Excuses, excuses!

Excuses, excuses!

By Matt Rowe

Isn’t it interesting that the current border crisis, which is spiraling out of control, is the fault of former President Trump? It’s the result of his “…dismantlement of the safe and orderly immigration processes that were built over many, many years by presidents of both parties,” according to Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. What a bunch of baloney!

First, if the processes were not in place anymore, why did the Biden administration announce that the borders were open? It is the current administration’s responsibility to deal with its own policy changes, is it not?

Second, what exactly was dismantled? I don’t recall any downsizing of the agencies responsible for managing the border. What budgets were cut? What portions of the border wall were taken down and by whom? And why didn’t the Biden administration simply re-establish the “dismantled” border management processes?

Of course, the questions above don’t require much thought to answer.

What’s the real cause of the crisis at the border? The Biden campaign that made it unmistakably clear—for the first time ever—that our borders would be completely open! It seems a whole lot of people took him at his word and caught his administration with its pants down. As is typical with the liberal left, however, it is always someone else’s fault (and they’ll want somebody else’s money to fix it).

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, about 78,000 people were detained or arrested at the border in January 2021 alone. That’s the highest number in any January in the last 10 years, and those numbers are not expected to trend downward. The same administration saying it needs fences and National Guard troops in Washington, DC is saying that similar controls are not needed at the border. If the whole hypocrisy weren’t so sickening it would be laughable.

There are a record number of unaccompanied children in U.S. custody at the border too – more than 5,000 at last count. It’s gotten so bad, the Biden administration won’t even allow U.S. news crews to monitor what’s going on inside the holding facilities, ostensibly because of COVID precautions. Ensuring these children are properly cared for is a prime concern for most Americans, and the reporters should be given immediate access. When the government is hiding something like this, something is wrong. COVID be damned.

So now those reckless campaign promises are coming back to haunt the Democrats. More problems are on the way no doubt, given the economic, international relations, and other agendas of the Biden Fiasco. One thing is for certain: President Biden cannot blame the former administration for his shortsighted promises and bad policy choices.


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