Donald Trump, the Right President

Donald Trump, the Right President at the Right Time

By Steve McCann

Of the 46 presidents of the United States, there are three that can be considered indispensable to the nation’s enduring existence as a free people;  they are George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Donald Trump. 

Washington, without whose character and leadership the nation as we know it would not have been established; Lincoln, who preserved the Union and restored American society by abolishing slavery; and Trump, who has potentially rescued the country from an irretrievable headfirst dash into a permanent one-party socialist oligarchy eventuating in an inevitable fracturing of the Union.

Donald Trump’s inclusion on this list derives not only from his political, judicial, and legislative accomplishments but the dramatically positive impact he had on the psyche of Middle America, and initiating the transformation of a feckless Republican Party into a viable and resolute opposition — as well as the party of the average American of all races, creeds, and ethnicities.

Trump showed a nation stuck in a 28-year morass of political mediocrity and collectivism that fearlessness, determination, and an implacable conviction in the principles of the nation’s founding would defeat the elites and left-wing dominated Democrat party, their resolve to create a socialist oligarchy.

What would the landscape and future prospects for the United States be today if Donald Trump had decided not to run and Hillary Clinton was elected as the 45th president by the average margin predicted in the polls?   …


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