March 1, 2020

Trump is our Equalizer!

By Patricia McCarthy


First there was the television series starring British actor Edward Woodward as an ex-intel officer who spends his later years helping innocent people caught in overwhelming dangerous situations usually not of their own making.  In 2014, Denzel Washington starred in the film loosely based on the series.  It was a huge hit, followed by a sequel.

Washington plays a widowed ex-intel officer who takes on the Russian mobsters that traffic young European girls.  He is bothering the biggest of the bad guys.  They have paid off countless members of Congress and other persons in power.  But the bad guys, of course, underestimate him because they are congenitally dumb, and because it is an action thriller, he kills them all, puts them out of business and saves the young girl he sought to rescue.  The sequel to the 2014 film is almost as good; satisfying because the good guy wins again.

Trump is our good guy, the man who has taken on the deep corruption that has infected the entire bureaucracy of our government with the cooperation of the Obama administration and his weaponized law enforcement agencies.  It is sickening how many of those swamp dwellers were so easily co-opted, how willing they were to betray the American people, the Constitution, their own families and friends and their country.  But Trump won to be our equalizer, to rid the government of its traitors, to set things right.  He has been doing just that.   

The American left is still terminally deranged by Donald Trump’s 2016 electoral victory.  They are so stupefied by their rage and anger that they continue to make moronic mistakes, like trying to impeach him over a perfectly normal and acceptable phone conversation with the new president of Ukraine.  Their Russia hoax, which was in truth a cover-up operation, failed miserably; the Mueller Report made utter fools of Adam Schiff, Jerald Nadler and Nancy Pelosi.  But they never learn from their failures.  They just double down and make even bigger mistakes.  They are like the Russian mobsters and pimps of the Equalizer films in which Denzel Washington makes mincemeat out of the bad guys because they are so dimwitted and, at the same time, as evil as we can imagine human beings can be.

The films are Hollywood fiction of course and are chock full of all the cruelty and violence we’ve come to expect from such action thrillers.  But there is a beautiful symmetry to such tales of good versus evil.  Most of the time the good guys win.  They win because the bad guys are really dumb.  It is a cliché, but it’s true in nearly all Hollywood films.  Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood invented a very satisfying ending to the true and horrific tale of the Manson murders of 1969 in Los Angeles.  If only….

Evil exists in almost every walk of life and so must be repelled, resisted and beaten back by good people.  What the intel agencies of the Obama administration embarked upon once Donald Trump became a presidential candidate comes under the category of pure evil.   Without the remotest sense of honor, this faction among the highest echelons of our FBI, CIA and DOJ set out to destroy the candidate and all those in his sphere of friends and advisers at the time.  They created a scenario, set up their targets and put their diabolical plan in action.

They never doubted for a minute that it would work; the ridiculous dossier, the Clinton money, the Clintons’ bevy of loyalists willing to go to any length to ruin Trump, the posse of unscrupulous agents in the FBI, CIA and DOJ, the carefully chosen but unprincipled lawyers that became the Mueller team – they had it all planned and set in motion.  They all colluded in the most corrupt scheme in American history to bring down a candidate, then President they could not have messing about in their swamp.  

The Mueller “probe” was never a legitimate investigation, it was always a cover-up.  That these scoundrels are still walking around “guilty as hell, free as birds” (Bill Ayers), collecting their taxpayer-funded salaries and pensions is too much to bear for most law-abiding, America-loving citizens.  Something’s got to give!  Even analysts like Gregg Jarrett are losing hope, predicting that they will all skate, as McCabe apparently has while Roger Stone, an ardent outsider, has been tried and convicted… of what?  Virtually nothing.  Stone certainly committed no crime as nefarious as Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and all their little ruthless helpers.

Will AG Barr and John Durham get the goods on all these conspirators and indict them, or will they be let off as those with political power usually are?  One thing is clear:  If those responsible for the attempted coup are not brought to justice, Americans will never trust the FBI, the CIA or the DOJ ever again.  We will have become just another failed state, socialist in that those in positions of power in the government can get away with literal and figurative murder.  See Angelo Codevilla’s column on Socialism’s  Inequalities.

President Trump has effected more positive outcomes for the American people in a briefer amount of time than any president in US history.  But he is an outsider; he’s not one of them, the self-appointed elites who not very elite at all.  He’s a man who builds things, gets things done, cares about the people for whom they have not ever given a second thought.

Have Pelosi or Schiff done a single thing for their districts in the past three years or ever?  No.  They care only about getting and keeping power because that power has enriched them beyond belief.  So, it was time that we the people got our own equalizer and we did!  He has a hard road to hoe, but with the Democrat candidates all promising to raise taxes, take away our health insurance, do away with fossil fuels, abolish the Second Amendment, open our borders to migrants from all over the world without vetting, to transform us into a socialist, globalist non-nation, it was indeed time for an equalizer to rescue us from certain destruction.  Trump is not only our equalizer, he is our knight in shining armor who stood up to take on the cesspool that is our bloated government and two-tiered system of justice.  Let us all pray for his re-election and continued success.  The alternatives are untenable.


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