Promise to Veterans

Trump Keeps His Promises to Veterans

By Larry Alton

When President Donald Trump was running for office, he made countless claims that he would care for the veterans of this country and do something about the neglect previous administrations have shown for their well-being.  As of now, he seems to be living up to his promises.

Trump’s 10-Point Plan to Reform the V.A.

Candidates for this country’s highest office make lots of promises during campaign seasons and election cycles.  In fact, they make so many that it’s often hard to keep track of what they say and hold them accountable once they take the helm of the White House.  But it would take an awful lot of amnesia to erase Donald Trump’s promises to reform the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (V.A.) from our collective memories.

Trump didn’t just make vague promises – he outlined a 10-point plan for how he would reform the V.A. and bring dignity back to the lives of veterans all over the country.  It was an integral component of his campaign to Make America Great Again.  Among other goals, the plan touched on issues like:

  • Appointing a V.A. secretary whose sole objective is to serve veterans.
  • Using the powers of the presidency to remove and discipline federal employees who violate the public’s trust and fail to carry out their duties as they relate to caring for veterans.
  • Create a commission to investigate all fraud and wrongdoing that has taken place in the V.A. and present these findings to Congress.
  • Launch a private 24-7-365 White House hotline with real people answering veteran complaints so that no issue, regardless of how small, falls through the cracks.
  • Increase the number of mental health care professionals in the V.A.
  • Ensure that every veteran has the choice to seek care at the V.A. or a private service-provider of his choice.

Ultimately, the goal of Trump’s V.A. reform initiative has been and continues to be to ensure that veterans get comprehensive care – not just physical care – that allows them to live happy, healthy, and successful lives. …

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IG Report #2

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What took them so long?

Japan hangs 7 members of doomsday cult that released sarin gas on subway

By Thomas Lifson

The next time death penalty opponents tell you the United States is “the only civilized nation with the death penalty,” go ahead and laugh in their faces.  Japan, whatever faults it may have or have had historically, is a highly civilized place, with a miniscule crime rate and standards of public order that even the Swiss can envy.  And boy, do they ever have a death penalty!

In the early hours of the morning today, seven members of the Aum Shinri Kyo religious cult that carried out a horrific sarin gas attack on the Toyo subway in 1995, killing 13 innocents and sending thousands to hospitals, were executed by hanging.  The cult had stockpiled horrific weapons to provoke a doomsday vision and killed a total of 27 people before it was broken up.

The leader of the cult, Shoko Asahara (real name: Chizuo Matsumoto), and six of his accomplices spent two decades in prison while appeals and other legal niceties were fought in court and finally resolved in January this year.  Another six members of the cult are in prison awaiting execution.

Aum Shinro Kyo coat of arms (Wikimedia Commons).

Amnesty International is horrified that Japan executes prisoners in the fashion it does.  The accounts in the media this morning actually downplay a little the nature of executions there, stating that the convicts  get only “a few hours’ notice.”  I actually visited a Japanese prison in the 1990s in the company of an old friend who happened to be a very senior police official, and I learned how the ritual is carried out from one who knows.

First of all, as with these prisoners, they are allowed to cool their heels in a cell following the final disposition of the death penalty verdict.  They are allowed months of time to contemplate their crimes and to know that death awaits, but with no idea at all when it will come.

Second, they await the opening of their cell doors in the wee hours of the morning, during the time that sleep normally is deepest, and a swift trip to the gallows as they rub sleep from their eyes.  Every night, as sleep overtakes their consciousness, they are aware that their deepest sleep may be interrupted by the hangman.  The impression that I got was their “several” or “a few” hours of notice amounts to the time necessary to bring the prisoner to the gallows and go through the formalities preceding the hanging.

In other words, the death penalty is meant to be carried out in a punitive way.  Because it is invoked only in the case of cruel murders.

Despite the criticism from Amnesty International and bien pensants in the West, Japan persists in its ways, and it often helps the survivors deal with their grief.  The AP reports:

“This gave me a piece of mind,” Kiyoe Iwata, who lost her daughter in the subway attack, told Japanese broadcaster NHK.  “I have always been wondering why it had to be my daughter and why she had to be killed.  Now, I can pay a visit to her grave and tell her of this.”

