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Pierre Delecto would like you to know how important he is

By Monica Showalter

On impeachment, Mitt Romney has thrown a spanner in the works.  What looked like a speedy scrapping of the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, premised on Democrats beclowning themselves, is now on hold.  Romney says  John Bolton’s “bombshell” about a supposed Ukrainian aid-for-investigation quid pro quo is so significant that it merits calling Bolton as a witness in the Senate impeachment trial, just as Democrats have been calling for, though not enough to call him in at the House.

According to the Associated Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s Mitt Romney’s big moment, again.

The 2012 Republican presidential nominee has for a year been a freshman senator from Utah. He’s sitting in judgment of the president he has called unfit for office. And he’s defying President Donald Trump by calling for one witness in particular, former national security adviser John Bolton, as the Senate weighs the impeachment allegations against the nation’s 45th president.

The trial is a chance for Romney to wield influence in the Senate as an independent GOP voice — or become one of the Republicans standing by the president when it’s time to be counted.

That Bolton is selling a book and has kept quiet about his allegations until Democrats developed the idea for him, and then gave him the month’s lead time for the leak and front-page publicity from the New York Times during the Senate trial, seems to be an acceptable old swamp game to Romney.  To the rest of us, that’s a problem, but not to him.

That there’s no penalty for perjury during the Senate trial is another problem, but again, not to him.  Lost in this detail is that it’s now a convenient forum for witnesses with axes to grind to lie (hat tip: Ed Timperlake).

As a result, Americans now can look forward to a long, long, long extension of speeches and a dragged out impeachment process, with Republicans forced into bowing to Democrat demands to do the job they failed to do in the House.  The Democrat game is to either oust Trump or sufficiently damage him in the election of 2020 ahead of the inauguration of a Democratic president.  Picture President Bernie Sanders.

To Romney, the game seems to be getting a message to Trump simply to say that he, too, is important.

Romney seems to be banking on the idea that it all sounds so reasonable — he’s just a guy who wants to get all the facts.  Yet  he hasn’t thrown out any Mr. Probity calls for Hunter Biden, Eric Ciaramella, or Adam Schiff as witnesses, so it’s not about probity.  He just wants to hear from book-selling Bolton, who seems to be a convenient coeval and like-minded resentido.  It makes Romney look like a lost soul, viewing the embittered Bolton as a rare ally, a maybe a possible in a future Romney administration.

It’s nothing but a bid to Get Trump, on the Democrats’ terms, an ego trip, from the big wounded ego of Pierre Delecto, no less, and look big and powerful doing it.

Romney seems to be banking on the idea that if he can just knock out Trump and stick to it, he’ll somehow be the big dog on the block.

That’s dubious, given that polls are against him, including this one reported by the Salt Lake Tribune:

Washington — As the Senate weighs Donald Trump’s presidential fate, more Utahns are backing him than ever before and do not want to see him convicted or removed from office, a new poll shows.

The president has never been popular in Utah, earning less than half the vote in 2016, but nearly 57% of Utahns now say they support him as the Senate continues the trial on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress allegations based on his dealings with Ukraine. Some 38% of respondents in the state disapprove of his job performance, according to the poll by The Salt Lake Tribune and Suffolk University.

What’s more, his old allies are turning on him.

He can’t even win from this, but his ego is so in need of salving that he’s pushing forward with it, thinking he can turn this around with his maneuvers and hoping he can take down Trump even if he takes himself down, too.

He has to know that on some level, yet he can’t stop himself.  He just has to get that message out that he’s important.  It’s pathetic.


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