A time to fight

A time to fight

By Alison Tempestilli

Amid this contentious Supreme Court battle, it is time for everyone who supports conservative principles to get tough with the opposition. Our side, unfortunately, has always played hardball with armament more akin to a deflated beach ball. This timidity should have ended long ago. Ocasio-Cortez warns us that we’re not going back to brunch, Schumer rants that we will pay the price, and vile leftists such as Reza Aslan spout threats to burn it all down if the Republican Senate takes necessary, quick action to install an RBG replacement. Meanwhile, the Murkowskis of our party can be found hiding under their rocks when really what they need to do is heave a hefty one directly at the decrepit democratic socialists. Notice that I’m not advocating for the adoption of the left’s repellent tactics, such as violent rhetoric and targeted dog whistling. After all, when they go low, we go high. Our side, however, has got to get behind the fighter-in-chief and realize it is our legal right and constitutional duty to instate one of the fine conservative candidates at our fingertips.

Here’s an idea for any conservative individual harboring doubts against expedient action in filling the Supreme Court’s empty seat — rewatch the Kavanaugh hearings. It’s apparent that you’ve forgotten how foul and deceitful the left was towards a decent, honorable man. Pop some corn and force yourself to sit through that sad spectacle, if you can stomach it, then rethink your position. Let us know what you decide.


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