Ms. Iwata’s peace of mind means more to me than Amnesty International’s.

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Immigrants ?

How immigrants do and do not help the world

By Bruce Walker

There is a grand mythology about how the flood of immigrants from oppressed lands to America has benefited the world.  The poem written by Emma Lazarus for our Statute of Liberty creates the impression that providing a new homeland for those who in their native lands lacked liberty, economic opportunity, and security from pogroms and related violence created America.

This is not true.  America would have been just as successful without the immigrants from Europe and East Asia as with these immigrants.  That is not to say that the Germans, Irish, Jews, Poles, Italians, and others who came to America beginning with German immigration in the early 19th century did not become good and productive Americans.  They did, but America did not need them, and they did not need America.

There is a fundamental difference between these immigrants and the immigrants from the Islamic and Hispanic worlds to America during the last decades.  The Germans, Irish, Jews, Poles, Italians, and others who came to America did so to embrace the values of our country (and also the values of other homelands to migrants like Canada and Australia).

Moreover, these immigrants recognized the need to turn their old homelands into nations like America.  So, for example, Italians became Americans, but many of these immigrants also moved back to Italy to help transform the peninsula into a unified nation with liberty and democracy.

When the Irish and the Jewish peoples of Europe acquired their own self-governing nation – in Ireland and Israel – many families who had come impoverished to America returned to the culture and the faith of a homeland in the Old World with affluence and success.  Over time, the one-sided flow of immigration to America became bilateral because the political, economic, and moral values of America had permeated the original homeland of immigrant groups.

When the Soviet Empire collapsed, the last unilateral flow of immigrants to Western Europe and America slowed to a trickle.  Today, the democracies of what was once the Warsaw Pact have kept their populations at home.  In East Asia, the flourishing economics and stable democracies of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore have largely ended immigration to America except for special reasons.

This solution to immigration issues completely eliminates the sort of manufactured “problems” and “crises” that purport to plague America and Western Europe today.  There is, for one thing, no problem of immigrants not speaking the language of the land to which they travel.  If the Hispanic nations of South America absorbed the values and ideals of our nation, then those who immigrate illegally to America today could live in Mexico or another Spanish-speaking land without ever having the handicap of not knowing the language of the land where they live.

Also the creation of a culture that supports the rule of law reduces social violence and political unpredictability.  This allows people who would otherwise leave their homeland to stay safely and prosper without the dislocation of mass immigrations.  This also produces a practical investment in peace and civil order.  The pressure to leave a poor or war-torn land decreases over time until it has little practical effect on people’s decision-making.

How does this compare with the pernicious immigration policies the left seeks to foist on us today?  Instead of turning Mexico into America, the plan is to turn America into Mexico.  Instead of making the Islamic world into relatively safe and affluent lands like France and Italy, the plan is to transform these European nations into the destructive and dangerous lands of the radical Islamic world.

It is the same old plan of all leftism: take what works and break it; take what fails and replicate it.  And always, always, always substitute social theory for the lessons of history.

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Trump’s burden

Trump’s burden: Cleaning up Obama’s mess

By John Scotto

President Trump is unraveling eight years of Obama tyranny.  Here is a little reminder why so many people now stand shoulder to shoulder with President Trump.

President Trump has chosen to unravel the last eight years of Obama’s tyranny one day at a time.  Trump is now reversing the negative Obama tide by simply implementing basic commonsense economic policies.  The combination of this commonsense approach with tax cuts and the reversal of countless Obama executive order EPA regulations has resulted in a booming economy.  Do you really think Obama cared about the middle class economically, or did he just take all of us for fools with his love of job-killing EPA regulations?  These regulations did nothing but destroy American jobs and add costs to American-made products and U.S. private businesses.  They had absolutely no real effect on the environment.  Trump’s reversal of these Obama regulations has brought back many U.S. jobs, and this has become the main contributing factor in revitalizing numerous U.S. industries.

