Democrats Who Plan to Come for Your Guns

Eight Democrat Presidential Hopefuls Who Plan to Come for Your Guns

Molten slag is seen behind a pile of approximately 3,500 confiscated guns about to be destroyed at the Gerdau Steel Mill understand supervision of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department and other law enforcement agencies on July 19, 2018 in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The weapons were seized in criminal investigations, …
David McNew/Getty Images
AWR Hawkins, 0

Every Democrat presidential hopeful supports a slew of gun controls but eight in particular actually plan to ban certain guns that law-abiding Americans currently possess.

The positions vary from simply banning certain types of guns to confiscating them via a mandated ban and buyback combo.

Here are the eight Democrats and their positions:

  • Cory Booker — Wants to institute a ban on AR-15s and other commonly owned semiautomatic weapons that would include taking the guns away from law-abiding citizens who currently own them. On May 6, 2019, the Washington Examiner quoted Booker telling CNN, “Again, we should have a law that bans these weapons, and we should have a reasonable period in which people can turn in these weapons. Right now we have a nation that allows in streets and communities like mine these weapons that should not exist.”
  • Joe Biden — During the June 27, 2019, Democrat debates Biden espoused a confiscatory plan very similar to Booker’s. Breitart News quoted Biden saying, “Folks, look, and I would buy back those weapons. We already started talking about that. We tried to get it done. I think it can be done. And it should be demanded that we do it. And that’s a good expenditure of money.”
  • Bernie Sanders — Sanders showed strong support for New Zealand’s ban and mandated buyback of certain semiautomatic rifles. On March 21, 2019–the day after New Zealand’s ban was announced–Breitbart News reported that Bernie called for a similar ban in America.
  • Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke — O’Rourke supports an all-out ban on AR-15s and other commonly-owned semiautomatic rifles. On June 26, 2019, he tweeted, “Following the lead of the students marching for their lives, we need to implement universal background checks, pass red flag laws, and keep weapons of war on the battlefield—so they’re not trained against our communities in synagogues and churches, concerts and movie theaters.”
  • Kamala Harris — Harris supports renewing the 1994 ban on “assault weapons.” She says as president, she would give Congress 100 days to ban the weapons and if they failed she would executive gun control to ban import of AR-15s and other commonly-owned semiautomatic rifles. On May 15, 2019, she tweeted: “I sponsored the bill to renew the assault weapons ban. We need to do it. But if Congress won’t act, I’ll take executive action as president to ban imports of AR-15-style assault weapons. We can’t afford to wait any longer as these guns flood our country.”
  • Julian Castro — Axios reports that Castro supports banning “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines.
  • Tulsi Gabbard — Gabbard’s campaign website puts her support for an “assault weapons” front and center. The campaign site also states, “Tulsi has an F-rating from the NRA, a 0% rating by the Hawaii Rifle Association, and a 100% rating by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.”
  • Marianne Williamson — Williamson’s campaign website notes her support for “eliminating the sale of assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons.”


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Fiery Debate Video.

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Bill Clinton Flew on Epstein’s Lolita Express

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Jeffrey Epstein Is Headed Off To Jail

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Situational Racism

The Democrats’ Situational Racism

By Brian C. Joondeph

Democrats and their media allies are floundering in the face of a covfefe-strength hurricane of great economic news and an incumbent president who is fulfilling his campaign promises. What he hasn’t yet accomplished is not for lack of trying; instead the unfinished agenda is attributable to a hostile Congress and Judiciary.

When all else fails for the left, they drag out the race card. Why not? It’s worked in the past, ushering in our first black president in 2008. At least that’s how Barack Obama is described. In reality he is only half black, with a black father (officially the Kenyan Barack Senior, or possibly Frank Marshall Davis, according to some). His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was as white as Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.

The media of the time called for the half-white portion of Obama’s heritage to be ignored rather than muddy the waters of his being America’s first black president. Yet during the Obama presidency, for different political reasoning the media went out of its way to make a point of the mixed heritage of another individual, specifically George Zimmerman.

The situation was George killing, in self-defense, the paragon of virtue and honor, black teenager Trayvon Martin, prompting the New York Times, and then other media to refer to Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic”.

