Democrats dirty tricks

Democrats’ playbook of dirty tricks is getting old, very old…

By Monica Showalter

The Democratic playbook of dirty tricks is getting so, so, so old.

First the Blasey/Kavanaugh show, which was a redux of the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas show. Now the Florida recount, which ecrudescences, well, the 2000 Florida recount. Are Democrats so out of ideas they can’t come up with new dirty tricks?

It’s just getting amazingly predictable what they are capable of pulling.

Having lost two or three close elections in Arizona and Florida, all of a sudden, they are “finding” new ballots and attempting to change the outcome. Just like they did in Florida’s 2000 election.

In Arizona, boxes and boxes of uncounted ballots are somehow turning up, quite unlike in the rest of the country where the vote tallies get done and the state moves on, all because the losing candidate, far-left congresswoman and Code Pink activist, Kyrsten Sinema, seems to have narrowly lost to Republican congresswoman and fighter pilot Martha McSally for the vacant Senate seat. Never mind that Arizona is a generally red state and the late Sen. John McCain who vacated the seat was a moderate Republican. Never mind that McSally comes fairly close to fitting into that military/moderate template, which would presage the outcome we see. And on the other side, never mind that the candidate was bad: crazy suddenly trying to act respectable tends not to win. Sinema was a tremendously flawed candidate with a far-left past, with mistakes quite comparable to those that sank past GOP Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell, and yet somehow, she’s supposed to be the winner? Only if new ballot boxes are “discovered.”

Which suddenly, they are.

Over in Florida, it’s the same thing, only worse. In Broward County, suddenly there’s a problem counting votes. Never mind that every other county could count its votes according to specifications, Broward not only flunked, it only flunks whenever there’s a close election and a Democrat is losing. And strangely, the found ballots only go in the direction of the Democratic candidates. The person in charge of this fiasco is the same Democrat who was responsible for these other irregularities, according to ABC Local 10:

In the November 2016 general election, a small number of ballots were mailed to voters without the state’s medical marijuana referendum. Then, during the primary election months earlier, early results were posted about 30 minutes before polls closed, violating state law.

Earlier this year a circuit court judge ruled that Snipes broke federal and state law by too quickly destroying ballots from the August 2016 primaries, even though there was a pending lawsuit seeking access to the ballots.

Threw away ballots to give the election to a Democrat? Posted early results to sway the other voters? I think we already know what Snipes’s ethics are like. This is obviously a crook who doesn’t belong near a ballot counting station.

Almost as disturbing is that the lawyer leading the Senate-race recount effort (which is different from the first-count effort going on in Broward) for Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, which is actually legal under Florida law in close elections, is none other than Marc Elias, the Democrat lawyer tied to the famous “pee dossier.” According to Breitbart News:

Marc Elias, the attorney who infamously retained Fusion GPS to produce the largely discredited anti-Trump dossier on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, has been retained to represent Sen. Bill Nelson’s recount efforts in Florida.

The Florida Senate race is likely headed to a recount after late reporting from Broward County lowered Gov. Rick Scott’s lead to about 17,000 votes, meaning the election is within the .25% margin necessary to require a hand recount.  The race has already reached the 0.5 percent threshold to require a machine recount.

I think we know what his ethics are like, too.

Florida. Recount. Democrats.

The whole thing reeks of 2000, that era of Bill Clinton who summed his philosophy up as: “Well, we’ll just have to win, then” led off by the Florida recount back when Al Gore was trying to get recounts of recounts until he could get the total he wanted for president.

That was nearly 20 years ago, and Democrats are still playing the same playbook, as if Americans wouldn’t remember.

It comes just as we’ve just gotten past the Democrat sheet-show over the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, where phony allegations of sexual harassment were cooked up for a last-minute bid to sink the nomination, following Democrats’ failure to sink it on “advice and consent” alone.

That was a recrudescence of the playbook the Democrats cooked up on Anita Hill in the late 1990s over the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination.

Like we wouldn’t remember that, either.

‘It’s not over until the illegal wins,’ which is another Democrat-supported production.

Bush Derangement Syndrome is now Trump Derangement Syndrome.

She Persisted.

All of these things are suggestive of a party unable to take ‘no’ for an answer, and thus, unable to adapt to democracy itself. Democrats are reacting to everything they don’t win with childish tantrums, and in each case, trying to move back the clock for a do-over.