Why would a president who cared about peace and security in the Middle East and the world recklessly remove U.S. troops from Iraq?  Was Obama the Manchurian candidate?  The devastating negative repercussions of Obama’s removal of U.S. troops from Iraq will surely be felt for many decades.  ISIS in filling up the power vacuum within the Middle East has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.  Trump has since cleaned up the ISIS mess, and it took him less than a year to do it.

Was Obama’s compliance in enabling the terror state of Iran to receive 150 million (correction: billion) dollars to basically self-regulate its nuclear program something that made the world a safer place?  Thank God Trump has removed the U.S. from such a diabolical, one-sided “deal.”  The current uprisings in Iran might just take care of this problem.  There will be no reprieve for the Iranian mullahs this time, not from President Trump.

If Obama was really interested in defending the U.S. Constitution, why did he attempt to give amnesty to thousands of DACA kids with just a stroke of his pen?  He repeatedly told the American people he had no legal right to do that, but he did it anyway.  Now it’s another Obama mess conveniently left in the lap of President Trump.

What U.S. president encourages a wide open border and all the ills that come with it?  Seems as if most American citizens agree with Trump and want a secure border.  Building a wall should be a priority for those of us who believe in basic security and American sovereignty.

Obama was a president who seemed to have an affinity for using various government agencies as a weapon against many U.S. citizens.  Remember the unlawful seizing of the AP writer’s phone records? How about the Tea Party IRS scandal, where the government is now currently paying out millions to many U.S. conservative citizens?  Do we dare even mention the current Obama-gate: the FBI, DOJ, NSA, and CIA, apparently all woven together in coordination for the purpose of being weaponized to spy on the Trump campaign and change the course of a presidential election?

How many messes were left for President Trump to clean up?  The last eight years of systemic corruption, treason, and tyranny should be a constant reminder to all of us who value freedom to keep holding our leaders accountable for their words and actions.  This is a reminder and wake-up call for all of us who still remember what can happen to a country under the spell of willful ignorance.  Huge messes pile up, with the responsible people stuck cleaning it all up.

Trump is the president given the responsibility of cleaning up the eight years of Obama tyranny.  He is doing a pretty good job.

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What is America?

By Ted Noel

Every July Fourth, we enjoy Lee Greenwood’s song, “God Bless the USA.” That chorus brings many of us to tears. “I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free.” And when we hear “I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me,” we see the veteran whose brothers did die for our freedom. But what is “America?”

There are many things that make America different from the nations in other parts of the world. But the United States has two major neighbors in North America: Canada and Mexico. Neither one of them comes to mind when anyone anywhere in the world hears the word “America.” It’s always the United States, that “shining city on the hill” Ronald Reagan spoke about as he reflected on newcomers to America.

“I know I have told before of the moment in 1630 when the tiny ship Arabella bearing settlers to the New World lay off the Massachusetts coast. To the little bank of settlers gathered on the deck John Winthrop said: “we shall be a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us, so that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken and so cause him to withdraw his present help from us, we shall be made a story and a byword through the world.

Well, America became more than “a story,” or a “byword” — more than a sterile footnote in history. I have quoted John Winthrop’s words more than once on the campaign trail this year — for I believe that Americans in 1980 are every bit as committed to that vision of a shining “city on a hill,” as were those long ago settlers.”

I believe that true Americans are just as committed now as they have been for the centuries that preceded us. The people on that ship in 1630 faced dangers they couldn’t know. Pioneers throughout history put their lives on the line again and again. And every buck private or SEAL Team member is ready to do the same today.

America grew out of the great hopes of people “yearning to breathe free.” Our forefathers came from countries with state religions, where disagreeing with the crown often led to a death sentence. So the United States became a unique place where certain freedoms were enshrined in a Constitution that all other laws must answer to. More than that, America is not just a place, it is an idea that lives in a place, a dream that is so important that we must state it clearly.

America rests on the idea that you can invest yourselves in making a better life, and it will not be stolen from you.

