Joe Biden coddles another terrorist group

Joe Biden coddles another terrorist group — and Florida’s Democrats are screaming

By Monica Showalter

As if dealing with the Taliban as a ‘partner’ and taking the Houthis off the terrorist watch list weren’t enough, Joe Biden has decided to succor another terrorist group: FARC.

Most people don’t remember them but these were the vile Marxist narcoterrorists who terrorized Colombia for 60 years and then got off scot-free based on a ‘peace deal’ from a lousy Colombian president whose hankering for a Nobel prize was so strong he literally ignored a popular referendum rejecting such a deal. They had good reason: In FARC’s war on that country, 200,000 people were killed and two million were displaced as refugees in their own country. Want to know where shantytowns come from? Yes, the displaced. Millions more fled the country, leaving it a bleak, impoverished landscape. FARC’s depravities …


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