FREDO: Combat Vet McSally Is a ‘Punk,

FREDO: Combat Vet McSally Is a ‘Punk,’ Should Lose Her Senate Race

As part of CNN’s day-long-pants-wetting resulting from Arizona Senator Martha McSally (R) calling out CNN correspondent Manu Raju as a “liberal hack,” CNN hosts Chris “Fredo” Cuomo (Cuomo Prime Time) and Don Lemon (CNN Tonight) railed against the Senator during the handoff between their shows on Thursday. Cuomo lashed out by describing McSally, the first female U.S. combat pilot, as a “punk” and later argued that her criticism of his colleague “should hurt her.”

As he pivoted away from suggesting all Republican senators were liars, Cuomo started to target McSally. “That’s what’s so upsetting about McSally today. This is a woman with an amazing record of service to this country and she really acted like a punk today,” he declared in a huff. “She did a disservice to herself and the seat that she holds, which is John McCain’s.”

Fredo called a historic combat veteran a “punk,” meanwhile he had never served a day in his life. On top of that, just last summer he was caught on video threatening to throw a Trump supporter down a flight of stairs for calling him “Fredo” (and lying that it was an “ethnic slur” to Italians). Then there was the time in 2016 when he got into a car accident while drag racing drunk, then fleeing the scene. Then there’s his staunch support for the left-wing terrorist group, Antifa. Talk about acting like a punk.

In an apparent effort to argue that McSally was not a legitimate senator and thus didn’t deserve respect, Lemon kept hounding the fact she was appointed to the seat following McCain’s passing. “She was appointed. She lost, and through a fluke, like some would say, Trump won. But that’s a whole ‘nother show. But through a fluke, she was appointed,” he decried.

But that’s not what a “flute” was. Apparently, Lemon wasn’t able to comprehend that appointing interim senators was a duty of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R). He also boasted about how McSally’s 2020 opponent was putting up a tough fight. …

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