The Unfit President

The Unfit President

By J. Robert Smith

There was another time in U.S. history when a president was incapable of serving.  His name was Woodrow Wilson, and he had had a stroke, a debilitating one.  He never recovered.  For about 18 months, the nation was without a president.  World War I was over, and the country was on the cusp of the Roaring 20s, so perhaps having a leader wasn’t as imperative.

Politico remembered Wilson’s October 1919 stroke in this October 2019 article.

For a time, it was one of greatest cover-ups in the annals of the American presidency. (Many more years would pass before ratification of the 25th Amendment in 1967, which specifies the procedures to be followed in the event of a presidential disability.) Edith [Wilson, the First Lady] would regularly review pending legislation and executive documents — becoming, according to some historians, the de facto acting president. [Italics added]

Seem familiar?  It should.

A little more than a century later, history is repeating itself — sort of.  President Joe Biden is functionally incapable of discharging his duties. Robotically signing executive orders doesn’t count. In 1919, the stroke that waylaid Wilson was covered up.  Wilson wasn’t paraded before the public.  Then, a measure of decorum was maintained in deference to citizens’ sensibilities.  (Wilson rode with his successor, Warren G. Harding, to Harding’s inaugural, but didn’t stay.)      

Not so with Biden. The 46th president is trotted out before cameras often enough.  Almost inevitably, some aspect of his meager performances proves his dysfunction.  He fluffs lines, forgets, wanders off message, and, last Friday, stumbled so badly up the stairs to Air Force One that he was within an inch of serious injury.

Yet, however obvious Biden’s fumbles and stumbles, his performances are gaslighted by administration flaks and the mainstream media.  Nothing to see, so move on.  The establishment damn well knows better, and should have the nation’s welfare at heart, but plays along.  Congressional Democrats play along, while congressional Republicans (many, not all) acquiesce.  Pelosi and Schumer are full conspirators. McConnell plays dumb.  Kevin McCarthy is mum.

Biden was a functionally incapable candidate last year, of course. Voters knew it.  Kids, cats, and dogs knew it.  But Democrats were unfazed.  Joe was a longtime familiar face.  Irascible, cheatin’, influence-peddlin’ old Joe.  He was kinda centrist, kinda liberal.  Voters weren’t threatened by him, so party powerbrokers settled on him from a woeful field of Democrat presidential contenders. 

Biden’s decline didn’t matter.  Democrats had aces up their sleeves.  Why labor much to dupe Americans about Biden’s fitness?  A little gaslighting was plenty.  Election chicanery in five battleground states would fix the results.  The fixes worked.

The Biden formula hasn’t changed since his inauguration.  A pinch of gaslighting, a pound of audacity, and another pound of flagrant disregard for the people’s will remains the recipe.  The agenda is all that matters, and the cabal — comprised of Democrats, leftists, and plutocrats, chiefly — are driving it hard.  They aim to cement Democrat control of politics, embed aspects of authoritarianism, and impose leftist policies on Americans.

But disaster is in the making.  The cabal-manufactured border crisis and its drive to end America’s energy independence are “destroying our country,” asserts our former — and perhaps future — president Donald J. Trump.  But open borders and ending energy independence are merely opening salvos in the cabal’s go at “transforming” America.

We ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  H.R. 1 (institutionalizing elections fraud), backdooring the Green New Deal, trillions in profligate spending, packing SCOTUS, gun control, and statehood for D.C. are in the offing.  Democrats aim to muscle through these terrible initiatives.    …

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