From the Huffington Post, critiquing CNN’s repeated use of the expression: “By labeling Zimmerman a ‘white Hispanic,’ they serve their obvious political bias, but also they cynically serve their financial interests by keeping the race angle as part of the story’s subtext.”

The situation called for it, creating a racial controversy when it was anything but. “Interestingly, CNN never referred to their former host, Rick Sanchez, as a ‘white Hispanic.’ Wonder why.” For the same reason Obama was never referred to as a “white black” or a “white African American”.

This is situational racism, calling someone or something racist when it suits the particular situation at hand, even if it wasn’t considered racist previously. Democrats and the media practice situational racism regularly, as a means of advancing their agenda, shutting down opposing voices, and pandering to minorities whose votes they desperately need. Let’s look at several recent examples.

Nike, not content to sell shoes to Americans of all political persuasions, stepped in it again via their vice president for social consciousness, Colin Kaepernick. Nike made a special edition Betsy Ross flag shoe for Independence Day but Kaepernick objected to the flag as being racist and appealing to white nationalist groups. Nike promptly recalled the shoe to virtue signal their wokeness over such a symbol of hatred.

MSNBC regular and Georgetown Professor Michael Eric Dyson, “related the flag to other symbols of hate such as the Nazi swastika and burning crosses.” Why? Because the situation called for it. Anything to fan the flames of racism at a time when minority unemployment is at an all-time low in advance of a presidential election.

Yet the situation was different just a few years ago when the left was celebrating the first black president. In 2013, behind Barack Obama at his second inaugural, flew not one, but two Betsy Ross flags.

Screen grab from Twitter

This same so-called Nazi flag also flew at his 2009 inaugural. Where were the cries of racism? Why wasn’t Obama, who is half white, castigated for flying a symbol of white supremacy? It was a different situation and not one where racism needed to be applied.

Now take President Trump, who according to cable news is the biggest racist who ever walked the earth. If you look up “racist” in the dictionary, Trump’s face will be next to the definition. Soviet Union honeymooner Bernie Sanders confirmed the settled science on Donald Trump’s racism, recently saying Trump is a, “racist, sexist, homophobe and religious bigot.” Case closed, right?

For the current situation of a successful and popular president running for reelection, Democrats have nothing to offer voters aside from unaffordable giveaway programs and calling Trump names. What about the past situation when Trump was a private citizen, keeping his nose out of politics, contributing generously to Democrats? Say, in 1997.

That was the year Donald Trump helped launch Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition Wall Street Project. Funny how Trump wasn’t a racist or a religious bigot as he was received so warmly by two black religious leaders, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (see this). Beside the two “reverends”, there were other black gentlemen who didn’t appear uncomfortable around the racist Trump. Again, a different situation. That time Reverend Jackson had his hand out for money; today it’s about electoral politics. When exactly did Donald Trump become such a racist?

Lastly is the story of Joe Biden, who served as a Democrat senator for 26 years before serving as the vice-president to Barack Obama, our first half-black president. During those 34 years, one of the things he was never accused of was being a racist. A plagiarist perhaps, but despite his white privilege, Joe was “down for the struggle” and having to defend himself after being called a racist by Kamala Harris was nothing he ever envisioned.

She didn’t directly call him a racist during the recent debates, but used a backhanded way of doing it by saying, “I do not believe you are a racist”, but… Just like asking a man when he stopped beating his wife.

Today is a different situation. When Joe was a loyal Democrat apparatchik his views on busing or whether he got along with white segregationist senators was irrelevant. But when running for the Democrat party nomination in the age of #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo, the situation has changed and now all of a sudden, Joe Biden is a racist. Welcome to Donald Trump’s world.

Expect to see more of this, from situational racism to situational sexism, or any other “ism” for that matter. When it is politically expedient, the tables turn, and loyal leftists may suddenly find themselves on the wrong side of the social justice fence.

When you stand for nothing, it’s easy to live in the moment, from one situation to the next, outrage burning in the eyes of the beholder, regardless of the past. After Joe Biden, who’s next?