Yet they’re using a really old playbook, not new stuff.

As a party, they are run by gerontocrats, and their beloved socialism has failed in practice, so maybe they’ve run out of ideas.

But it’s significant that they are using the same sleights of hand they used 20 years ago, and thinking we’re fools who’ll fall for it. They aren’t even coming up with new kinds of dirty tricks, they are just replaying the old ones, hoping for a different result.

This has just got to fail in the era of Trump because one can only go to the well once in politics. Democrats’ latest trick shows they think it’s an open bar.

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Democrats trying to steal elections in Florida

Rick Scott files lawsuits accusing Democrats of trying to ‘steal the election’

By Rick Moran

It’s election time, it’s Florida, and that means controversy.

The state has had its fair share of close contests in recent years, but the election last Tuesday for governor and senator may not be decided by ballots that were cast on election day.

In fact, in the senate race between incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson and former Governor Rick Scott, there have already been some curious goings-on by Democratic election officials that have forced Scott to file suit against heavily Democratic counties of Broward and Palm Beach,

Scott is out and out accusing Democrats of trying to steal the election.

Fox News:

Accusing Democrats of conducting a coordinated effort to “steal” elections in a campaign of possibly “rampant fraud,” Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott filed explosive lawsuits late Thursday against the top election officials in two heavily Democratic counties, as they continue to report new votes and three major races in the state appear headed for recounts.

In their lawsuit against Broward County, Scott and the National Republican Senatorial Committeee (NRSC) allege that officials there are hiding critical information about the number of votes cast and counted. And in a parallel suit against Palm Beach County, Scott and the NRSC charge that the election supervisor there illegally used her own judgment to determine voter intent when reviewing damaged or incorrectly filled-out absentee ballots, while refusing to allow impartial witnesses to monitor the process.

The arrogance of these people is astounding. They’re not even trying to hide their cheating. As of early this morning, Scott leads Nelson by about 15,000 votes. How many votes counted since Tuesday night/Wednesday morning have favored Nelson?

Who knows?

“I will not stand idly by while unethical liberals try to steal an election,” Scott, who is currently Florida’s governor, said at a press conference outside the Governor’s Mansion, as he slammed potential “rampant fraud” in the race.

Scott is running against longtime incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. On Thursday, a Nelson spokesperson tersely dismissed Scott’s effort: “The goal here is to see that all the votes in Florida are counted and counted accurately. Rick Scott’s action appears to be politically motivated and borne out of desperation.”

The bombshell litigation comes hours after Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio, in an extraordinary series of tweets that alleged incompetence if not outright complicity by Florida officials, charged that Democratic lawyers were “descending on” the state in a calculated attempt to “change the results” and “try and steal” several statewide races. …

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The midterm election

Positive perspective on the midterm election

By Tiberiu Dianu

The liberals and mainstream media wanted everybody to believe that in 2018 there would be a Democratic tsunami wave. There wasn’t.

In the 1994 midterm elections Democratic president Bill Clinton lost 54 House seats, 8 Senate seats and 10 governorships. That was a tsunami.

In the 2010 midterm elections Democratic president Barack Obama lost 63 House seats, 6 Senate seats and 29 governorships.  That was an even bigger tsunami.

In the 2018 midterm elections Republican President Donald Trump lost a just over a couple dozen House seats (confirming the historical precedents), expanded robustly his Senate seats, while the number of governorships remains split. More importantly, the president won governorship races in swing states Florida and Ohio, which will be extremely beneficial for his reelection in 2020.

So, no tsunami in 2018. Rather than a blue wave, this was a “green wave.” The Democrats pumped-in extraordinary amounts of money to little or no avail. In Texas and Georgia, for instance, their contenders for Senate and governorship lost.

Sure, the liberals and their media will keep on bragging until 2020 about their House small-margin takeover. But what will this, in fact, mean?

Despite the president’s temporary defeat in the House, there is a silver lining here, too. The House Republicans were never loyal 100 percent to the president anyhow. Many of them were RINOs, Never-Trumpers and moderates, not on the same page with the president’s policies anyway. Most of them decided not to run again for the 2018 midterm elections, starting with the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

Does this prove loyalty to the President? I don’t think so. They chose to abandon the president and abdicate from their responsibility to sustain a solid reformation of the American society. They were used to promising their voters for years that they would get things done. And when President Trump actually got things done, they started to hate him for that.  Many of their seats were won by Democrats, who managed to get a small majority in the House.

