The Democrat debate

The Democrat debate looked like a mixed martial arts cage fight

By Patricia McCarthy

Who could have imagined that the debate in Charleston on Tuesday would be worse than the previous one, the one during which Elizabeth Warren went after Bloomberg with a scythe, Bernie did his wild-eyed crazed thing, and Biden fell flat?  This time Bloomberg was better, but Warren is still a shrew.  And Steyer?  Why is he even there?  He has nothing to say.

Joe Biden has lost a bit more of his disappearing gray matter; he consistently mispronounces words, loses his train of thought, claims credit for things he did not do, and generally embarrasses himself.  He thinks he is Zelig, that he was arrested in South Africa, that he negotiated the Paris Climate Accord with Deng Xiaoping, who died in 1997.  Why on Earth has his wife not put an end to his nightmare?  No matter who has urged Biden to run, his wife should have known he was not up to the challenge.  She must want this more than he does, which is contemptible.  She is allowing him to make a sad fool of himself over and over again.  No need to repeat the long list of his many gaffes here.

YouTube screen grab.

Klobuchar, Buttigieg, and Bloomberg all seemed relatively rational compared to Sanders, Warren, Biden, and Steyer, but they all essentially support Sanders’s policies.  They are just less honest about their socialism.  They all know that not one of them can beat Trump.  They all know that the policies they are promoting will undo the thriving Trump economy and they don’t care.  They are all leftists, and leftists are all about imposing their stringent, authoritarian commands upon us all.  Not one of them ever mentions the word “freedom” or “liberty.”  These basic rights guaranteed to us all by our Constitution are not remotely on their radar.  This is why none of them can win.  They all eschew the American Constitution but claim their allegiance to it for political purposes only.

But all eyes were on Sanders and Bloomberg, the communist and the billionaire.  Sanders cannot help but express his admiration for Fidel Castro, the Soviet Union, and the communist dictators of Venezuela and Nicaragua, but he cannot bring himself to say anything positive about America.  He is a totalitarian communist at heart.  Bloomberg at least grasps the fact that Americans will not vote for the man who is vowing to onerously tax them to pay for free health care for illegal aliens, free college tuition, to bear the cost of erasing the $1.56 trillion owed in student debt, the man who cannot answer the question “how much will this cost?”  Bernie has no clue but has vowed to turn the United States into what Venezuela has become — a starving, dying country.  Bernie loathes our country; that much is clear.

The most appalling aspect of the debate was the sheer childishness of it.  The moderators, while they did ask a few challenging questions, lost control from the outset.  Why?  Because the participants, with the exception of Klobuchar, behaved like MMA cage fighters without a referee.  They all talked at once, raising and waving their hands to be called on like second-graders, shouting over one another as if they were guests on the Jerry Springer show.  It was pathetic.  And the moderators?  They were not listening to anything any of the candidates had to say.  They interrupted them mid-sentence to “move on.”

Anyone and everyone watching had to ask themselves, “How on Earth are these seven people the presidential candidates of the Democrat party?”  Not one of them has a chance in hell of beating Trump.  Each of them is campaigning on destroying all the great things Trump has set in motion and put in place.  They all pretend that Trump’s polices have not made life better for nearly all Americans.  But they have.

President Trump has accomplished what Democrats have been promising for fifty years, which is why they all pandered so shamelessly to South Carolina’s African-Americans; the pandering was nauseating.  Steyer is for reparations!  Of course he is!  Warren, like all Democrats, embraced the notion that everything is about race.  No, it is not.  Most Americans don’t care one bit about skin color; they care about character.  It is the leftists who endlessly strive to make race, class, and sex the only things that matter about every individual, and that is the purest definition of racism and bigotry there is.  There are no individuals, only members of a victim group.

The Left does not care about black people or poor people; leftists use them to gain power.  In the meantime, the rest of us live our lives day to day.  We interact with our friends and families who are of numerous and varying skin colors, gay, straight, liberal or conservative, for the most part without rancor. It is the left that promotes division among us for all the usual reasons – it serves their quest for power.

It is a truism that American politics have always been something of a cage fight — beginning with the American Revolution. The vitriol and violence that characterized the years from 1776 to 1789 was unparalleled. Political differences were horrifically vicious in the days of Lincoln and the Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights Movement, the anti-war movements that plagued WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. So what we are enduring today is not new. It is still about “what kind of country are we?” But the American Left has lurched so far to the Marxist Bernie Sanders left, it no longer has any relationship to the Constitution and the founding principles that gave us the greatest nation of free people on the planet. The operative words are liberty and freedom. The people on that stage Tuesday night do not value freedom and/or liberty. Not one of them ever utter either of those two words.


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