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Media Face 12,000 Job Cuts

Nolte: Media Face 12,000 Job Cuts, Most Since 2009 Economic Crash

Freshly printed copies of the San Francisco Chronicle move on an overhead conveyor belt November 8, 2009 in Fremont, California. One month after the San Francisco Chronicle saw its circulation drop 26 percent, the biggest decline of any major U.S. newspaper, the struggling paper became the first daily general newspaper …
Justin Sullivan/Getty

The American media will be hit with nearly 12,000 job cuts in 2019, the highest number since the economic crisis of 2009.

“The consultancy Challenger Gray & Christmas reported this week media companies, which include movies, television, publishing, music, and broadcast and print news, announced plans to cut 15,474 jobs so far this year, of which 11,878 of which were from news organizations” reports AFP.

This is a huge increase over 2017’s 4,062 media job cuts and, according to the article at least, this is primarily happening due to paywalls and ad revenue.

A number of media outlets are installing paywalls in the hope their customers will start to pay for something they are used to getting for free. This is not working.

And ad revenue is plummeting because of the ad blockers people use in their web browsers and how effective Google and Facebook have been at stealing advertisers away.

Another obvious reason for these cuts — one the AFP article will never touch —  is that in the era of Trump, too much of the media have exposed themselves as lying, fake-newsing hacks willing to spread any falsehood to overturn the 2016 presidential election.

Already this year, the fake news outlets at CNN and BuzzFeed have slashed over 100 and 200 jobs, respectively. Verizon slashed 800 jobs at Yahoo, AOL, and HuffPost.

What’s more,  what could be more symbolic than the Washington DC-located Newseum being forced to close because no one wants to worship at the temple of a broken, un-American, corrupt, and endlessly venal institution.

Finally, there is the debunking this year of the media’s two-year Russia Collusion Hoax, which fell apart after the Mueller Report proved no one in the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to steal the presidential election and that there was no obstruction of justice.

Sadly, the Russia Collusion Hoax was only the most recent national story the establishment media have hoaxed the American public with. Over the past few years, this discredited institution has also spread these prominent hoaxes:

  • Hispanic George Zimmerman: The White Racist Killer
  • Hands Up, Don’t Shoot
  • Trump Can’t Win
  • Brett Kavanaugh: Serial Rapist
  • The KKKids from KKKovington High School
  • Trump Colluded with Russia

Why would anyone pay to be constantly misled and deceived?

The establishment media’s dying because it is an unreliable and deliberately dishonest institution staffed mostly with partisans and liars.

But let me close on a personal note, a human note, from me to the 12,000 journalists who have and will lose their jobs this year… I want each one of you to know that I feel every bit as bad about you losing your job as you do when a coal miner loses his job, every bit as bad as you would if Breitbart News had to lay people off.


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Without America

A World Without America

By Sally Zelikovsky

As reported in the Washington Examiner, the Communist Party activists who burned two American flags outside the White House on July 4th also called for a “world without America.”  This is nothing new.  America’s enemies, from the USSR to Iran, have long called for our demise.  Internally, red diaper babies and their parents, unions, Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter activists, Occupy Wall Street squatters, home-grown Islamic terrorists, La Raza agitators, social justice warriors and economic justice 99 percenters, hippies and hipsters, progressives and liberals, and too many in the Democratic Party have long inveighed against our existence. In their eyes, we are oppressors, suppressors, repressors; colonists, racists, sexists; homophobes, transphobes, Islamophobes.  Our leaders are despots and dictators.  Our capitalist ways breed the kind of greed that only benefits the 1% at the top of the capitalist food chain.  Our corporations — the spawn of vile capitalism — serve only the malign purposes of enslaving the masses and killing us off with the medication, food, and energy they produce.  Nothing good comes from greedy corporations, seems to be the mantra of Elizabeth Warren, Sandy O, Nancy Pelosi and, sadly, the rest of the DNC.  And yet… they take their contributions, lobby on their behalf, and use their products despite such protestations.

As a whole, we are haters and the world would be a better place without us.  But would it really be?

