupted the Democratic Party as its leaders balk at rational solutions. These include the establishment of a border, the deportation of serious law-breakers illegally present in the United States, a generous treatment for the people who entered blamelessly as children, and an expedited path to citizenship for the great majority of illegal entrants who have been constructive and law-abiding residents.

With battle joined on immigration, the Democrats have lashed out at the rich, including the close pals of the Clintons and Obamas in Wall Street and Hollywood, and are calling for a return to pre-LBJ, almost World War II-level tax rates, (of the confiscatory levels that drove Ronald Reagan into the Republican Party). La Pasionaria of the movement, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), and the modern Herbert Marcuse, Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), are both calling for top tax rates in the neighborhood of 70 percent. Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris, junior U.S. senator from California, surged to the fore by calling for the nationalization of the entire health insurance industry, and, effectively of the entire gigantic field of health care. Never mind single-payer healthcare, this is no-payer health care. Doctors of America would become de facto federal employees.

Exalting Atrocities
The Democratic train is now roaring off the tracks and down the third rail which politicians used not to touch, out of a lingering sense of self-preservation. The logical coruscation of this dispersal—this flight from the political center to the left, to stage a goal-line stand of the die-hards against the Trump ogre, grinding relentlessly forward, heedless of the semi-daily announcements by most of the national media of his imminent collapse in legal shambles, is to repurpose abortion as the end of the policy rainbow.

Abortion is too intrusive, too inconvenient; let the children be born and then the mother can decide whether she wants to be a mother after all, or kill the child, or give it up for adoption.

This was the logical end of the nonsensical Roe v. Wade decision that childbirth is exclusively a matter of a woman’s control over her body: it decided correctly that the state does not have the power and should not seek the power to inflict childbirth on a woman who does not want to have a child. But it ignored the real question of when the unborn attain to the rights of a person. That is why the decision is vulnerable and the Democrats, in cold terror that it could be overturned, are in panic and are moving the battle-lines forward to the position of Ralph Northam, far from a natural oracle of moral opinion this past week.

To hell with control over their own bodies! Women will decide in post-natal calm whether to kill the child. It is to this unspeakable assault on every principle and value that has guided, inspired, and undergirded American civilization, where the Democrats are arriving at their last post.

#MeToo was justice by denunciation. Senator and presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) said Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had to be believed over Judge Brett Kavanaugh because she was a woman. Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) saved the balance of evidence and of probabilities, and rebutted justice by mere unsubstantiated denunciation. The Democrats are moving on: women will not only cause the rejection of male candidates for high positions, but have them prosecuted, which in the corrupt American justice system in 95 percent of cases means imprisoned. For good measure, the warrior-queen sisterhood will also decide, after birth, whether their children will be allowed to survive. Life is not remotely sacred, it is to be encouraged if convenient and snuffed out if not.

A Frenzy of Extremism

Donald Trump’s greatest achievement may be the total annihilation of the Democratic Party in its present mutated and degraded form. The Democrats have been allowed to slither to their present state of moral degradation with the witless and spineless collaboration of look-alike Republicans who are easy to defeat, like McCain and Romney, or can be survived, like Reagan and the Bushes, or destroyed, like Nixon.

Faced with a Trump they could not defeat and cannot destroy, Democrats appear to be entering a frenzy of primal extremism. If the Democrats go to the voters next year as the party of infanticide, open borders, a 70 percent top personal income tax rate, and the practical abolition of private health care, they will vanish more quickly, and with less distinction, than the Whigs, who at least had serious leaders like Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and Abraham Lincoln before their party imploded. This thronging riff-raff of Democratic presidential aspirants couldn’t lead the country across Washington’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, and won’t get an invitation to try.


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Socialism is a Lie

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Ford Is Investing $1 Billion


Ford Motor Co.   (F – Get Report) announced at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show Thursday it was planning to invest $1 billion into its Chicago manufacturing and stamping plants., and boosting headcount by 8%.

The investment will add 500 jobs, helping the automaker expand capacity to produce several new sport utility vehicles that will hit the market in the summer. The all-new SUVs that Ford will produce are the Ford Explorer, Explorer Hybrid, Lincoln Aviator, and the Police Interceptor Utility. There are currently 4,500 workers at the Chicago assembly plant and 1,300 at the Chicago stamping plant. 

