Challenge the electoral vote?

Why isn’t every Republican rep and senator on board to challenge the electoral vote?

By Patricia McCarthy

There can be no doubt at this point about the fact that the Democrats cheated to elect the hapless Joe Biden.  The evidence is overwhelming.  It’s on video.  There are thousands of affidavits signed by poll workers who saw the fraud as it happened in each of the swing states: PA, GA, NV, MI, WI, AZ.  It very likely occurred in other states as well but, as in California, but went unnoticed because the fraud has been institutionalized.  How they cheated has been discovered, analyzed, exposed for all to see and read.

Had American poll watchers witnessed such corruption in another country, the election would have been deemed illegitimate.  The left planned for years to steal the 2020 election.  Lawyers like Mark Elias have spent the last four years plotting how to ensure a Trump defeat.  They surreptitiously foraged the election laws of swing states and snuck in with lawsuits that no one called attention to in order to secure a stolen election.  Every state that purchased Dominion vote machines knew they were vulnerable to programmable interference.

With the testimony of over a thousand witnesses to fraud and the video and analyses by numerous experts in cyber technology that leaves no doubt about the level of cheating that took place, it seems that every Republican member of Congress would be equally outraged, champing at the bit to protest the fraudulent Electoral College vote.

God bless the 140 representatives and 12 senators who actually have a spine and are willing to stand up for the values most of their colleagues only pretend to hold.  How do we explain the cowardice of all the others?  Perhaps they too, like the Bidens and McConnells, have become wealthy as members of Congress by capitulating to lobbyists from all those countries around the world they want to send billions of our taxpayer dollars to, China in particular.  It’s a safe bet.  How else to explain their perfidy re: the election fraud?

Not one of the Republicans who do not protest the election results should be re-elected.  Each and every of them is a traitor to the people who donated to their campaigns, who voted for them.  They are not conservatives; they are only self-interested politicians who crave the undisturbed ability to enrich themselves they long enjoyed before Trump showed up to disrupt the status quo.  Those faux-Republicans should know they will not be re-elected.  They have revealed themselves to be people who lack core values, who are there for all the wrong reasons.  The Founders would be ashamed of each and every one of them.

What will happen on January 6th?  It is likely to be one of the most pivotal days in US history.  Everyone knows the Democrats commenced the greatest electoral fraud ever to occur in this country.  Everyone.  Even the Democrats know, and about 30% of them are willing to admit it to pollsters.

Do the Democrats want to learn the truth?  Are they on board with recounts, audits, signature verifications, etc.?  Not at all.  They are terrified that the public at large will become aware of their grand swindle.

The sad fact is that the Trump-hating left and right are A-okay with cheating if it wins the day.  So self-righteous are they, that whatever cements their power over the rest of us is morally justified.  Together they have become the second generation of Stalinists that Arthur Koestler wrote about in Darkness at Noon.

They’ve come to believe their ideological opponents should be interned in re-education camps.  Chuck Schumer is dying to “change America” even more than Obama already did. Even old Democrats have been seduced by the tyranny of woke.  Like Koestler’s Rubashov, the old guard of actual liberals has caved to the current-day Jacobins in their pathetic effort to be relevant.  JFK is rolling over in his grave.

What happens on January 6 may well be up to VP Mike Pence.  There are constitutional courses of action available to challenge what is clearly a long-planned, carefully orchestrated second attempt at a coup, the Russia collusion hoax being the first.  Does Pence have the inner fortitude to do the right thing?  That is the question of the day.  The election results in those swing states must be de-certified for all the obvious reasons.  Biden must not be inaugurated as he is a tool of China as are some of his slated cabinet appointees.

If the steal of the election succeeds, there will never again be a free and fair election in the US.  Cheating will forever more be the order of the day as in Venezuela.  This will no longer be America as founded, as the Constitution will have been permanently abrogated.  And all those Republicans in Congress who let it happen will go down is history as the collaborators in the fall of the greatest nation ever to exist.  How will the eighty-eight senators who are not challenging the electoral vote count live with themselves?  (They will be fine financially, for almost all have become mysteriously wealthy while in office.)  History will judge them harshly, of that we can all be sure.


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