First of all, rational-thinking individuals understand that this picture of America just doesn’t jive with the reality that millions of people from all over the world of all races, creeds, religions, and genders, including homosexuals and transgendered individuals, sacrifice everything to reach our land.  America’s  immigrants understand what it is to leave true hate, true oppression, and true poverty in the rearview mirror.  They would not make the journey, even contemplate it, to be less free, less secure, and more impoverished.

Secondly,  while it’s impossible to know for sure what kind of scientific, technological, and political progress would have come about in a world without America, or when those advances would have occurred relative to when they actually occurred, or to know what kind of cultural changes the world would have undergone without a United States, suffice it to say that our contributions in all of these categories have been legion and consequential for the planet as whole, not just our nation.  Without penicillin, oil, flight, our technological and engineering feats, the assembly line, capitalism, freedom of the press, speech and religion, our military prowess vanquishing Nazism and communism, and on and on, the world would not be where it is today without America.

I can already hear our progressive pals scoffing and guffawing over my praises for American ingenuity and advancement.  Silly Sally!  What about the pollution, carbon footprint, illness and death, oppression and exploitation of foreign lands for their unique natural resources and labor that America’s greed, capitalism, and yearnings have wrought?  I’ll admit, there is no problem we solve that doesn’t create other problems — sometimes horrific ones like slavery or the destruction of Native American cultures.  Although cheap labor abroad is better for the American consumer and elevates the standard of living for many in those nations, it admittedly creates new problems for both societies.  Opposing political factions can agree on at least that much.

However, at least in America, we have judicial and political systems that provide us with ways of redressing our ills, allowing us to improve our lot.  It isn’t perfect and it thankfully isn’t static.  It is dynamic and flexible and responsive and is perhaps America’s most unique asset relative to all other nations.  Even to this day, there are precious few sovereignties that can boast the same.  If there were, wouldn’t we all be moving there?

This ability to self-correct and evolve undoubtedly stems from the constitutional system of checks and balances, federalism, individualism, freedom, and capitalism conjured up by a few dozen white men with silly suits and powdered wigs.  They weren’t perfect.  Nor did they ever say they were.  In fact, if you peruse the writings of the Founders — even the least known of them, in their personal correspondences as well as in formal documents like the Federalist Papers — were acutely aware of our individual and collective human frailties — you know, better angels and all, mob rule, greed, avarice, and so forth.  And that applied to the wealthiest, whitest male landowner in the aristocracy to the lowliest black slave and poorest white European indentured servant.  Understand me clearly: I’m not saying they were treated equally at the time but that the Founders understood that each human being — slave or landowner — had strengths and weaknesses, assets and liabilities, and evil proclivities as well as good intentions.  It was their study of and understanding of human nature that lies at the very basis of the entire constitutional structure they erected.  They viewed America in biblical and eschatological terms — as the Promised Land.  They knew if properly cared for and abided by, it was a document for all eternity.

Finally, if there were no America, none of us would be here.  We’d either be a British colony or an amalgam of colonies from various European nations.  Who knows, decolonization might never have occurred and the world might still be ruled by British and continental European hegemons.  Or perhaps, indigenous Americans might have been able to fight off the invasion, keeping America for itself.  Perhaps  decolonization would have happened anyway, only if it did, the end result would certainly not be the America we have today.  That’s because what we are today is undoubtedly the byproduct of those particular Founders at that particular time, given the particular circumstances they were in, guided by the particular education and life experiences and individual talents they each possessed.  If “America” was formed out of a late 19th century or mid-20th century group of guys and gals, it would be profoundly different from the America that emerged from 1776.

Either way, it’s unlikely any of us would be here.  I know my forebears would not have left the many European nations they inhabited to seek the American Dream, to have an opportunity to get an education, practice their religion, live in peace.  And my husband never would have escaped the yoke of communism to come here.  You see, like it or not and despite our history of slavery of black Americans and bigotry towards Irish, Jewish, Asian, black, Hispanic, and native Americans, what you got in America — if nothing more than just the opportunity to try to make it — was light-years better than staying behind in your homeland, no matter how familiar the traditions, the food, the culture, the people, the landscape, the smells, and the sights.

And for that reason alone — despite all of our mistakes and missteps as a nation — is why a world without America is a world none of us would want to live in.