The good news is that the rest of the Republicans, most of them elected on November 6, are now more loyal to the president and he can rely on them. No more Paul Ryans, no more Bob Corkers, no more Jeff Flakes.

There is other good news (which I predict will happen). After the post-election euphoria, the House Democrats will discover that they are not so united anymore after they get the power in the lower chamber. How the newly elected Democratic former military members will get along with their wacko socialist colleagues? It will be fascinating to see.

While the Republican prima donnas will disappear due to the party’s expansion in the Senate, there will be new Democratic prima donnas emerging in the House. Not all of them will want Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House. Not all of them will side unanimously with their party colleagues when legislation is about to pass. Not all of them will demonize President Trump 24/7. And, definitely, not all of them will automatically reject bipartisan deals.

The near future will tell us if, in the end, the temporarily euphoric Democrats will want to take their new job seriously, and legislate, or continue to “resist” (while they are in power), and investigate. Americans will monitor their two-year performance very closely. Americans are good-sense people. Ultimately, what they want is “jobs, not mobs,” “Kavanaugh, not caravans” and “results, not resist.”

To conclude, there are many serious reasons for which Republicans should not feel too pessimistic, while Democrats should definitely not feel too optimistic.

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Global Warming

Global Warming and Fake Science

By Norman Rogers

About 10 years ago the brand name global warming was changed to climate change. The reason was simple. The Earth was failing to warm. An additional benefit of the climate change slogan was that everything that goes wrong with the weather can be blamed on climate change, caused by burning fossil fuels. The 2012 hurricane Sandy, that flooded parts of New York and New Jersey, is routinely blamed on climate change. The great New England hurricane of 1938 struck the same area and was vastly worse, killing more than 600 persons. That could not be blamed on climate change caused by CO2, because CO2 was not an issue in 1938. Blaming Sandy on CO2-caused climate change is simply a made-up story without scientific foundation. Just because there are plenty of scientists making a connection between climate change and Sandy does not mean that a scientific foundation exists. It does mean that plenty of scientists are eager to benefit from natural disasters.

The idea that scientists are neutral observers resistant to political influence and money is naïve. Scientists are bought and sold every day in the courtrooms of America as paid witnesses. Scientific organizations lobby relentlessly and effectively in Washington. The National Academy of Science pretends to be the government’s advisor on scientific matters. Somehow their recommendations always suggest that more money should be spent on science. Global warming, a.k.a. climate change, has been a bonanza for a large segment of the scientific community. Just as with other special interest groups, the policy recommendations of the science community are heavily influenced by the prospects of getting money from the government. We need science, but science cannot be allowed to run wild.

Computer modeling is the basis for the predictions of climate doom. Computer modeling is hard to do properly, but easy to manipulate to produce the results that are most beneficial to the scientific community. Computer models are excellent vehicles for weaponizing confirmation bias – searching for, or manufacturing, data that confirms one’s biases. Scientists that see the massive holes in the global warming theory are reluctant to speak up because they will be attacked if they do. Getting in the way of money from Washington is not allowed. Yet, there are hundreds of prominent scientists that do speak up. Suppression of global warming skeptics by means of fear and intimidation is not the practice of science. It is the practice of totalitarian politics.

There are forces, known and unknown, that can change the climate. From 1910 to 1940 the Earth warmed strongly. That warming cannot be blamed on CO2. Nobody knows what caused that warming. Yet the warming from 1970 to 2000 is confidently blamed on CO2 and other greenhouse gases. That is a leap of faith, because we don’t know if the recent warming was really caused in part or totally, by the same unknown force that caused the early century warming. The global warming computer models are not remotely good enough to resolve this question.

There are many known forces that can change the climate and possibly unknown forces yet to be discovered. The overturning circulation of the oceans — vast currents of cold, salty water sinking into the abyss near the poles — can have a strong warming or cooling effect with similar magnitude to the forces attributed to greenhouse gases. Long period oscillations of relative temperature in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans (AMO and PDO) are thought to influence climate. The multi-period changes in the magnetic field of the Sun potentially can affect the climate by varying the arrival of cosmic rays that encourage the formation of clouds. The climate system is a chaotic system that can behave in hard to predict ways with sudden drastic changes of behavior. In short, we are in no position to predict the effect of CO2. The pretense that CO2 controls the climate is a speculation that happens to benefit special interests. There is plenty of evidence suggesting that the effect of CO2 is minor.