Let’s say that again. America is the idea that you can invest yourselves in making a better life, and it will not be stolen from you. People came from Europe, where the crown was absolute. Religious oppression was pervasive. And the divide between rich and poor was so incredibly wide that today’s leftists aren’t able to comprehend it. Everything depended on what family you were born into and who you knew. Your birth status determined your life status. But that wasn’t true in America.

John Jacob Astor came to America with the shirt on his back. He took a simple skill, a sharp mind, and great effort to become the first multimillionaire in America. In short, he invested himself in a better life and succeeded. So that others could do the same, our Constitution guarantees the necessary conditions for this to happen.

The First Amendment makes America attractive by preventing the government from dictating which church you go to or limiting your ability to speak your mind. But you can’t do that in England or Canada. Tommy Robinson is in prison in England for reporting on the trial of Muslim gang rapists. If you use the wrong gender pronouns in Canada, you can go to jail.

The Second Amendment guarantees the right of the individual to bear arms. While personal defense may be the most public reason, it’s clear that no government would seriously consider trying to suppress a population that has more small arms than it has. Thus, the Second Amendment secures the others.

The Fourth Amendment protects us from nosy government officials. They have to get a judge to agree that we’ve likely committed a crime before searching our stuff. And they can’t just take our things. Kings used to be able to do both. Without private property, your effort can be stolen by the government.

The Fifth Amendment prevents the government from forcing us to testify against ourselves. In short, they can pound sand if we don’t want to talk. The Star Chamber and torture aren’t allowed here.

I could go on, but the picture is clear. When the Preamble to the Constitution says that America has a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” it means it. And that sets it apart from the rest of the world. America is that shining city on a hill because the government is restricted. It can’t just do what it wants.

We can argue about how the American dream has been distorted by centuries of growing government and judicial malfeasance. All that is true. But at its heart, the American dream is alive and well, and that American dream elected Donald Trump instead of an opportunistic lefty who would have completed the “radical transformation” of America.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton pushed a program called “socialism.” In fact, “socialism” is Marxism, and is based on the lie that the only way the lower classes can get ahead is if the government steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Tell that to John Jacob Astor or the millions of others who have and continue to move up the economic ladder in spite of government. As Margaret Thatcher observed, “the only problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.” Venezuela is learning that the hard way.

Instead of womb to tomb socialism that functions by confiscating the things that Americans produce, we are moving back toward that ideal of an America where you can bust your butt to make your better life, and government won’t steal it from you. At the same time, we have a system of laws that are designed to prevent others from stealing from you as well. In short, we are restoring America to what it was in the beginning. We are making America great again.

America will once again be a living idea. It is the idea that you can invest yourself in making a better life, and your efforts will not be stolen from you.

God Bless the USA.

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Happy Birthday America

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Socialism is for Imbeciles

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Democrats are in a panic

A dish best served cold

By Richard Jack Rail

Democrats are in a panic because ten-term representative Joe Crowley out of New York, in line for a high leadership post in the party, was beaten by the seat-of-the-pants campaign of 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

This is no cause for celebration on the right, because Ocasio-Cortez seems to be to the left of far-lefty Bernie Sanders.  An avowed socialist, Ocasio-Cortez may herald a new era of lunatic positions and politics on the left.

Not that we haven’t seen that before.

Polls have shown that Millennials in general think socialism is just grand.  Evidently, they are paying no attention to the catastrophe that has overtaken Venezuela under socialist president Nicolás Maduro – people starving and fleeing the country by the hundreds of thousands as hyperinflation sucks all the oxygen out of the economy.  This result always accompanies socialism, because socialism kills personal initiative and unfailingly births hyper-corruption.

You can’t but feel a bit of schadenfreude now that the Democrats are confronting the reality of their own efforts to dumb down America.  Millennials, frankly, are just too ignorant to run the country.  You can argue that the same is true of any Democrat, but that argument just goes in circles.  Even Democrats know that the farther left you go on the political spectrum, the less things work the way they’re supposed to work.  They just pretend not to know because that’s part of the fun of being a prog.

Nope, going too far left doesn’t bother Democrats about a Millennial takeover, and neither does a ruined economy or a destroyed country.  As individuals, they just hate giving up the power that took them decades to attain.  And now here come these upstarts who will surely seek vengeance on the Old Dem Hillary-backers who cheated socialist lodestone Bernie in 2016.