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Democrat Freak Show

Welcome to the Democrat Freak Show

By Rich Logis

The Democrats’ working families, small business growth, and national security plan is as follows: raise our taxes; abolish private-pay health insurance; take our guns; regulate our industries out of existence; take what’s left of our salaries to pay for slavery reparations and abortions for men; exploit our youths into Vlad Lenin idol-worshiping Redcoat Hitler Youth; and open our borders indefinitely, suborning illegal aliens to break laws without consequences.  Oh, and don’t forget the “free” health care for illegal aliens!

There are “Truman Show” narratives, and there’s reality.  What was heard on the stages of the first two Democrat 2020 “debates” was the antithesis of what the majority of Americans in the majority of states want: nationalism and strong state sovereignty, fewer taxes and less government spending, guaranteed constitutional rights upheld by our courts and lawmakers, and good ol’ common sense.  There wasn’t much “debating”; all 20 candidates, including the complicit NBC moderators, peddled virtually identical anti-American and anti-nationalist polices.  One wrestled with whether to laugh or to cry, mortified.

Are the Democrat candidates trying to lose?  A century after Major League Baseball’s Black Sox Scandal, one would be forgiven for mistaking the Democrats as the political equivalent of the Sox.  I don’t believe that the freaks are trying to lose, but I’m confident that they know what they’re selling isn’t the Glengarry leads.

The only Democrats who should frighten us more than those who don’t believe the inanity they peddle are the ones who do.  The Democrats’ 2020 platform is tailored to the tens of millions of young voters they’ve spent the last two decades exploiting via A Clockwork Orange Ludovico-esque techniques and tactics. The people on these stages are worse than fringe wackos, conspiracy theorists and anti-Semites, such as Alex Jones and Louis Farrakhan, because they’re established, accepted figures within one of our two major parties.  The syllabus of their political education includes sharia theocracy, Marxism, Leninism, communism, socialism, Nazism, Stalinism, and Maoism.  The freaks are the anthropomorphic amalgamation of the worst mass-suffering, oppressive ideologies in world history.  Listen to how Democrats talk: we’re going to take your money, take your guns, put you in jail, put you out of business.  That tens of millions nationwide cheerlead for this is horrifying.

Democrats want us fearing the government; when the people are afraid of the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.

Perhaps this is just me playing scared, but we can’t take our eye off the ball in any state next year.  There are no more guaranteed red states — only blue and purple states.  With the announcement earlier this week by the Trump administration that our 2020 Census will not include the citizenship question, this is now especially true; the Census count won’t affect 2020, but it will 2022–2032.

Dangerous, Desperate Democrats

Remember this: as much hatred of Trump as there was in 2016, it will have had 48 months to fester come 2020.  A desperate enemy — one willing to sacrifice its own offspring for self-preservation — is a dangerous enemy.

I do often wonder: does our side understand just how much effort Democrats exert to conquer us?  Democrats are militant; I see no way to defeat them unless we reciprocate with more effort and more intensity.  Our preference is be left alone, with our rights intact and un-infringed.  Democrats, however, believe the opposite: no one who shuns the Democrat death cult should ever be left alone.  For God’s sake, America twice elected a guy in President Obama who, as a community organizer, was paid to agitate and harass Chicagoans who were too busy raising families and operating their businesses to worship at the secular altar of “progressivism” and “fundamental transformation.”

Democrat politicians are just taxpayer-funded activists who come to Miami, Florida and quote Che Guevera, a murderous terrorist who killed some of the ancestors of the Cubans who live in Miami.  Politics is a vanity project for Democrat lawmakers; they have no interest in governing or representing.  Their interest is in owning and manacling you, your families, and your livelihoods.

Yes, to some extent, every president is an activist.  The reality is, though, that the majority of people in the majority of states doesn’t want an activist president; we want a fighter, a doer, and a nationalist worker — someone who combines Jeffersonian 10th Amendment lowercase-“r” republicanism, a healthy skepticism of federal overreach and constitutional textualist originalism with Adamsian federalism, which seeks that ever-elusive harmony between states and a stable, centralized federal government.  Trump was never mistaken for a constitutionalist, but his commonsense instincts have, for the most part, beautifully aligned with the common sense of our foundational legal contract.  As we celebrate our nation’s 243rd birthday, let us not forget that our Founders, like Trump, were not politicians.