The promoters of global warming include scientists, bureaucrats, politicians, environmental non-profits, and green energy providers. Each of these groups is strongly motivated to depict global warming as an urgent problem. The motivation is financial or empire building. In the case of politicians the motivation is the desire to placate an important green voting segment.

There are people and institutions that could push back against the fantastic claims of the global warmers, but don’t. The fossil-fuel companies could fight back but they don’t. The people that run these companies would rather appease the global warming promoters, even though the global-warming promoters are hostile to fossil fuels and would gladly put these companies out of business if they could. The fossil-fuel companies give money to environmental organizations that depict the companies as dishonest, run by criminals, and having the aim of destroying the Earth’s environment. I am not exaggerating. The executives of these companies apparently need assertiveness training. They need to fight back rather than try to placate their deadly enemies.

It is hard to fight back when you have no idea what is going on. That seems to be the position of the scientifically ignorant media. The ignorance seems to be willful. Even the most scientifically ignorant reporter should be able to listen to both sides of an argument and get an inkling of the motivations of each side. Ignorance is present on both sides of the political spectrum. Right-wing media may rail against global warming, but their arguments are often as scientifically flawed as the arguments on the left.

The Trump administration may be less enthused by visions of global warming, but the administration is still approving useless and heavily subsidized wind and solar plants. These plants are really useless. Every wind or solar installation has to be 100% backed up by conventional generation. As a consequence they are simply useless appendages to the electric grid, like a 6th toe. The small amount of fuel saved in the backup plants, when the erratic wind or solar is actually working, does not remotely pay the cost of the wind or solar make-work projects. Wind and solar are not even cost effective for reducing CO2 emissions.

The regulatory bodies — state public utility commissions and federal agencies — that should be exercising oversight are almost as useless as the wind and solar plants they approve. What good are regulatory agencies that are caught up in climate hysteria and as a consequence ignore even the simplest and most obvious logical analysis. Even worse, the vulnerability of the electrical grid to hostile attack or natural failure is neglected.

Everything you read in the media about the progression of climate change, melting of glaciers, hurricanes caused by climate change is, as a rule, crap science. According to the promoters of global warming, climate doom is just around the corner. But it never seems to arrive.

The global warming scam will evidentially run out of steam. The public will tire of predictions of doom constantly repeated while all the indices of human and economic well-being constantly get better. The lesson will be that the scientific establishment behaves like other special-interest groups. Their scientific findings are colored by the need to generate financial support. Suppression of contrary opinions has to stop. The public and policy makers need to hear both sides of arguments.

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Caravan not viewed nicely

Caravan not viewed nicely by people who actually know Honduras

By Monica Showalter

When the dust settles on the Honduran migrant caravan and the analyses are out, one of the things that will take the biggest beating is the soggy sob-story manipulative press coverage for what is clearly a complex issue. Yes, dishonest press coverage should take the cake. Why report facts objectively when it’s so much easier to tug on the heartstrings and portray the migrants as just moms with toddlers, all fleeing violence and just looking for a better life?

And with news organizations employing virtually no foreign correspondents these days, who’s going to find out? Just follow the lefty narrative about the migrants, everyone, and let us Get Trump. Right?

Wrong. This is also the era of first-person reporting and Internet instant transmission, so a little bit of the reality is getting out, and it’s not pretty for the caravan. I have read several accounts from people who actually know Honduras and what is going on with the migrant caravan, and it’s not what the press is saying. Two accounts stand out.

First, a former longtime Honduran consul general in Arizona, Tony Banegas, was interviewed by ABC15 (this is a real good station with a strong report-the-news ethic that has interviewed American Thinker contributors with firsthand experiences in the past) for perspectives on the caravan.

What Banegas said was not flattering.

A diplomat, he expressed pity for the migrants, not because they were poor, but because they being used by the political left, which he delicately characterized as “the opposition party.”