The upgraded facilities will be more efficient than in the past, as the investment dollars will go toward advanced manufacturing technologies and better workforce training for employees. The advanced tech includes a robot with a camera that collaborates with other parts of the operation to inspect the electrical connections during the manufacturing process. There will also be considerable modifications to the assembly area.

“Today, we are furthering our commitment to America with this billion dollar manufacturing investment in Chicago and 500 more good-paying jobs,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of global operations. “We reinvented the Explorer from the ground up, and this investment will further strengthen Ford’s SUV market leadership.”

“As Chicago continues to strengthen our diverse economy, Ford’s commitment to add 500 jobs and infuse nearly a billion dollars into their Southeast Side assembly plant is a vote of confidence in our people and our future,” said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Part of the investment is aimed at improving the environment at the plants as $40 million will go into improved lighting in the facilities as well as cafeteria improvements and new break areas.


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Progressive Party

The Progressives and Your Money

By Steve Feinstein

First things first. They’re no longer Democrats. “Democrats” are so yesterday, so obsolete, so unrepresentative of current liberal thought. JFK was a Democrat and he believed in a strong military, cutting taxes and confronting worldwide evil from an absolutist — not relative — vantage point. That’s all so wrong. We need a more enlightened approach, one that benefits from the knowledge we’ve gained in the 60 years since JFK. We’re progressed so far. That’s it — we’ll call ourselves Progressives.

And now, just when we need it the most, the Progressive Party has several new faces poised to lead the way and show the country the path we need to take in order to fulfill our society’s promise of greatness, a greatness that can finally be shared equally by all.

There are so many inequities waiting to be solved: blatantly unfair, inconsistent access to healthcare, a college educational system that inflicts outrageously crippling, life-long financial burdens on students, employment opportunities that are still shamefully skewed towards white males of European decent, and of course, the crisis of Climate Change, which is a veritable Gordian Knot of environmentally-sinful practices and social injustices.

Thankfully, Progressive solutions for all of these societal problems exist in the form of new, innovative, effective government programs — such as the Green New Deal — policies that will reorder the most harmful structures of American society once and for all, removing underserved privilege and replacing it with fairness and social justice.

These lifesaving new policies need just one thing in order to be implemented: money. …

Full Story:

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Now That Was a Speech

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Eminent domain to seize private property

Rep. Tlaib promotes using eminent domain to seize GM’s property for ‘Green New Deal’

Rep. Tlaib promotes using eminent domain to seize GM’s property for ‘Green New Deal’

Rashida Tlaib (Image: YouTube screen grab via CNN)

[Ed. – Raise the communist flag. The nation now has a dictator.]

On Friday, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) promoted and quoted a video calling for the government to use eminent domain to seize plants closed by companies like General Motors (GM) – and use those plants to create Tlaib’s “Green New Deal.”

Tlaib tweeted a new video created by Greater Detroit Democratic Socialists of America, “Make the Green New Deal a Reality,” quoting its last line advocating using government to “take control” of corporate production capacity:

“Either we can continue to let corporations, who treat our communities and workers like disposable resources, dictate our fate, or we can take control of our situation, and use our productive capacity to address our common crisis.#GreenNewDeal”

Latest: There are now 1,809 illegal border crossing attempts a day

If a company like GM closes a plant, the government should “use eminent domain to take it back and use it for the people,” the video argues:

“If companies, like General Motors, won’t keep their plants open, even after accepting massive, public-funded bailouts, let’s take them back and use them to make the Green New Deal a reality. ...

Full Story:

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God Bless America

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Fake Indian

Elizabeth Warren once again caught pretending to be a Native American

By Rick Moran

Howie Carr of the Boston Herald has got it exactly right: “Stick a fork in cold crab omelette – the fake Indian is all done now.”

The Washington Post has revealed that Warren, who said in the past that she never used her fake Indian heritage to further her career, used a registration card for the Texas bar in 1986 where she described herself as “American Indian.”

This, along with a DNA test showing a minuscule amount of Indian blood, should be enough to sink her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president before it even starts.

She speak-um with forked tongue one time too many, and now The Washington Post, of all places, has scalped her. The smoke signals went out last night – as early as 1986 she was lying on a Texas bar application that she was “American Indian.”

Lieawatha admit-um she talk with forked tongue, only she use white-eye language, calling it “furthering confusion.”

No confusion anywhere.  You are an utter fraud.  Fake Indian, you will have many moons to reflect on your serial lies.  Never will you be great white father.

Never live-um in white tee-pee. Heap big fraud since buffalo roam the plain, blue-eyed squaw lie about DNA, to make-um more wampum.

