Keep fighting, fight!

As long as you can keep fighting, fight!

By Bonne Bete

Since even my one stalwart for watching conservative content, Fox News, has gone over to the dark side, I mostly get my information these days from reading and a few podcasts.  It’s really all I can do to keep up with the ones I really like, so I barely even miss the TV.  I’ve made myself a Rumble account — MeWe and Parler as well.  But print sources, like American Thinker, keep me the most informed.  I get so much encouragement from some of the articles and blog posts.  This terrible time of uncertainty would be almost unbearable otherwise.  However, the doubt and regret still creep in way more than I want to see.

Many articles focus on the what-if scenario of a Biden administration, and while I know that we have to at least contemplate that possibility, I think those thoughts should not be what we focus on now.  We all know that the outcome of this election was critical to every single freedom that we hold dear.  We all know this down to our cores, and it is why we are filled with dread at the thought of a Biden presidency and all that comes with it.  Other articles are full of ideas for how to cope with the inevitable and how to maybe even get along.  Well, excuse me, but this is not the time for that!

This is not something that any freedom-loving American can “get along” with.  We need to fight this with every fiber of our beings until there is nothing left to do.  Pray; donate; encourage others; sign petitions; send letters; and never, ever give up.  As long as Donald Trump has the wherewithal to keep fighting for us, we simply have to fight with him.  None of the niceties or platitudes impresses me at all.  This is war — not a bloody war, at least not yet, but make no mistake about it: it is war.

If I see one more person say something like “We could keep fighting this thing, but it might end up hurting the country if we do”…  That sentiment makes me the angriest.  Why would anyone care, or hesitate one moment, for that reason?  This is way too important to our future to worry about much of anything except stopping the fraud, the lying, the control, the corruption that is in every facet of our government, while our last best hope is still fighting for all he’s worth…it’s the least we can do to support him any way we can.

Every backstabber, every milquetoast, every liar, every doubter, every Karen, every holier-than-thou, every dictator, every petty tyrant, every creepy globalist, every smarmy billionaire, every patronizing Fox personality, every smug MSM commentator — they all make my blood boil.  They motivate me to help Trump take them all down a notch and restore our national pride — not to mention our republic as we know it.

The stakes could not be higher.  We’re not facing death, but we need to act as if we were and do whatever it takes to keep the momentum going to turn this election around and to make it impossible to hijack all of our future elections.  So much is at stake.

God be with us.  I really don’t believe that the good Lord is ready to end this great experiment that is America.  It’s now up to us, all 80 million of us.  Now or never.


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