Mike Bloomberg’s vendetta against Trump

Mike Bloomberg’s vendetta against Trump continues, but does anybody care?

By Andrea Widburg

Mike Bloomberg, the ninth richest person in America and 14th richest person in the world, is on a crusade to use the Democrat Party to rid America of Donald Trump.  The problem is that the Democrat Party doesn’t seem to care much for him.

Before becoming New York mayor, Bloomberg was a Democrat.  Then he ran for mayor after the hugely successful Rudy Giuliani, a Republican, decided to step down.  To appeal to the same demographic that was grateful for Giuliani’s managerial skills, Bloomberg launched his mayoral bid as a Republican.  Six years later, he announced that he was an independent.  Now he’s a Democrat again.  When it comes to Bloomberg, it’s not about principles; it’s about pandering.

Bloomberg continued Giuliani’s precedent of fiscal sanity when running one of the world’s largest cities.  His otherwise mostly Leftist policies sat well with New Yorkers, although they were less thrilled with his authoritarian side.  They went along with his banning trans fats from restaurants but rebelled when he tried to ban the sale of big sodas.

Despite his temporary hiatus as both a Republican and an independent, Bloomberg is, in fact, a hardcore Leftist.  Since leaving the mayor’s office, his most important crusade has been to fight the Second Amendment.  Most recently, his “Everytown for Gun Safety” PAC got involved in the 2019 Virginia elections.

Everytown’s $2.5-million investment in Virginia, compared to the NRA’s $300,000 investment, paid off.  Virginia went completely blue and instantly embarked on a gun-grabbing campaign that made even California look like a slacker state.  The result, interestingly, has been to see an extraordinary level of pro–Second Amendment activism in Virginia, as ordinary Americans realized that a Leftist New Yorker had successfully bought and perverted their rights.

Other than his fiscal conservatism, Bloomberg is pure Leftist: he supports unlimited abortion, stem cell research, centralized control over education, using taxpayer funds to fight climate change, amnesty for illegal aliens, open borders, abortifacients without parental permission for teenagers, controlling religious circumcision, and cheering on China’s regime.  He also recently apologized for supporting stop-and-frisk, which he had once seen as a remarkably effective way to keep down crime.

In addition to sharing the Democrat Party’s political ideology, Bloomberg also shares its visceral antipathy for Trump.  In a recent Reuters interview, Bloomberg said the primary point of his campaign is to remove Trump from office:

“Number one priority is to get rid of Donald Trump. I’m spending all my money to get rid of Trump,” Bloomberg told Reuters aboard his campaign bus on Saturday, during a nearly 300-mile (483-km) drive across Texas, one of the 14 states that will vote on Super Tuesday on March 3.

“Do you want me to spend more or less? End of story.”


“One of the reasons I’m reasonably confident I could beat Trump is I would be acceptable to the moderate Republicans you have to have,” said Bloomberg, a former Republican who made his fortune selling financial information to Wall Street firms.

“Whether you like it or not, you can’t win the election unless you get moderate Republicans to cross the line. The others are much too liberal for them and they would certainly vote for Donald Trump.”

Bloomberg’s only problem, given that he has Leftist bona fides and big bucks, is that people aren’t showing up for him.  At an event in blue Colorado, he spoke to a crowd of only 38 people.  He was no more successful in Texas:

Just 45 people showed up to Bloomberg’s latest rally with TV star Judge Judy Sheindlin in Texas on Saturday, according to the New York Post.

Perhaps worried about those low attendance numbers, the Bloomberg campaign contacted the Washington Examiner, the source of the above quote, to say that there were actually 130 people at the event.  While that might be fine for early 2019, it’s not so good for 2020.

Bloomberg’s lack of charisma may not matter in the end.  As Bill Schanefelt wrote in a recent American Thinker article, it looks as if Bloomberg is banking on the fact that none of the leading Democrat candidates can break from the pack, which will lead to a brokered convention.  Having invested in a spectacular on-the-ground effort across America, Bloomberg believes he’ll have enough superdelegates to game the Democrat Party system.

It remains to be seen whether the “party of woke,” which hates rich white people but still has an all-white primary slate composed almost entirely of millionaires and billionaires, will allow the world’s 14th richest person, a white guy, to buy the White House, even if that does mean beating Donald Trump.


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