“I know my country well, so I support a lot of projects, water projects, health projects, education projects, garbage trucks in my hometown,” he says. “Things are much better in Honduras, we’re not the most violent country in the world anymore.”

While conditions are improving he says, the unemployment rate is near 20 percent and 60 percent of the population live in poverty. The migrants joining the caravans are the poorest of the poor, he says, looking for a better life with nothing left to lose. But, he says these people are being exploited by their home countries. Being promised something in America they can’t achieve.

“There have been documented cases where the opposition party from the government right now are trying to support and encourage these people even with money to come,” he said. 

What’s more, he said they were being “exploited” because they weren’t going to succeed here in the states, they simply didn’t have the education or skills. Left unsaid, but obvious enough, they were being exploited by the left here, too, either as a means of expanding social services bureaucracies, adding to the warm-body count for districts that justify congressional seats, or serving as actual votes for Democrats. Someone here wants them here, and who cares if they can’t make it here and are going to be grossly disappointed?

We know Honduras is a country with a lot of good people in it. Banegas, if you look at the dates he served as a diplomat, 2006-2016, could have been appointed to his job by President Mel Zelaya, the rabid leftist who got thrown out of power after trying to make himself the Honduran Hugo Chavez dictator for life, in 2009, but Banegas obviously stayed in his diplomatic job all through the 2009 debacle without resigning in a huff, back when the Obama administration and America’s enemies were making Honduras a pariah state. He also continued on as a diplomat with the democratic Honduras that followed. He’s got a few lefty anti-Trump views mixed in with his statements, and ABC15 does highlight those, but the most detailed parts of the interview tell the real deal about the caravaners: They’re pawns and they are being used by the left.

Even more powerful, we have a first-person account about what’s going on inside Honduras by an American woman married to a Honduran, inside Honduras, who’s working hard to help the Hondurans make their own country a good place to live. Jennifer Zilly Canales, in a must-read account in the Dallas Morning News, writes:

As the large caravans of Hondurans and other Central Americans parade north to the U.S. border, we who are here in Honduras are deeply troubled to see this wrong mindset affect many in our area. I personally feel ashamed and angry about the chaos some of these uneducated immigrants will thrust upon the U.S., and the way in which they have forsaken international laws and police barricades cannot be justified.

I remember that her website, was one of the must-read sites for what is going on in that country during the 2009 communist-throwout, so I think she’s a sterling source.

She points out that culture matters, and that poor Hondurans who are offered things for free often value them for exactly what they paid for them, which is to not value them at all, which suggests problems down the line for the states if these caravan migrants are let in:

We on the frontlines in Honduras have offered high-quality free education in the school we operate to more than 100 youth in the past five years, and more than half have walked out because they admittedly had no interest in studying or preparing for the future. They are now vagabonds in our rural neighborhood, zipping up and down gravel roads on their bikes and falling into the traps presented by  drugs, petty crime and sexual promiscuity.

She also points out that the caravan itself is an enticement to irresponsibility, with children abandoned as their military-aged young fathers head off to the states in search of the gringo’s free stuff. Seriously, the children are dumped.

Just two weeks ago, a single father suddenly withdrew his three children from our school and joined the caravan in hopes of a better future. A respected friend of ours informed us that his children appeared on the news about a week ago and are now being held in the Honduran capital, where they will be placed in an orphanage. Is this the better life he was hoping to forge for his children?

Another example is that of my husband and two of our teen foster daughters who were driving home from a ballet class around dinnertime several days ago and found the intersection of our rural neighborhood filled with close to 200 people all frantically trying to form another caravan to follow  the first. There were people screaming and trying to get more people to abandon their homes as they would gamble everything for their slice of the American Dream. My husband and daughters were devastated, as we know too well that many marriages are broken, children abandoned, lies believed and laws broken when people choose this route.

Seriously. With this garbage going on as the caravan takes off, is this what the press, and the Catholic Church, with its liberation theology acolytes, is really encouraging in a supposedly Catholic country? Is this kind of child-dumping what Pope Francis is encouraging us here in the states to support as he asks us to “walk with migrants”? It’s unvarnished moral turpitude and right there ought to disqualify anyone who does it from entry into the U.S. One wonders if the immigration officers would even ask about such a thing – did you abandon a child in the streets to get the goodies here – but it sounds like something that would be very difficult to prove.

