Dems are the Virus

The Dems are the Virus Threatening America

By Daniel John Sobieski

Only in the fevered brain of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could things like forcing the airlines to be carbon neutral, making sure Planned Parenthood qualifies for small business assistance, cancelling the Postal Service’s debt, and requiring nationwide same-day voting be seen as a proper and valid response to the Wuhan Virus crisis that is crushing our economy and killing our people.

People are dying, both from the disease of and the depression and anxiety caused by looming mortgage payments, job loss, and watching their retirement funds built up over a lifetime evaporate. Pelosi wants to make sure boards of corporations assisted in any relief measure are sufficiently diverse and that federal employee unions are given expanded collective bargaining rights. Meanwhile her dawdling increases the death rate from suicide as despair overtakes hope among those who watch their livelihoods and futures slip away. It is likely that more Americans will die from economic anxiety and hardship that from the virus. Poverty kills and so does Nancy Pelosi and her political boy toy Chuck Schumer. Parenthetically, can anyone imagine Harry Reid letting Pelosi telling Senate Democrats what to do? …

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