Dems Forget Soleimani’s Plot

Dems Forget Soleimani’s Plot to Bomb Washington

By Daniel John Sobieski

One could conceivably hold House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responsible for the death-by-drone of Qassem Soleimani for she rushed impeachment of President Trump on the grounds we could not let him occupy the White House for even one more day lest our erratic commander-in-chief do something irrational. Then she unconstitutionally withheld the two cotton-candy Articles of Impeachment from delivery to the Senate for trial. Guess you waited too long, Nancy.

The killing of Soleimani was of course quite rational and quite ironic, as the Iranian general supposedly banned from international travel traveled the road from Baghdad International Airport on a road that has seen the deaths some of the 600 Americans killed by the explosively-formed-penetrators his forces supplied to Iraqi militias, not to mention the thousands maimed by them.

Perhaps President Trump should invite some of the families of the soldiers Soleimani murdered and some of the wounded warriors he maimed so Pelosi could look up at them and see why the killing of enemy combatant Soleimani in a war zone as he plotted to turn our embassy in Baghdad into another hostage crisis or worse, another Benghazi, was justified. …

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