When Everybody Is a White Supremacist

When Everybody Is a White Supremacist

By Jeffrey Folks

For a long time, liberals have been accusing conservatives of being conspiracy theorists.  Say anything about Hunter Biden, and you’re a conspiracy theorist.  Urge Andrew Cuomo to resign, and you’re a conspiracy theorist.

Now it’s worse.  Conservatives aren’t just conspiracy theorists; they’re white supremacists.  Like those who defend Georgia’s voting reforms designed to protect the integrity of the election.  Or any person or business that lives or operates in Georgia.  For the left, anyone associated with a bill designed to prevent voter fraud, and so deny Democrats permanent power, is a white supremacist.

Maybe that was the point of Biden’s attack on “extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism” in his inaugural address.  Democrats are seeing white supremacists everywhere they look — like the New Republic, which in 2017 suggested that Trump’s economic agenda of returning manufacturing jobs to America was “white supremacist.”  Or the accusation elsewhere that Trump ignored supposed connections between the police and white supremacists, or the supposed Alt-Right “bridge between conservatism and white supremacism” (so now “conservatism” in general is “white supremacist”?).

Once again, liberal thinking has followed the race to the bottom, whereby anything one disagrees with is “white supremacist.” …

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