So the Boston Globe story last fall claiming she’d never tried to pass as an honest injun, was as phony as a Kevin Cullen column.  But hey, it’s the Globe – right, Mike Barnicle?  Jason Blair?  Patricia X. Smith?  Why do you think the fake Indian went to a fake news rag to print her buffalo excrement?

Elizabeth Warren cannot credibly go to the voters and make a case for “justice” or “fairness” with these allegations.  And justice and fairness are going to be the buzzwords of the Democratic primary race.

At institutions where affirmative action is a god to be worshiped, she used her “Native American” fake heritage to advance her career.

Washington Examiner:

“The date coincided with her first listing as a “minority” by the Association of American Law Schools.  Warren reported herself as minority in the directory every year starting in 1986 – when AALS first included a list of minority law professors – to 1995, when her name dropped off the list.  Warren also had her ethnicity changed from white to Native American in December 1989 while working at the University of Pennsylvania.  The change came two years after she was hired there.”

In 1995, just a few months after Warren began working at Harvard Law School, she gave the go-ahead for the school to list her ethnicity as Native American.

“Harvard listed Warren as Native American in its federal affirmative action forms from 1995 to 2004,” the Post reported.

The euphemisms by Democratic operatives in the media to describe her fraud are amazing:

The registration card is also notable because knowledge of its existence comes after the senator released a stash of documents last summer that she said proved she didn’t try to use ethnicity as a means for professional advancement.  Oddly enough, Warren’s stash didn’t include the registration card, which NBC News host Willie Geist characterized Tuesday as the “definition of cultural appropriation.”

Um, no – it’s the definition of fraud.  Warren perpetrated a fraud upon institutions she worked for, as well as the American people.  If a direct link could be found to her getting a job, or a promotion as a result of her “minority” status, at the very least, she would be exposed to civil suits from Harvard and any other entity where she was employed.

Warren defends herself by claiming that her family had told her all her life she was part Indian.  So because her grammy told her those high cheekbones she has come from some distant Indian ancestor, we’re supposed to excuse her defrauding Harvard and the Texas bar?  Not going to happen.

“I can’t go back,” she told the Post.  “But I am sorry for furthering confusion on tribal sovereignty and tribal citizenship and harm that resulted.”

There are many Democrats who may wish to ignore the fraud – a mindset we’ve seen dozens of times over the years.  Ted Kennedy was the “Lion of the Senate.”  The fact that he was a serial abuser and rapist never quite seemed to matter much.

“Yes, but her heart is in the right place” will be a refrain from what remains of Warren’s campaign until the reality of her diminished position hits her and she drops out.


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‘Russian Interference’

‘Russian Interference’ Didn’t Happen

By Leo Goldstein

It is important to repeat that there was no “Russian interference” in the 2016 elections. It was invented by the DNC, Hillary’s campaign, and the Obama administration. The so-called Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA), a declassified version of which was published on Jan. 6, 2017, was cooked under the control of James Clapper with the collaboration of John Brennan and James Comey.

The alleged interference contained two internet components. The big one was hacking. Podesta’s email account and the DNC and DCCC networks were indeed hacked. The DNC network was hacked many times. In April 2016, when Trump emerged as the expected Republican nominee, the DNC and the Obama administration started a joint attempt to spy on his campaign. In late April, the DNC suddenly “discovered” the hacking of its network, which it had been denying for at least nine months in response to the FBI’s warnings. Instead of fixing it using its own network administrators or hiring a reputable cybersecurity contractor, they hired CrowdStrike, known for making unsubstantiated claims attributing network breaches to Russian and Chinese intelligence, and CrowdStrike incorrectly attributed the hack to Russian intelligence. For more than a month, the DNC then allowed what they thought was Russian intelligence to collect data from its network, while simultaneously rebuffing the FBI’s requests to help or to collect forensic evidence. The DNC probably intended to leak some of the collected data to the Trump campaign and then accuse Trump of colluding with Russia. The Democrats’ thinking and internal activities were accidentally revealed in recent books by their allies.

The DNC also asked the Ukrainian government to “investigate” Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. The FBI apparently took part in that investigation. In June 2016, the FBI signed an evidence-sharing agreement with the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, and within two months a NY Times headlines announced that “Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief.” (Later, that ledger was called a forgery. And a couple of months ago, a Ukrainian court ruled that those NACB activities were meddling in the U.S. elections.) …

Full Story:

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Trump SOTU

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Nick Sandmann: The Truth

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Running from their past.