The constant battle against the Democrats is exhausting but necessary.  We are without a choice.  If you haven’t had cold-sweat nightmares from what you heard at the first two “debates,” you’re not paying close enough attention.  The only way to deal with these people is to beat them into political submission.

I pray that the Democrat 2020 ticket will be Biden/Warren.  I want Biden because I want us to plant the tombstone at the grave of Obama’s legacy.  I want him to feel the sting of losing and coming so close; losing in the primary would be a wholly unsatisfactory denouement.  Defeating Hillary Clinton was somewhat defeating Obama.  Biden, conversely, is an extension of Obama, who once called Biden the greatest vice president in American history.

Those on our side who are not yet taking the Democrat threat seriously need to get on the team right now.  We needed every vote we could muster in 2016.  This election should not be merely about winning — it should be about winning big, about continuing the reformation of our country into the kind of republic our Founders envisioned: self-rule, self-governing, self-regulating.

I expect a 35- to 40-state win next year; that’s the good news.  The bad?  If you think the Democrats are scary now, just wait until 2021.  They’ll make Obama look like Trump.  Despite our win in 2016, and our anticipated win next year, the war to take our country back is just getting started.  There are only two sides: America and the Democrats.  What side are you on?


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NeverTrumpers pout on Fourth of July

Triggered NeverTrumpers pout on Fourth of July; patriots celebrate

By Ethel C. Fenig

While the oh-so-sensitive, oh-so-narrow-minded, oh-so-non-inclusive NeverTrumpers scuttled to their safe spaces of the Never-Trumpers’ broadcast networks and failing cable fake news networks, triggered by President Donald J. Trumps’ (R) proud and patriotic 4th of July Independence Day celebration, patriotic and proud Americans publicly displayed their loyalty to their country by participating in person in the festivities on Washington DC’s mall:

For watching on the few real news networks.

While the racist liberals compared the display of American military strength, which guarantees our country’s freedom and the freedom of so many around the world, to the real evil horrors of Nazism, about which they know nothing, those who understand the meaning of peace through strength cheered the Armed Forces flyovers.

And because this is a free country, even the opposition, with their childish displays of a balloon Trump in diapers or on the toilet were free to protest their petty temper tantrum, unlike what would befall them in a real Nazi or Communist regime that they so admire.

And as the celebrations wound down, the heavens opened, the nourishing rains descended.



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Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday

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Liberal Anti-Americanism is on the Rise.

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Nolte: Sen. Ted Cruz Launches #WalkAwayFromNike Boycott Campaign

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 19: U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) listens during the nomination hearing of Kelly Craft, President Trump's nominee to be Representative to the United Nations, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on June 19, 2019 in Washington, DC. Craft has faced extensive scrutiny for her ties to …
Stefani Reynolds/Getty

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) launched a #WalkAwayFromNike boycott campaign this week after the left-wing company pulled its “Betsy Ross Flag” shoes.

“I love America. I stand for the anthem, respect the flag & honor the men & women who fought to defend our Nation. I respect Free Speech & I’m exerting mine,” Cruz tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

“[U]ntil @Nike ends its contempt for those values I WILL NO LONGER PURCHASE NIKE PRODUCTS. #WalkAwayFromNike RT if you agree,” he added.

In another tweet, Cruz wrote: “It’s a good thing @Nike only wants to sell sneakers to people who hate the American flag…. @NFL #HappyFourth.”

The Wall Street Journal reports although the shoes in question, the Air Max 1 USA, are already manufactured and ready to ship, Nike abruptly decided to dump the product after one of Nike’s commercial spokes-babies, failed quarterbackg Colin Kaepernick, whined that the 13 star flag created by Betsy Ross at the request of George Washington, is connected to the slave era.

The backlash was immediate, even the fully cucked-out Joe Scarborough agrees that Nike’s decision was outrageous.

