CNN’s Fredo Cuomo

Fredo Cuomo beclowns himself trying to Get Trump

By Monica Showalter

Fredo Cuomo, the incompetent younger brother of New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and CNN host, went on a concern-trolling spree at Davos. Seems he found much to criticize in Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, for telling teen climate activist Greta Thunberg to get a degree in economics before she starts spouting off with advice for America.

It didn’t end well for him.

Here was his tweet:

Here is a sample of what he launched for himself from it:

Which pretty well showed that the station he’s the face of isn’t interested in kids. It’s interested in Getting Trump, even if it’s through Mnuchin.

The Twitterers hastened to remind him that his network had to shell out a seven-figure payout for calling young teenage Nick Sandmann a “most punchable face” and baying to destroy him on false grounds, the only real crime being that he wore a “MAGA” hat while he was being harassed by multiple leftists.

Seems the last thing Fredo ought to be doing is lecturing Steve Mnuchin about whom he can encourage to go get any economics degree. Mnuchin, in fact, was doing young Greta a favor.

CNN is the one with egg all over its face based on its atrocious treatment of Sandmann. Fredo has beclowned himself.


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