‘blatant suppression of exculpatory evidence’

Flynn defense accuses Mueller prosecutor of ‘blatant suppression of exculpatory evidence’

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The defense team for General Michael Flynn has issued a new filing in support of the motion to dismiss the case on the grounds of “egregious government conduct.”

In this filing, Flynn’s team accuses the government of “refusal to recognize its obligations to seek justice not convictions,” and specifically accuses Mueller prosecutor Brandon Van Grack of suppressing evidence in order to protect “the prosecutors, his team, and the cadre of malfeasant FBI agents from the discovery of their negligence, crimes, and wrongs.” It further claims that the IG report from Michael Horowitz reveals Van Grack’s blatant “suppression of evidence that is undeniably exculpatory to Mr. Flynn.” The filing claims this was done as a retaliatory measure.

Flynn’s defense claims that there is so much evidence of government wrongdoing here that it warrants an immediate and absolute dismissal of prosecution, but was careful to note that “the dismissal of prosecution does not mean the dismissal of indictment.”

You can read the document in full below:

US v Flynn; Flynn Reply in … by Techno Fog on Scribd

In January 2020, Flynn attorney Sidney Powell announced that her client would be motioning to support his request to withdraw his guilty plea.

She alleges that her client maintains his innocence and that his “guilty plea (and later failure to withdraw it) was the result of the ineffective assistance of counsel provided by his former lawyers” who she says were encumbered by conflicts of interest when representing Flynn.

Powell says that her client would never have pled guilty if he “had been given constitutionally adequate advice,” and as a result, should have his plea withdrawn. Flynn’s sentencing, which was scheduled for February 27th, was canceled and the government filed for an extension in considering the withdrawal.

While it’s still largely unclear what is going to happen to Flynn as the result of Van Grack’s accused misdeeds, many on Twitter are arguing that the retired General was shafted by corrupt government officials.


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