After all, that’s what the Old Dems would do if they were taking over.

Revenge probably gave birth to politics.

With any luck, internecine warfare will ensue among Democrats for a decade or more.  All the corruption of the Obama-Hillary camp will come out and possibly destroy the Democratic machine once and for all.  Both Old and New Democrats see this war beckoning, and neither will claim to want it, but neither will yield.  It should be an entertaining fight, given all the things they can’t say because of P.C. strictures, but which will be the true basis for the fight.

It may come down to which side can shake its fist at the other, one finger at a time, with more feeling.

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Democratic crackup

The coming Democratic crackup

By Peter Skurkiss

The signs are there for anyone with eyes to see.  Despite media-inflated stories of the popularity of Bernie Sanders and his fellow travelers, the radicalized Democratic Party is heading for a major crackup. 

The trend started with the rise of the Tea Party (2009), followed by the Democratic loss of the House (2010) and the Senate (2014) and then Donald Trump’s stunning election in 2016.  At each stage of this progression, left-wingers have dialed up their hysteria, their lies, their hate, and even their violence.  Now it is reaching a fever pitch.

But it has been to no avail.  Indeed, all the rage has been, if anything, counterproductive.  Could it be that this November will be a climax, forcing, among other things, George Soros to go to his grave a defeated and frustrated old man?

The media paint a picture of the left being full of fight and determination to continue Barack Hussein Obama’s transformation of America into a European-type socialistic paradise with a multicultural emphasis.  This may be true for the hardcore activists, but they are relatively few in number.  So what might be the dominant mood of the run-of-the-mill Democratic voter?  It is one of depression and a feeling of hopelessness.  They’ve seen their side throw absolutely everything at the conservative resurgence and President Trump in particular and watched as one event after another went against them.  Even the media, with their fake news stories and skewed polls, can’t snap liberals out of their funk.  The party’s only option seems to be doubling down on the losing hand it has been playing.

Some examples: The liberal media’s drumbeat message is that Trump and his supporters are racists, yet the president’s approval rating with minorities continues to grow.  Every Democrat in Congress voted against the Trump tax cuts, predicting they would tank the economy, yet GNP growth is exploding to levels that President Obama repeatedly stated were impossible.  Black unemployment is at a record low, and the overall economy is at near full employment.  The Trump tax cuts have put more money in people’s pockets, and confidence in America is rising.

The Mueller investigation has been revealed as a witch hunt desperately looking for anything to pin on Trump.  On illegal immigration, events have maneuvered Democrats and their supporters into being candid about their insane desire for open borders.  To show you how deranged the liberal left has become, it is even denouncing Bernie Sanders because he won’t endorse the elimination of the Department of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Now, when crazy Bernie is not radical enough for you, you know you’ve jumped the shark.

The American people watch as high-ranking Democrats show more concern for illegal aliens than they do for American citizens.  Democratic radicals have breached the borders of decency by harassing Trump staffers in their everyday lives.  Assuredly, none of this is going over well with the electorate.  Even average Democrat voters who are not foaming-at-the-mouth leftists, of which there are millions, are disgusted by what they see.  Defending the Democratic Party’s actions is become an uphill climb that only the most committed are willing to take.

Despite overreaction and hysterics from the Democrats over tragic school shootings and media adulation of poster boy David Hogg, there has been no dent in support for the 2nd Amendment.  And don’t think for a moment that Americans are turned off by Trump’s assertive trade policies and his taking freeloading allies to task for their miserable defense spending.  They are not.  The president’s actions make sense to them.

The Democrats are showing themselves to be inflexible and incapable of reform. They criticize anything Trump does, even when it is obviously good for America.  The result is that, like their lapdogs in the media, Democrats have less and less credibility with each passing day.  They come across more like annoying dogs barking at the moon than adults engaging in serious debate.

