The Manchurian President

Joe Biden, the Manchurian President

By John Leonard

In the political/Cold War thriller The Manchurian Candidate, a U.S. soldier being held as a prisoner-of-war is brainwashed by Chinese and Russian agents and becomes a traitorous “sleeper” agent hidden within the civilian population. The film’s popularity led to the phrase “Manchurian candidate” used to define any person or politician as a disloyal puppet of an enemy power.

In 2016, Donald Trump was falsely accused of being a Manchurian candidate and colluding with Vladimir Putin and the Russian government to steal the presidential election from Hillary Clinton, even though the only “evidence” to support the fantastic claim was the salacious, unconfirmed, and ludicrous Steele dossier. Apart from a couple of Macedonian content farms spending a measly few hundred thousand dollars on Facebook ads to promote strife and confusion over any particular candidate, there was no evidence of foreign interference from Russia or anywhere else that affected the outcome of the 2016 election of Donald Trump. However, the same cannot be said of Trump’s alleged 2020 electoral defeat by Joe Biden. China, not Russia, clearly interfered with the 2020 elections. The only question about this interference is whether the release of COVID-19 was accidental or on purpose.

Before the pandemic crippled the U.S., Trump was headed to reelection by a historic landslide. The economy was roaring, and a record number Americans were enjoying prosperity and freedom. In spite of Democrat efforts to remove Trump from office by impeachment and the economic shutdown because of the virus, the president still earned ten million more votes than 2016 and in any other election would have crushed his political opponent. The virus not only had a horrific detrimental impact on our economy, it was used as an excuse for making substantive changes to the electoral process through unprecedented millions of mail-in votes.

Even if it was an accidental release from a Wuhan lab, the Chinese are responsible for the criminally negligent deaths of U.S. citizens and the economic damage caused by the virus. If the virus was deliberately released, it was an act of war. So, are we at war with China?

In support of the theory that China released the virus on purpose as an act of war, we can see signs of aggression on multiple fronts — health and economic being the most obvious. In February of this year, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed that the Chinese government keeps a list of U.S. governors organized by whether or not the governors were susceptible to Chinese influence. Interestingly, even though Georgia governor Brian Kemp was listed as a hardliner (presumably meaning pro-American, anti-Chinese) this amazing website, apparently written in Mandarin and owned by the state of Georgia to promote Chinese investments, would seem to suggest Kemp is a lot friendlier to the Chinese than his inclusion on the list implies.

Back in September, Tucker Carlson interviewed Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a well-known Chinese virologist. She made the sensational claim that in her expert opinion the COVID-19 virus was manmade in a Wuhan laboratory, not a natural virus emerging from the “wet

markets” where exotic wild animals such as bats are sold to the general public and eaten as food, as some had speculated. To the best of my knowledge her claims were never debunked, but they were also never repeated, and she hasn’t been seen in public since. What happened? She had impeccable credentials and her opinion should have carried significant weight. If the virus was a Chinese attack on the rest of the world, shouldn’t the rest of the world know about it?

Why doesn’t anyone seem to care about that claim? Is it because Joe Biden keeps assuring everyone that China isn’t a threat? The Chinese government didn’t just want America or Donald Trump to lose, they apparently wanted Joe Biden to win. Cui bono? Biden has been thoroughly corrupted through the business dealings of his son, Hunter, according to well-documented public information and confirmed by Joe’s own words, and not just corrupted by China. We know about the Ukraine and Burisma, and that Hunter also allegedly accepted $3.5 million dollars from Elena Baturina, a Russian billionaire.

We have evidence, and a corroborating witness. Everyone seems to have forgotten that Tony Bobulinski’s claims confirm the authenticity of Hunter’s laptop as indisputable evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption. Bobulinski, a patriotic American citizen, came forward to defend himself against accusations of being part of a Russian disinformation campaign and confirmed that Joe Biden accepted millions of dollars from the Communist Chinese through his son Hunter. The evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption is ubiquitous, actually, and that body of evidence grows by the day. Tucker Carlson’s most recent bombshell report revealed that a Chinese economics professor confirmed in a speech that foreign agents have corrupted our federal government at the highest levels. He also confirmed we are in a war — as he put it, a trade war. If the translation is correct (and two translators said it was), this economics professor just bragged that the Communist Chinese government “have people at the top” (of the U.S. government.)

Well, doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart? There can be little doubt left that Chinese influences corrupted the 2020 elections, interfering on behalf of Joe Biden. Given their admitted bias against Donald Trump, is there any reason to assume the release of the virus and election interference wasn’t a deliberate act of war?

I have a question I’d like to ask the half of America that supposedly hates Donald Trump so bad they voted for a corrupt, senile old man… do you really hate him so much you’d betray your own country? Are you willing to side with Communist Chinese over a man doing his best to return America to greatness and keep us there? If the electoral college certifies Joe Biden’s election, we’ll have our first Manchurian president.

Donald Trump has donated every penny of his salary to charity. Joe Biden has been a parasite living off the American economy almost all of his adult life. A lifetime of working for the government didn’t make Biden rich and he didn’t get William Ayers to ghostwrite a bestselling autobiography for him, so Hunter had to scrounge for foreign contributions to the Biden family’s concept of wealth redistribution.

And remember, the big guy got half.


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