Before Northam, Democrats Didn’t Just Dress Up as Klansmen
Senator Robert Byrd and Jimmy Carter (Wikimedia Commons)

When Virginia Governor Ralph Northam endorsed fourth-trimester abortions last week, nobody called for his resignation. His decision 35 years ago to masquerade, either in blackface or as a Klansman — which malefaction against taste Northam engaged in seems unclear — offends modern sensibilities to such a degree that his party, his predecessor, and nearly every presidential wannabe says he should step down. This says something more about us than him.

Democrats did not always exhibit a zero-tolerance policy toward dressing up in white sheets. They once, at least in some parts of the country, demanded it from candidates.

In 1924, the Democratic National Convention rejected, by a single vote, a resolution condemning the Ku Klux Klan. The nation’s most prominent Democrat, William Jennings Bryan, used his considerable rhetorical gifts to shamefully aid the nos. “My friends,” the three-time presidential nominee told the convention, “it requires more courage to fight the Republican Party than it does to fight the Ku Klux Klan.”

In 1937, before Supreme Court nominees received the Brett Kavanaugh treatment, President Franklin Roosevelt placed Hugo Black, a former Klansman, on the high court. A proto-Patrick Howley revealed Black’s resignation letter from the Ku Klux Klan, which he signed under an “I.T.S.U.B.” (In the Sacred, Unfailing Bond) complimentary close — a common, cryptic acronym favored by the secret society — after the Alabaman had secured his spot. Why did not Roosevelt use the Justice Department to investigate Black? The president reasoned that “a man’s private life is supposed to be his private life.” On the court, Black’s private views became public policy. Black authored the Korematsudecision. Klansmen have consequences.

As late as 1989, Democrats called a former KKK Exalted Cyclops their leader in the United States Senate. Robert Byrd acknowledged, and regretted, his youthful involvement in the murderous hate group. But his “fleeting association,” as Bill Clinton put it, with the KKK appeared not so much as a moment of insensitivity, as some might construe Northam dressing up in the mid-1980s, as a prolonged period of bigotry at its ugliest. “Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again,” he wrote Senator Theodore Bilbo, another Democrat associated with the KKK, “than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

Less than a decade ago, a more forgiving Left came together to eulogize Byrd as a great man. “Robert Byrd Showed That People Can Change,” a headline of an article in the Progressive read. Byrd did change.

So did the Democratic Party, albeit not entirely. Though no Democrat with a known past association with as odious an organization as the KKK could win election to high office today, Democrats still appear awkwardly obsessed with race. This obsession manifests itself in aggressively promoting racial preferences and incentivizing immigration through giveaways to shift demography for the benefit of their electoral fortunes. It also manifests itself in rote, reflexive calls to resign for decades-old insensitivity most offensive to the party’s most loyal racial bloc.

Whether what Northam did in his twenties reflects on his character in his fifties seems a debatable proposition. His lack of candor in addressing the picture in his yearbook — alternatively apologizing for acting like a jerk and denying appearing in the offensive garb — appears damning. And why did he go by the nickname “Coon Man” and how many times did he don blackface atop the time he admits to dressing up as Michael Jackson? Straight answers do not seem forthcoming. People endorsing infanticide, it turns out, falter in other ethical areas.

Imposing present standards upon past conduct begins the slippery slope. What becomes of the party’s veneration of Woodrow Wilson, and the name of the segregationist, Birth of a Nation enthusiast appearing on bridges, buildings, and institutions? Do Democrats quit celebrating Jefferson-Jackson Day as their birthday? Where does this put Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, who used the “n” word, regarded aboriginal Australians as “a step higher than the chimpanzee in brain development,” and addressed a KKK gathering, in the pantheon of progressive saints?

In this case, Northam sees hope. Progressive pardoners granted absolution for Sanger’s fondness for Klansmen and concentration camps for the paid indulgences of her procurement of abortions and eventual open advocacy of the procedure at a time when people regarded it as revolting as they now regard blackface. Northam, whose enthusiasm for the post-birth abortion goes beyond Sanger’s stated positions on pregnancy terminations, surely believes his political salvation lies in infanticide. In abortion, all sins are forgiven.


