Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to lose her congressional seat based on all those NYC residents fleeing socialism?

By Monica Showalter

Socialist blue New York is seeing its locals fleeing to other states, and with those kind of losses, someone’s congressional seat has got to go.

Whose seat is on the block?  The Daily Wire has a report:

According to pollster Frank Luntz, New York is likely to lose a seat in Congress after the 2020 census and Democrats in the state legislature will have to redraw the state’s Congressional districts as a result. Although there are plenty of places to cut, New York Dems are reportedly eyeing Ocasio-Cortez’s Bronx district for elimination because she’s been out of sync with state-level Democrats who control the process.

“New York is expected to lose a House seat after the 2020 Census, and state Democrats are looking to draw out @AOC’s district,” Luntz wrote on Twitter. He included a link to an article from a local New York City magazine, The City, that suggested the Ocasio-Cortez is doubling down on her efforts to encourage her constituents to fill out the 2020 census so that she can stay in office.

The report goes on to note that the machinations of New York’s state legislators skew against Ocasio-Cortez’s spot, given that she doesn’t get along with them.  There’s also the matter of some of New York’s other Democrats within the machinery having it in for her, given that she ousted a longtime machine pol, Joe Crowley, who probably dished out many favors to them.

But the real message is in the hard fact that New York is losing people, and that loss is firmly rooted in Ocasio-Cortez’s animating philosophy: socialism.  Socialism the world over drives people to flight.  This is as true in New York as it is in Venezuela, China, Russia, North Korea, and Cuba.  

And Ocasio-Cortez herself was directly responsible for some of the drive-out, based on her halting of a highly sought Amazon operation in her district.  Amazon explicitly stated that Ocasio-Cortez’s statements are what made the company change its mind and go someplace less hostile to business.  She also drove out other investors, ridiculously claiming that their jobs weren’t good enough, not “dignified jobs,” as if to say that no jobs is better than jobs she claims to be underpaid or unimportant.  Residents in her district have commented on that drive-out, and they weren’t happy.  And Amazon was just one of them.  There were many others.

When jobs go, so do people, so guess what: Ocasio-Cortez might just be out on her ear.  Democracy has this way of leavening things out — more of the good stuff, less of the bad.  With a declining population base, the seats go.  The Daily Wire already noted that Ocasio-Cortez has been banking on her district’s abundant illegals to make up the difference, but even that may not save her.  Illegals flee socialism for the same reason citizens and legal residents, too: the lack of economic growth.  When the state takes everything and leaves you with nothing, why would anyone want to stay?

Amazon has since made moves to return to New York, raising questions as to whether it heard that Ocasio-Cortez’s seat is about to become history.

If so, it’s a good sign it is.  Ocasio-Cortez might just have socialisted herself out of a job based on nobody wanting to be around for all that worker paradise.  Let’s hope she has.


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