Thus far, Cruz’s call for a boycott has over 21,000 comments, 20,000 retweets, and 44,000 likes.

While I’m always opposed to organized boycotts, there does come a point where my disgust with a company makes it impossible for me to purchase its products. CNN is at the top of that very short list. When I’m going through the Netflix queue, even if the program looks interesting, once I see that CNN logo, it’s an automatic no sale.

Another business I’ll have nothing to with anymore is Helga’s House of pain, but for reasons that are none of your business.

Gillette seems determined to make that list, as well.

Nike, however, has finally crossed the line.

Compared to a lot of political people, I have a much higher tolerance for this kind of stuff than most. I still go to the movies. I still stop at a Starbucks occasionally. I still buy Apple products. I purchased some Nike running shoes recently, even after the company had hired that jerk-off Kaepernick as its spokesman.

Hey, it’s a free country. If Nike wants to hire Kaepernick, wants to appeal to his crowd, who cares? Nike should make shoes for everyone — even the drooling morons who believe a rick, spoiled, cop-hating, flag-trashing, talentless football player is the next Martin Luther King.

But for Nike to attack the American flag in this way, and to do it over the 4th of July… For Nike to believe so strongly that the American flag —  the symbol of freedom and liberty all around the world — represents oppression… Well, that crosses a line.

This isn’t me calling for anyone else to #WalkAwayFromNike, this isn’t me calling for a boycott, or even joining a boycott. But at the same time, I have to be honest: my days of buying Nike products are over –not because I’m boycotting the company, but because I’m so goddamned disgusted with Nike I just can’t do it anymore.


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The Left’s Endgame

The Left’s Endgame Is Not Chaos. It’s Worse.

By Robert Vincent

On an episode of The Candace Owens Show that aired this past May, Owens had as her guest Dennis Prager.  While I agreed with most of the points made by both Ms. Owens and Mr. Prager, one item struck me as an example of superficial analysis.  They declared that the primary objective of the Left is “chaos.”  In an immediate sense, this seems true; the so-called “progressive left” does appear to be deliberately sowing chaos in America today.

However, I submit that the Left’s “chaos” is an intermediate objective, the means to an end.  They have a well defined endgame.  The Communist Bloc countries were a lot of things, but they were generally not chaotic.  They were highly regimented societies, and while they did not have the material standard of living or political freedoms enjoyed in the West, there were some agreeable aspects, as related by the wife of one Carlo Alcos in an online feature story on the Matador Network about her early childhood experiences growing up in East Germany:

It wasn’t all trying, though.  Everyone had a job, school lunches were free, after-school care was free, people were generally happy, necessities were extremely cheap, and there was more community spirit than there is nowadays.  In those times, there were no Joneses to keep up with.

Rigidly communist East Germany hardly sounded like “chaos.”  So what is the progressive left’s game in the Era of Trump?

First, at present, leftists want to create a state of political cultural chaos in the U.S. for a specific reason.  They need chaos as a smokescreen to defend their current leaders — that is to say, Obama, Hillary & Co. — from prosecution.  Make no mistake: Obama, Hillary, and their cohorts committed some  serious crimes of an unprecedented nature for people at their level.  We executed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for far less. Their degree of culpability is suggested in an October 2016 email from Hilary Clinton to then DNC Chair Donna Brazile, revealed by WikiLeaks, in which Hillary shrieked to the effect that “if that f‑‑‑‑‑‑ b‑‑‑‑‑‑ wins, we’re all going to hang from nooses.  You better fix this s‑‑‑!”

Consider the metaphor of a dogfight between two fighter planes.  One is firmly camped on the six o’clock of the other, ready to deliver the deathblow.  The other, facing imminent destruction, engages in all manner of crazy maneuvers in order to prevent his adversary from achieving a firing solution.  That is what the Left is doing with all this “chaos.”  For if Trump gets enough political breathing space to lock on for the kill and hold them accountable, they are through.  Their whole program is derailed, and many principals will indeed wind up in jail.

What is the agenda of the Left, if it is not simply chaos?