The Democratic Party is brittle; it is fragile.  Since it has become so dogmatic, it cannot bend, therefore it will shatter.  The upcoming November election could well be the straw that breaks the party’s back, especially since the media has been touting a “blue wave.”  Make no mistake: the Democrats are reeling and back on their heels.  Now is not the time to let up on them.  They must be finished off.  November could do the trick.

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Liberal Meltdown

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5-4 Vote

NeverTrumpers and a 5-4 Vote

By Brian C. Joondeph

June has been quite a month for President Trump. From the North Korea summit to a similar sit-down with Vladimir Putin next month. Four percent economic growth, statistical full employment, and high consumer confidence. A successful round of primary elections. And now the Supreme Court.

The Supremes affirmed the President’s travel ban against visitors and immigrants from dangerous countries that have no internal mechanisms for vetting migrants to the U.S. And then came the Janus decision, stating that public employees don’t have to pay money to unions to support political activities, effectively cutting off a major source of Democrat fundraising.

Both decisions passed by a slim 5-4 majority, the four liberal justices voting as a block as they almost always do, and Justice Anthony Kennedy providing one of the five majority votes, some say the swing vote. Although one might argue that the Chief Justice could have been the swing vote as he was in the Obamacare decision. Regardless, the vote was close, and one of the five justices could have turned the final decision in the opposite direction.

What would have happened if Hillary Clinton won the election? Instead of Neil Gorsuch, a Trump appointee, providing one of the five votes, we would have had a far-left justice appointed by Mrs. Clinton, joining their four liberal brethren in black robes, creating a 5-4 majority against the travel ban or union dues funding the Democrats.

Fortunately, Donald Trump won the election and a Clinton-stacked Supreme Court is only a hypothetical, more like a nightmare, but still far from the realm of reality. The voters spoke, many casting their votes with the Supreme Court in plain sight, knowing the implications of judicial activism.

Supreme Court decisions are generally permanent. Roe v. Wade is 45 years old and still the law of the land, despite being decided on dubious constitutional principles. Many presidents have come and gone since Roe was decided. Trump will come and go too, tweets and all, but his court nominees will be deciding cases long after Trump finishes his two terms as president.

This brings me to the NeverTrumpers, a group of so-called Republicans so incensed by Donald Trump’s style and demeanor, that they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Many of those are now Trump supporters, perhaps on the tepid side, but nevertheless pleased with the Trump agenda and accomplishments to date.

Senator Mike Lee is an example. On the President’s short list of potential Supreme Court nominees, he voted for protest candidate, Evan McMullin, for president. This was a wasted effort and vote, and one that may come back to haunt him as Trump has a long memory.

Other NeverTrumpers, like many of the Bushes, voted for Hillary Clinton for president. Then there are the pundits still caterwauling over President Trump. From Bill Kristol and Max Boot to George Will and Bret Stephens. All former Republicans, perhaps in name only, now vehemently hostile to President Trump.

George Will, once a respected conservative columnist, has now beclowned himself with his NeverTrump vitriol. According to Will, Trump is a mistake of nature. Will’s solution to advance the conservative agenda is to “Vote the GOP out.” Trump is now the worst-ever president. He sounds like Maxine Waters.

I think George would gladly prefer a third term of Obama fundamentally transforming America or else a Madam President doing much the same. Some conservative he is.

If he and other NeverTrumpers got their wish, that Trump lost the election to Clinton, the Supreme Court would be a 5-4 majority by now, favoring the liberals. If she won, her appointee would likely not have been Merrick Garland, but instead someone far to the left like Laurence Tribe. What would that mean in light of recent Supreme Court decisions?

In recent cases, it would mean that Christian cakemakers have no religious freedom from supporting behavior antithetical to their beliefs. Union dues would still be a cash cow for Democrat candidates. The president would have no constitutional executive authority to secure the borders and vet immigrants.

There would be no chance of restraint or pulling back prior decisions on abortion or same-sex marriage, decided by the courts rather than by the people or their representatives, as it should have been decided. How long would the first and second amendments remain intact? Could the five liberal justices find portions of the Constitution unconstitutional? Bet on it. And by a 5-4 vote.

