The bitter tears of the Warren-supporters

By Michael James

Would you like a laugh?  Read “The Rage and Sorrow of the Warren Supporter” by Lizzie Widdicombe in the March 7 New Yorker.  The article is a look inside the headquarters of “Brooklyn for Warren,” where the walls give voice to a list of thoughtful community guidelines — “Use gender-neutral collective nouns… Listen more than you speak… Be generous with each other… No trashing other candidates or their supporters!”  The last rule is broken by the seventh paragraph, when Liat Olenick blats, “And after four years of movement-building led almost entirely by women, we’re faced with two almost eighty-year-old white men as supposedly the future of this country.”

Pardon me, ladies, but your ageism and racism are showing.  “Brooklyn for Warren” sounds like a coven — a coven with old white men fattened for the oven.

We have arrived at an island of the absurd, on which the residents are not mostly female, or trans men, or gay men, or sensitive straight cis men, yet only females, or trans men, or gay men, or sensitive straight cis men matter.  No one else matters.

It’s sad to see The New Yorker devolve into a tattered old woman strewing bird feed to the bird-brained.  Like tourists in a Freudian ward, the girls and sensitive cis men indulge in a feast of self-centered word scrabble.  “I did a lot of crying today,” “I feel a lot of rage,” “I’m getting to the anger stage”; used up words uttered by washed up minds.

Ladies, and whatever those other cis things are, you backed an unlikeable lying loser.  Spare me your disappointment and rage.  Spare me all of your exaggerated emotion and outsized passion because it all sounds suspiciously like you’re just bitchin’ in the kitchen.

Most of all, spare me your delusion that Warren could inspire trust in the government and bring the country together.  Warren owns such lies as “You didn’t build that,” “I am Cherokee Nation,” and “My kids attended public schools.”  Warren lies even when we all know she is lying — she was never fired for being pregnant, but she repeated that lie just two weeks ago.

These ladies and cis men represent only a very small fraction of America.  Their egos, however, represent an outsize caricature of America.

“Brooklyn for Warren” should move on like gracious losers; America hated your candidate because she was a shrewish liar.

And give me one good and solid reason why American needs a lying witch at the top of the ticket.

“I got fired for being pregnant” is a filthy lie.  Any candidate who utters such a lie over and over is a filth we are better rid of.


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