The Left Is Serious Now

2021: The Left Is Serious Now

By William L. Gensert

People have called 2020 “The Year of the Mask.”  I disagree.  This past year is clearly the year when the left, media, and big tech dropped their masks and let us know they were no longer going to waste their time trying to convince us.  They are going seize this nation, and they care not whether we know it.

A dude with the appellation “Emanuel” quoted Churchill as a means of counseling the left to never allow a crisis to go to waste.  But awaiting a crisis to exploit is so 2009.  Today, a crisis created is far more effective.  The China Flu and all the riots are two prime examples.

COVID may have been accidental (I say “may“), but Democrats sure picked up the ball and ran with it, destroying our economy and people’s lives for no nobler a reason than to kill Trump’s re-election chances.  Leftists do not care about us and are no longer trying to even maintain the pretense that they do.  They crossed the Rubicon, deciding that if we must die for them to get and hold power, they can live with it.

They were ecstatic when China deliberately infected the world with its virus.  The only problem was, it killed only old people with comorbidities and those who were already sick.

They had to sell it — so they went wild with the pandemic porn.

They joined with media and Big Tech in overstating the danger, classifying almost every death as COVID to hype the number of cases and increase the panic.  They then used the contrived fear to seize power and destroy the economy.  Along with their minions in media, they blamed it all on Trump, while Big Tech skewed results and censored dissent to prevent people from understanding what was truly happening.

It may be the “Wuhan Virus,” but for the “rebel in us,” it can more easily be described as the “Anti-Trump Virus” — the disease that allowed the left to cheat just enough to steal an election and prevent the actual will of the people being enforced.

The riots were the same thing but more visual. Just as they did with the deaths from the pandemic, they blamed the violence and destruction on Trump’s “hatred, racism, and incompetence.”

COVID was perfect.  It came along just in time to be an effective weapon against a president who was looking unbeatable, apparently damaging him just enough for the fraud and various other dastardly schemes to effectively steal the election.  Sure, the corpulent cutie has yet to sing, as they say, but it looks truer with every passing day.

For Dems, COVID relief and elections are the same: cheat as much as they can as close to the time when it becomes too late for anyone to do anything about it.

Yet there is only so much our erstwhile kings can do to impoverish their subjects before they begin to realize the danger is not quite as dangerous as was claimed and these kings do not have their people’s best interests at heart.  When the sky does not fall, subjects tend to notice that the sky is not falling.  Then you get rebellion.

A new crisis was needed. It is just another stroke of good fortune that the Democrats had another crisis warming up in the bullpen, ready to torture the innocent into submission.

Enter, the fictive President Select, Asterisk Joe, the King of Aphasia, that addle-pated masked man, our very own epigone president, Joooey Biden, who has called “climate change” the biggest threat to not only America, but also the world.

As a means to reorder society, you cannot get much better than “climate change” and its prescribed solution, the mirific Green Raw Deal.  Once people accept that it is real, or at least can be forced to obey a new societal regimen as if it were so, it becomes an immediate emergency.

If Americans enjoyed the emergency COVID diktats from our Democrat tyrants, wait until they see the climate lockdowns, where people are not allowed to own a car or drive, gasoline costs $15 a gallon, private air-conditioners are outlawed (for us, not them), and electricity is five times more expensive and rationed.

Our elite overlords will again rule by fiat — all while they accumulate power and wealth for themselves.  Make no mistake: everything the Democrats do has a “make me rich” component.

There is no mercy on the left, even for its own, but especially for us.  The ideology is so comprehensive and strict, and ironclad in its expectation of total loyalty and devotion, that any deviation must be met with not only the harshest of immediate punishment but also the cancelation for all time of the deviator.

All those 74 million people who voted for Trump — they are (we are) canceled, and the left will try to make sure there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

They believe they can do this to America and Americans.  Yet, as Yogi said, “It gets late really early around here.”  This game has just begun, and they take us lightly at their own risk.


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