America is at stake

America is at stake

By William Ciosek

A friend of mine from overseas asked me, “What’s the biggest issue that defines the American presidential election?  What’s the main difference to America and the world if Trump wins or Biden wins?”

The answer seemed to well up out of me without forethought, as if by a force all its own.  This is what I said:

If President Trump wins re-election to a second term, Western civilization and the sovereign nation-states that constitute it will be given an impetus to defend and maintain its history, heritage, and culture.

If Joe Biden and the now quasi-Marxist Democratic Party win the presidency, the opposite will be established as the new world order.

The Democratic Party in the United States is no longer the party of John F. Kennedy that many fondly remember.  It has been taken over by the extreme left, by quasi-Marxist radicals.

The new quasi-Marxist Democratic Party hates America, its founding, its Constitution, its history, and its heritage.  It wants to change what America is and has been from its very beginning — a beacon of light and freedom to inspire those condemned to live in darkness and fear.

If the new Democratic Party wins the presidency of the United States, it will join with other elitist, globalist forces such as that bloc of excessive political correctness, the European Union.

A radical left-wing American government in alliance with a radical left-wing European Union will put a boot of oppression on our rumps and that of, for example, Eastern Europe.  The powerful combination of a radical left-wing American government in alliance with the European Union will accuse Poland and the Baltic states of racism and xenophobia and hate speech and lack of diversity for not submitting to their radical left-wing religion.  The radical left hates Catholicism and Christianity and all religions different from their own religion of one-world elitist rule.

The quasi-Marxist global elite speak about the need for diversity, but what they mean by diversity is simply this: you and I can look different from one another and have different sexual orientations, but we must think the same.  We must adhere to the same political religion, the religion of the far-left radicals who would take over America if the new, extreme left-wing Democratic Party wins the presidency on November 3.

It may seem ironic that the quasi-Marxists have made common cause with corporate elites.  But, you see, the elites are now transnational.  They too want nation-states, and especially the United States, to lose sovereignty and collapse so that nothing might impede their exploitation of global markets.

The biggest issue is the preservation of national sovereignty and representative self-government.

The biggest issue is what we used to take for granted, that government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not be superseded by quasi-Marxist mish-mosh sweetened by racial platitudes.

The biggest issue is to ensure that Americans remain more inspired by the iconic George Washington than the psychopathic George Soros.

The biggest issue is whether we can recover from our national tailspin; reaffirm our confidence in a free and sovereign United States; abide by and respect the Constitution; focus our resources on assisting people in need rather than provoking them; and restore confidence in our traditions, pride in our culture, and safety on our streets.


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