Bourbon restoration:

Bourbon restoration: Obama cabinet gets ready to come back to life in Joe Biden administration

By Monica Showalter

Remember all those White House long faces from November 2016?

Oh, the disappointment. Oh, the forlorn loss. Oh, the lost plans for control. There’s nothing more miserable than an entitled leftist losing a perceived ‘right’ to rule. And as events have since shown, they had plenty to cover up and hide that they didn’t anticipate having to do.

Welp. Now they’re back.

 Addled old Joe Biden is vowing to put the busy beavers all back in power in his cabinet in a return to the status quo. He (or his people) even call it that. According to Axios, it’s the “return to normal.”

Joe Biden confidants are privately discussing potential leaders and Cabinet members for his White House, including the need to name a woman or African American — perhaps both — as vice president, top sources tell “Axios on HBO.” 

Why it matters: Biden advisers describe a Return to Normal plan — a reversal of President Trump’s unorthodox, improvisational style. Biden wants known, trusted people around him — many from the Obama years.

The Obama normal, that is, an era of stagnation, anti-Americanism, and Che tshirts. The rest of us call it “same old same old: and recognize it for what it is – a sort of Bourbon restoration hailing the return of the Washington elites, anxious to grow rich while in government office.

And some of these characters are very unwelcome to imagine back indeed. Here are some choice pickings no one wants to see back:

– Anita Dunn, the Obama operative who professed a love for Mao Zedong and was last seen helping Harvey Weinstein out with his public relations problems.

– Susan Rice — famous for her Benghazi prevarications regarding the deaths of four embassy officials which came at an inconvenient time before the 2012 elections.

– John Kerry — decrepit throwback last seen attempting to undercut U.S. policy towards Iran by counseling the mullahs.

– Sally Yates – deep-state plotter who proved her bona fides.

There are plenty more on the Axios list, just champing at the bit to be allowed back at the government trough. No fresh faces whatsoever. As Axios delicately spins it:

The bottom line: Biden, a throw-back institutionalist, relishes an emphasis on governing, norms and restoring alliances.

  • That includes respect for experts, and for the art and science of governing.
  • This evolving plan is all in Biden’s comfort zone — all meant to send a public signal of stability.

Which is total baloney. The Bidenites are reactionaries to the Trump revolution, and their attempt to get back into power is little more than a Bourbon restoration. Their attempt to restore themselves to power comes as if voters never meant anything by their election of outsider Donald Trump. It suggests they never noticed any Versailles-like excess. They offer nothing new to voters but their ‘return to normalcy’ as if voters can’t possibly be happy with a 3.5% unemployment rate, rising salaries, dead terrorists, and renewed respect for America around the world, and would rather go back to the Obama stagnation instead.

Promises kept…

Or, ‘Return to normal,’ (because Democrats hate good economies and want to grow rich in public office).

Doesn’t sound like there’s going to be much of a contest. Like the real Bourbons, as Talleyrand supposedly said: They have “learnt nothing and forgotten nothing.”


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