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Nolte: Chinese Propaganda Quotes Hillary, Chris Cuomo, Richard Engel to Rip Trump

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John Nolte, 14

A new round of Chinese propaganda has just confirmed what we already knew: Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and fake news staffers such as Chris Cuomo and Richard Engel are doing China’s bidding.

There is a long history of naming a virus or disease after the place it was first discovered, or where a serious outbreak took place. Everything from Ebola (Africa) to Lyme disease (Lyme, Connecticut.) But it is only when President Trump correctly identifies the coronavirus as the “Chinese Virus” or the “Wuhan Virus” that Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) start screaming racism — much to the delight of the communist Chinese who are trying to convince the world they are not responsible for this pandemic.

Why is that?

What I mean is… Why is it that after the fake news media itself spent months calling the coronavirus the “Chinese” and “Wuhan” virus that they declare those terms racist only after Trump uses them? Well, the asking of that question answers the question, but there is another reason…


Cold, hard cash.


Corporate greed.

Democrats and the media (did I just repeat myself again?) love those China dollars. Chinese political donations. Chinese advertising dollars. Chinese investments. And all of these multinational media companies, such as the ones that own CNN and NBC (WarnerMedia and Comcast), need access to those lucrative China markets, especially the movie theaters that screen WarnerMedia’s Warner Bros. movies and Comcast’s Universal movies.

If China penalizes Warner Bros., it will lose a fortune on, among others, those pretty awful DC superhero films. Comcast will lose a fortune on, among others, its Fast & Furious franchise.

So of course CNN’s Chris Cuomo and NBC’s Richard Engel are going to serve as mouthpieces for the government, are going to side with China over their own president and people. And of course, the Chinese are going to use Chris Cuomo and Richard Engel to spread anti-American, anti-Trump propaganda. To wit…

So there you have it… A number of fake journalists, Democrats, and other Useful Idiots have been used by communist Chinese to attack our own president, who is guilty of nothing more than 1) using the same terms the media used for months, 2) identifying a virus based on where it was discovered, a practice that goes back a century to the West Nile Virus, and 3) pushing back against Chinese propaganda that claims U.S. servicemen spread the virus.

The Chinese have been using their burgeoning markets and vast wealth (thanks in large part to slave labor) to control American corporations, politicians, and journalists for decades. You think something like a Chinese cover-up that resulted in an epidemic that has already killed 4,000-plus Americans is going to change that?


Democrats and multinational media corporations will always put greed and their left-wing political agenda before American lives (ask Ferguson and Baltimore about that). And puppets such as Cuomo and Engel will always serve their corporate masters before humanity.


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