What it all highlights is how thick the tissue of lies from the press really has been about an otherwise little-known country that has been painted as hell on earth, but which really isn’t. The people who have been cited have spent their lives working to help Hondurans better themselves in a real way. Along comes a caravan, promising paradise (and big gringo benefit packages), and their work is undercut.

Thank goodness they are saying something. Because with their accounts, the caravan stands exposed as a lefty political fraud.

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Interview with George Papadopoulos on “SpyGate”

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‘amazing record’ under Trump’s leadership

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The left is desperate

The left is desperate and floundering badly

By Patricia McCarthy

Readers of AT are likely to have seen the many, many clips of deranged leftists who spew their anti-Trump venom 24-7 on CNN and MSNBC.  No reason to name them all – they all say exactly the same things.  Each one of them morphs seamlessly into the next one.

It is hard to imagine the level of their rhetoric being worse than it was throughout the 2016 campaign, but it is.  They have gone off the rails, out of their minds.  While the published polls show most races in the midterms as very, very close, they may suspect that they are going to lose badly.  So bedeviled by Trump’s success in all aspects of the government except illegal immigration, thanks to the Democrats and RINO republicans, they are melting down like the Wicked Witch of the West.

The left’s accusations have ramped up beyond calling Trump Hitler, Stalin, tyrant, dictator, etc.  They call him racist a thousand times a day, even though the man has never said or done a racist thing in his life.  You can Google him with Rosa Parks and countless other African-American leaders with whom he has had long and close relationships.  These people who are pontificating all day long about Trump’s “racism” are idiots spewing talking points with which they’ve been up-armored in order to turn Americans against the man.

It’s not working.  The more they spout their groundless allegations of racism, homophobia, etc., the more they alienate the Americans who are gladly aware, day after day, of how much Trump has accomplished in just under two years.  Their lives are better.  The formerly jobless have jobs.  The tax cuts have let workers keep more of the money they earn.

Trump’s detractors are embarrassing themselves, and most Americans are paying no attention to them.  These talking heads of the left have rendered themselves irrelevant.  So invested in destroying the president, they’ve lost their minds and any sense of journalistic ethics they might once have had.

There are only four days left before the midterm elections, and the bad behavior of the left media has escalated: fake mailers, fake threats (if you’re a hunter, don’t vote), etc.  There is no end, no low too low, for the Democrats; they mean to win by any means necessary.  Will all their dirty tricks (false allegations against Kavanaugh as a last-ditch effort to derail his nomination, find a dupe to charge with fake mail bombs) help them win on November 6?  Let us hope to God that Americans are not that gullible.  Let us pray they realize that the left today hopes for Trump’s failure.  His successes are killing them.  They are horrified by every economic triumph.  These wins make them angrier and more desperate. 

We now know one thing for certain: The left does not care one bit about the daily lives or the prosperity of the 300-plus million American citizens who actually work for their livings, who are happy but not wealthy, who love their families and their country.  So desperate now, they are encouraging, fomenting the invasion of thousands of migrants from Central America.  This invasion has been organized, choreographed, and funded by leftists, here, there, and everywhere, including the ubiquitous George Soros, whose mission it has been for decades to destroy capitalism.

It was not so long ago that these same Democrats opposed exactly what they are promoting now – Clinton, Harry Reid, Feinstein, all of them.  Desperate now, they’ve changed their tune in order to create a permanent underclass and guaranteed votes.  These people, our leftists, are loathsome, and they are anti-American.

Those of us who are horrified by what the American left has become are terrified by the possibility that the Democrats retake the House.  They have made clear their plans for the destruction of Trump, the economy, and the country; they want revenge for his electoral victory.

Oleaginous Adam Schiff is still stuck on stupid regarding the claim that Trump colluded with Russia.  Maxine Waters, the most corrupt and moronic member of the House, is planning all manner of Trump harassment once head of the Banking and Financial Services Committee.  Demented Nancy Pelosi?  One can only speculate as to her plans to prevent Trump from governing.

If this possibility does not send voters toward an all Republican ticket, then we are fatally gullible.  These Democrats who are salivating at the prospect of wreaking havoc on the Trump administration are enemies of the state.  What they plan, if they win, will negatively affect all of our lives.  They want to undo the tax cuts and increase taxes on all of us.  They want to bring back all the purposefully destructive regulations Obama imposed on businesses across the board that hamstrung the economy.  They will make worse the damage already done to our health and medical care by Obamacare.  Trump has eased some of that pain; they want to make it painful again.  They will again engage with the worst actors on the world stage, as Obama did.  They will torment Israel, as Obama did.