Aside from the court, taxes would still be high. North Korea would be building its nuclear arsenal as would Iran. ISIS would be flourishing. Foxconn would not be building an electronics plant in Wisconsin. Unemployment, particular for Blacks and Hispanics, would still be high.

Most assuredly we would not have “the hottest economy in the world,” as National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow described it. Instead, Jimmy Carter’s “malaise” would be back in vogue.

How different would America be today if NeverTrumpers got their wish and Trump was defeated? Instead of electoral college votes, look at a much smaller voting block – the Supreme Court. One vote could fundamentally transform America in the manner of Obama’s dreams.

Trump is advancing the conservative agenda that these so-called conservatives have been wishing for for decades. On all fronts – foreign, domestic, economic, and judicial. Yet they continue to throw stones at Trump and his administration. Trump is making their dreams come true and they still despise him.

Inexplicable behavior with plenty of possible explanations. Trump’s demeanor and style. He is not one of them, part of their insider club. He comes from the wrong side of the tracks.

All this confirms that NeverTrumpers are shallow, a bunch of mean-girl teenagers, focused solely on style over substance. And if they got their way, what a different world we would have today. Including that 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court, with huge implications today and lasting decades or longer.

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Abolish ICE?

By Ronald C. Tinnell

The new rallying cry for Democrats is “Abolish ICE.”  And it’s not just far-left nut-jobs.  U.S. senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris, and New York mayor Bill de Blasio, have all rallied to this flag.  Democratic operatives across the country are busy printing t-shirts and banners and organizing protests and rallies in support of this idea.  It’s sort of ironic: the party of big government actually calling to eliminate a government agency.

Well, rats!  Why didn’t we think of this?  It never seems to have occurred to conservatives that you could just organize some protests and rallies and get rid of a government agency.  There are all kinds of government agencies we would like to abolish.  Let’s see…there’s the Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Labor, and goodness knows how many others.  But the first target has to be the Big Kahuna:  the Internal Revenue Service.  Once they are out of the way, the rest should be a cake walk.

Come on, Tea Party and conservatives everywhere.  Let’s get together and demonstrate to abolish the IRS!

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‘JournoList’ 2 Revealed

‘JournoList’ 2 Revealed, over 400 ‘Left-Of-Center’ Members

whispering, leaking-AFPGetty

An “off-the-record” private discussion group for left-wing journalists, similar to the controversial “JournoList” cabal, has been discovered.

The group, which is hosted on Google Groups, was discovered after messages from New York Magazine journalist Jesse Singal were leaked.

“The listserv, per its ‘About’ page, aims to provide an ‘off-the-record discussion forum for left-of-center journalists, authors, academics, and wonks.’ It has been around for at least eight years (I found discussion posts dating back as far as 2010), and has just over 400 members (403 at the time of this writing),” reported Jezebel. “These members include New York Times best-selling authors, Ivy League academics, magazine editors, and other public intellectuals—in short, a lot of important people who influence public discourse through their written work.”

“They use the listserv’s forum to discuss current events, news from their respective fields, articles they’ve read, articles they’ve written, and other topics of public importance,” Jezebel explained.

A list of the members has yet to be released.

In 2010, a similar group known as “JournoList” also hosted off-record discussions between left-wing journalists from different outlets, and also included Singal.

The group, which was created by Vox Media Editor-at-Large Ezra Klein, became the subject of scandal after leaked messages showed the journalists conspiring to influence political outcomes, such as the 2008 presidential election.

According to the Daily Caller, the group “included dozens of straight-news reporters from major news organizations, including Time, Newsweek, The Associated Press, Reuters, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Politico, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, PBS and a large NPR affiliate in California.”

There have also been other secret journalist groups, such as Cabalist and GameJournoPros, the latter of which served as a group for left-wing games industry journalists who sought to mold the industry politically.

GameJournoPros included journalists from Polygon, Ars Technica, Wired, Eurogamer, Destructoid, Kotaku, Joystiq, TechRadar, Associated Press, CNBC, USA Today, Vice’s Motherboard, VentureBeat, and CNet. Executive employees from games publishers were also present in the list.

Breitbart News requested comment from Singal’s publicist but has not received a reply at press time.

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