Leftists rationalize what they are doing as being in the service of what will ultimately be a Star Trek–like “United Earth,” a one-world community ruled by the bureaucrats of the U.N., where there will be no more war, all resources will be shared, all conflicts will be “managed,” and the “masses” will be doled out whatever the elites decree the latter “needs” in return for World Peace Forevermore.  In real day-to-day terms, this enables an unaccountable, parasitic globalist elite class to decide what is best for everybody.  Ultimately, the progressive left elites of the West are busy selling out their own countries in order to appease the other major actors on the world stage, especially China and political Islam, to get the latter to cooperate in this globalist fantasy.

In reality, China; political Islam; and the other major independent political actor, Russia, will merely pocket the concessions of the West and continue to pursue their particular interests, in traditional great power fashion, at the West’s expense.  The corrupt Western elites who have sold their souls for this paradigm don’t really care, as they fundamentally do not believe that what the West represents is worth fighting for.  In short, what these corrupt globalist Western elites are engaged in is a highly rationalized form of treason.

There are many collateral policies to this overall goal.  Three prominent issues include:

Israel: In order to get political Islam on board the globalist train, the price the Islamists ask is to get rid of Israel.  This really won’t make the Islamists any more peaceful or cooperative; it will instead embolden them.  But traditionally anti-Semitic segments of Western elites are happy to rationalize the need to force Israel into a suicidal “peace deal” — or worse, if Israel balks, to satisfy the bloodlust of her immediate adversaries…in the service of “World Peace,” of course.

Gun control: Imagine the Yellow Vest movement in France with American-level private gun ownership.  Civilian gun-owners can’t hope to defeat a modern military intent on simply destroying them, but if the objective is control and enslavement, that complicates matters (just ask the governor of Oregon).  A bunch of corpses can’t create wealth for the parasite globalist elite class to feed on.  That is why the Left wants our guns so, so badly.

Abortion/LGBT: The Left offers unlimited sexual freedom as a substitute for political freedom.

The Left holds out traditional sexual roles and mores as a form of “bondage,” of “restriction.”  Why was it called the “sexual revolution”?  When people are encouraged to indulge in much of this nonsense in the context of making a “political statement,” this is intended to make whoever is doing this to feel “free”…but the price of this “freedom” is to uncritically accept all of the other political positions of the Left.  That is why, for example, it is not acknowledged by the Left when President Trump appoints an openly gay ambassador to Germany; that concession to “sexual freedom” doesn’t “count” if someone on the wrong side of the political fence does it.  Sexual freedom, in what passes for public discourse in the mass media and academia today, is the monopoly of the Left.

Writ large, what the self-styled “progressive left” is selling amounts to a modern version of feudalism, in which a self-appointed elite, whose status is maintained by the promotion of a self-serving “progressive,” neo-Marxist dogma, is anointed to tell the rest of us peasants how we must live our lives, not unlike the Divine Right of Kings.  The Rest of Us will be compelled to create wealth for them, as they enjoy an opulent existence without earning it; the likes of Obama, Hillary, Macron, Merkel, etc., couldn’t produce something genuinely useful if their lives depended on it.  In their world, over-educated uselessness becomes a virtue, as they are simply “above” having to produce anything.  It certainly beats actual work.

That is what the Left wants.  It isn’t chaos.  It is integration into global feudalism.  In the end, if they are “successful,” American society will be saddled with a permanent belligerent parasite immigrant class (brought about by “open borders”), a greatly reduced standard of living for most citizens, our Constitution made an irrelevant relic, Islamism unbound, and subservience to a China-dominated world.


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Rep. Dan Crenshaw calls out Ocasio-Cortez

Rep. Dan Crenshaw calls out Ocasio-Cortez as a liar on detainees drinking from toilets

By Thomas Lifson

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) continues to delight me with his common sense and honesty.  Yesterday, he did not mince words, calling out Democrats for their game of deliberately denying resources to detention centers for illegals and then criticizing President Trump for the resulting conditions.  And he outright called Rep. Ocasio-Cortex a liar for her claim that detainees were forced to drink from toilets.  Watch the whole thing:

If I could pick one member of Congress to represent me, it would be Dan Crenshaw.  Alas, I am stuck with Barbara Lee.


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