Every bit of their campaign promises and slogans is a lie.  The left, as demonstrated by all the videos posted by Project Veritas, prove that the Democrats dissemble, lie, and cheat to win, and they are proud of their fakery.  They must not prevail, must not win on Tuesday.  They mean to ruin America as founded.  They mean to turn us into something the Founders meant to preclude: a class-based tyranny of the elite.  They mean to control every aspect of our lives, especially how we vote.

Don’t fall for their treachery.  Let them flounder like the fish out of water they are.

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The failure of CNN

CNN gambled on being the ‘anti-Trump’ network. They failed

By Rick Moran

The latest cable TV news ratings are out and the news is grim for CNN and MSNBC.

The Hill:

Fox News topped MSNBC and CNN combined in the cable news ratings race for the month of October, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Overall, Fox averaged 2.8 million total viewers in prime time, up 25 percent from October 2017. MSNBC placed second in the category, with 1.58 million viewers, while CNN finished third, with 931,000 viewers, during the time period.

In the key 25- to 54-year-old demographic advertisers covet most, CNN fared better than MSNBC, averaging 290,000 viewers to 281,000. Fox News won that category with 540,000 viewers.

The top programs in cable news for October were Fox News’s “Hannity,” with an average of 3.5 million viewers; “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” with 3.23 million; “The Ingraham Angle,” with 2.97 million; “The Five,” with 2.84 million; and “Special Report with Bret Baier,” with 2,668,000.

MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” finished sixth in cable news as that network’s highest-rated program. Overall, MSNBC finished fourth in basic cable behind Fox News, TBS and ESPN.

MSNBC bills itself as a progressive alternative to Fox News. But CNN has tried to maintain the fiction that they are an “unbiased” news source. How’s that working out Jeff Zucker?

CNN President Jeff Zucker made an embarrassing admission during an interview with Vanity Fair published Thursday, saying that his network depends on covering President Donald Trump in order to maintain the attention of its audience.

When Zucker broached the question of why CNN spends such an inordinate time covering the president versus other subjects, Zucker said that he is practically dependent on him in order to keep their ratings.

“We’ve seen that, anytime you break away from the Trump story and cover other events in this era, the audience goes away. So we know that, right now, Donald Trump dominates,” Zucker said.

Ironically, Zucker has repeatedly struggled to compete with Fox News and MSNBC, despite his now admitted strategy of obsessing over Trump’s every move. While CNN’s viewers have grown since the 2016 election, the network still regularly falls behind other news channels.

Earlier in October, CNN even drew fewer viewers than Nickelodeon — and the latest ratings released showed that it had even fallen behind Hallmark Channel made-for-TV movies.

Perhaps CNN could boost its ratings a bit by programming a game show. “Trump Trivia” would probably be a huge hit. It would almost certainly draw more viewers than Wolf Blitzer.

The blatant hostility to Trump by CNN has grown since the beginning of the his presidency to the point now where it is positively unhinged. Led by White House reporter Jim Acosta, CNN on air talent makes little effort to hide their Trump-hate. And they spew it 24/7.

Acosta is a piece of work. His latest from his Twitter feed reveals just how partisan and biased he is.

Note his use of the term “offensive” – an extremely subjective judgment that appears to have infected the group think mentality of the media in general. But the point is, this guy is a “journalist.” Shouldn’t he be letting the audience make up their own minds whether the ad is “offensive” or not? The only way that his followers on Twitter can determine if the ad is “offensive” is if they see it themselves.

Guess not. His followers on Twitter like his dwindling number of viewers on TV should just sit down, shut up, and think as he tells them to.

I find that attitude far more “offensive” than any campaign ad.

So Zucker gambled everything on going anti-Trump all day every day and has lost. I wonder how long the CNN corporate leadership will put up with these antics? 

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Wake up Democrats

Wake up Democrats, our party is un-American

By Bob Just

I have been a Democrat since my youth, as were my parents before me. So of course, I understand “party loyalty.” But as a talk show host and columnist, I’m able to spend more time following my party than most Democrats can with their busy personal lives.

