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Jimmy Kimmel used N-word 6 times in newly uncovered audio; will ABC get rid of him?

Jimmy Kimmel blackface n word
Left-wing comedian Jimmy Kimmel admits using the N-word numerous times after doing a racist skit in blackface. (screenshots)

Left-wing comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who has repeatedly slammed President Trump and his aides as racists, used the N-word six times during a comedy sketch and frequently used ebonics to imitate a “crazy black voice.”

Kimmel admitted in a 2013 podcast with Adam Carolla that he had used the N-word several times while imitating rapper Snoop Dogg and  black comedian George Wallace.

In the podcast, Kimmel also revealed that he imitated black people on many other occasions for laughs. Fox News reported:

“Fox News additionally has obtained audio from the Christmas album, “A Family Christmas In Your A–.”  In the Christmas track, a singer mentioned a “fat n—- in a sleigh giving sh— away,” referring to Santa Claus.

The song also referenced “n—– in the manger,” including associates of King Herod.

“Me and my n—– down in LBC, we’ll smoke that motherf—— Christmas tree,” Kimmel said.

According to the liner notes from the cassette, the album with the racist material was co-produced by “Jim Kimmel” and credited Kimmel for all “comedy material” on the album. …

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