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Why You Can’t Argue with a Leftist

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The failure of Socialism

Economic Prosperity Will End Calls for Socialism

By Michael Busler

Newly elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants a number of laws changed that will ultimately redistribute income away from people who earned it and toward people who haven’t earned it.  She says it is simply unfair that some people have so much and other have so little.

Ocasio-Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), whose ancestor was the Socialist Party of America..

The DSA has some very specific goals.  They want to end private ownership of a number of industries, especially those industries whose products are viewed as “necessities.” In addition, the DSA wants to “democratize” private businesses in order to force owners to give workers control of the business.

Ocasio-Cortez has suggested that the highest marginal tax rate should be increased from the current 37% to 70%.  She says that the government can use those extra tax dollars to pay for healthcare and higher education for all Americans.

Most Americans do not approve of these actions.  History shows why. The U.S. went from birth in 1776 to being the most prosperous, most powerful and most advanced country in the world in about 150 years.  This was accomplished because our capitalistic system encouraged individual freedom and individual responsibility.  It is a system that rewards people who make contributions and does not reward people who do not contribute.

The U.S. has generally had low taxes.  That changed somewhat in the 20th century when the U.S. imposed a number of new permanent taxes including the federal income tax, the social security tax, and the Medicare tax.  Individual states added their own income tax, property taxes, sales taxes, and special taxes on things like gasoline and alcohol. Still, the U.S. income earner is taxed less that income earners in most other countries.

Implementing socialistic policies would result in a slow growth economy which would reduce the standard of living for all Americans.  Most countries that have implemented socialism, like Cuba and Venezuela, have very poor living conditions. 

Leftists cite countries like Sweden and Norway as “socialist,” but delude themselves that a generous welfare state supported by a vibrant, globally competitive economy (Sweden) or petrostate wealth (Norway) is an example of socialism working well.  In fact, Sweden has been cutting taxes and welfare spending so much that the total share of the economy taken in taxation declined by 5 percentage points between years 2000 and 2017 according to OECD figures and complaints of welfare cuts are old hat. Further reform and “sweeping” tax cuts are being proposed by the new coalition government.

In those Scandinavian countries, there is a sharing culture where democratic socialism seems to fit. It is also interesting to note that these countries are hundreds of years older than the U.S.  Their population base is relatively small with the total number of people equaling about 27 million.  The U.S. has about 330 million people.

Despite socialism going against everything that made America great, there are a surprising number of young people who support Ocasio-Cortez, the DSA, and the concept of socialism.  These millennials want the government to raise taxes on those that contribute the most and use the funds to pay for their healthcare, their higher education, and an expanded welfare program.

Although there were periods in U.S. history where the socialist movement gained some steam, never have we seen so many young people supporting socialism over capitalism.  Most Americans would agree that socialism would be a complete disaster for the U.S.

The high taxes on marginal income would eliminate the incentive to invest for high income earners and reduce capital formation.  In our capital-intensive economy, this would slow economic growth. “Free” healthcare and “free” higher education in addition to a higher minimum wage, increased access to food stamps and welfare and universal basic income would destroy the incentive for lower skilled workers to seek employment and improve their skills.  This too would slow economic growth.

In fact, the way to reverse this trend and move these “lost souls” from support of socialism to support of capitalism is to do exactly what President Trump is doing.  That is, bring back economic prosperity.  Once these people experience true economic prosperity, socialism will lose its appeal.

Socialism has its appeal today because the U.S. economy has been mired in slow growth for nearly two decades.  Annual economic growth hasn’t exceeded 4% since 2000.  Growth of 4% or more would provide opportunity for all qualified Americans.  There would be far less underemployment, and there would be higher wages with more opportunity.

This long period of economic stagnation has resulted in the problems we see today that make socialism seem favorable. The slow growth of the past two decades did provide opportunity for those at the top.  But those at the lower income levels saw little or no opportunity.  As a result, they saw no increase in income.  To someone with nothing, Socialism is appealing.

President Trump quickly moved away from socialistic behavior when he removed burdensome and counterproductive government regulations that were designed to protect consumers, but really just added to the cost to business and slowed growth. Then Trump lowered taxes for all Americans, including the highest income earners and corporations.  Since then the economy has grown at more than a 3% annual rate.

President Trump is restoring freedom to the economic system. He is trying to bring true prosperity back to the U.S. If he is successful — and that will be difficult because every Democrat, the mainstream media, and even some members of his own party oppose him — Socialism will  lose its appeal.  For the sake of the future of our country, let’s hope he is successful.


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NEW Gillette Ad

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