So when a Democrat candidate for United States Senate recently ran an ad referring to the “crazy Democrats” in our party, it didn’t surprise me.

A few years ago, I was so alarmed I called for a “Democrat Voter Strike,” hoping to bring our party leadership to their senses. But now things have gotten radically worse, and I urge Democrats to vote Republican and send a clear message to our leaders.

If this problem was temporary, or affecting only a few in leadership, I would still say vote Republican based on their disgraceful behavior during the Judge Kavanaugh hearings. But this has been going on for a long time – something younger Democrats need to know. And no matter what we hear in the media, our party’s current behavior was a problem long before Donald Trump.

In 2004 I ended a column called, “My Un-American Democratic Party” with the following words about the growing power of the “crazy Democrats” who increasingly control our party.

“Now here is our big problem. These Democrats don’t need to win elections the usual way. All they need to do is solidify their angry base – then entrench like an occupying army – and wait until Americans are desperate for a political ‘change.’ No one can break the stranglehold of a party that has a solid 40-45 percent base (as some experts claim), and few moral limits… they can emotionalize debate, use their power to politicize and subvert committees, force damaging scandal hearings – and do all this while networking with their secular media allies to pressure the public. They can campaign perpetually, wage the politics of personal destruction – they can infiltrate, obfuscate, accuse, demoralize and defeat at every opportunity. Call it permanent gridlock – a wrestling stranglehold just waiting for the pin. It doesn’t sound very American, does it?”

You would think that was written a month ago. Thankfully, other mainstream Democrats are speaking out now as well. I don’t think our leadership will listen but I hope regular Democrats voters will.

In his column, “No, civility isn’t optional,” former Clinton advisor Mark Penn warned fellow Democrats about their response to Trump. “The idea that if you lose an election, you should delegitimize the winner, is dangerous business that once put in motion, can swing out of control.”

This is a time for national self-reflection, especially among Democrats alarmed at the behavior of our party leaders.

But we should understand what we’re up against, and why voting Democrat simply out of “party loyalty” has become a dangerous decision.

Other long-time Democrats are waking up, and see that danger as well.

“Democrats and many in media now accuse Mr. Trump of totalitarian methods and objectives,” wrote Ted Van Dyk recently in the Wall Street Journal. “There is much to fault in the Trump presidency, but the totalitarian tendencies appear to flow from our own party.”

Those “totalitarian tendencies” started before most millennials were born. After all, the famous Newsweek “Thought Police” cover story was published in December of 1990. In that issue, Newsweek exposed the true nature of PC, already rampant on college campuses, calling it both “Marxist in origin” and  “totalitarian.”

That was a full 3 years before PC rose to the White House with the Clintons and started aggressively corrupting the Executive Branch bureaucracies, all part of their effort to “fundamentally transform” or “re-imagine” America.

“Where PC reigns,” said Newsweek, “one defies it at their peril.”

If you are a college student currently living on campus, that statement will sound very familiar. But is that what we want? Is that how we want to live – with a gag over our mouths, worried our lives will be ruined if we say the wrong thing?

No wonder a recent study across demographic categories showed that 80% of Americans fear PC. It is a true cancer on our whole political system. In fact, it is grossly un-American!

And let’s face it, our Democrat Party is the “PC party” because of our current leadership – so they must be stopped with a powerful rebuke at the ballot box.

Otherwise, there could be serious trouble. This statement won’t surprise you if you’ve been watching fellow Democrats on TV and wondering, “Who are these people”?

Yes, I am talking about the various intimidating mobs, but more importantly, I especially include our party’s leaders who contort their consciences to fit some absurd “talking point” strategy – like insisting that accused people “must prove their innocence.”

Is that what we want America to be like – that anyone can accuse you and you are guilty until proven innocent?

Many Americans have been shocked at the decline of our party but I doubt they could have predicted Democrat leadership would soft-glove thuggish groups like Antifa who go around bashing people and destroying property all in the name of being “against fascism.”

Even those Democrats who have never liked Hillary Clinton, could they have imagined she’d publicly reject civil behavior?

As Democrat President Kennedy said, “Sometimes party loyalty asks too much.”

That time is now. Vote Republican.

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Anti-Trump Smears

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Consumer confidence rises

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