Trump’s great economy

Trump’s great economy can’t be hidden

By Peter Skurkiss

The wonders that President Trump is doing with the economy are getting impossible to hide or to ignore.  November’s job report has been so good that even those poor souls encased in the liberal media’s bubble are learning about it.  This is evidenced by a front-page, above-the-fold article in the New York Times titled “U.S. Job Growth Stays on Streak, Soothing Jitters.” 

The Times leads off this piece by informing its liberal reader base of the following:

  • American’s job engine has again defied jittery stock traders, bearish forecasters, and blue-ribbon economists to deliver eye-catching gains and power an exceptionally resilient economy.
  • November’s outstanding employment report, released Friday by the Labor Department, featured payroll increases of 266,000 and offered a counterpoint to recent anxieties about an escalating trade war and weakening global economy.
  • “I think this report is a real blockbuster,” said Daniel Zhao, senior economist at the career site Glassdoor.  “Payrolls smashed expectations.”

You have to savor the wording used here — “eye-catching,” “exceptionally resilient,” “blockbuster,” and “smashed expectations” — and pinch yourself to remember it is coming from the New York Times.  The editors of the NYT would love to have written such words about the Obama economy, but that would have been too far a leap even for them.  Instead, they tried to spin Obama’s lackluster years as “the new normal.”  That has now been shown to be more fake news.

The story right beside the one cited above is entitled “Trump Parries Impeachment with a Boom.”  The story talks about the “blockbuster jobs report” and an unemployment rate of a mere 3.5 percent, the lowest since 1969.  That’s half a century ago.  Reading between the lines, the Times is saying the economy is going to dwarf the convoluted impeachment charges being cooked up by the Democrat-controlled House in the minds of voters.

It is no exaggeration to say these two stories might even temper Nancy Pelosi’s rush to impeach.  That is how influential the NYT is in the minds of liberals.  If the NYT tells liberals to beware, they listen.

It also seems that, like a good parent, the NYT is starting to subtly prepare its liberal readers for the inevitable — the re-election of Donald J. Trump.


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