Legalizing election fraud

Legalizing election fraud, forever

By Terry Paulding
HR 1 is Nancy Pelosi’s signature bill, and exploring it is like taking a deep dive into political depravity. A partisan House passed it on March 3, without any Republican votes. While it’s currently before the Senate, provided the filibuster continues to exist, it’s predicted to fail. The filibuster’s continuation depends on ethical behavior by a few moderate Democrats, who are probably getting their arms twisted by Chuck Schumer, who wants it gone.

The ludicrously named “For the People Act of 2021” is a wet dream for elite progressives and a nightmare for everyone else in our great country. Whether or not it fails, it can be viewed as an exposé into the caviar wishes of these liberals, who are the only ones it would serve. Its primary purpose is to prevent fair elections from ever taking place again and to create a one-party dictatorship in perpetuity.

HR 1 is designed to eliminate state control of elections, which was specified in the constitution to safeguard against exactly this type of takeover. Because there are more Republican state governments, 27 Republican governors and 30 legislatures, the only way to destroy our electoral process thoroughly is at the federal level.

No doubt, if the bill is passed, it will be challenged in court on constitutional grounds; the problem is, we now know we have a Supreme Court whose majority is made up of liberals and cowards who would rather not make waves. We’ve seen that with Obamacare and most recently, with the integrity of the 2020 elections being wholly disregarded by the court. …

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