Terrorist in London knife attack

Terrorist in London knife attack had been lecturing woke university leftists all about criminal justice ‘reform’

By Monica Showalter

Friday’s London Bridge terror attack by a fanatic Islamist with knives — and not the first one on that bridge — was a case study in all kinds of things that have gone wrong as blue-city politics and leftist reform agendas take over.

Who let this beast into the country at all?

Why, even after one terror attack attempt, was he let out of the can on parole, with only an ankle bracelet to monitor him? It was obviously a waste of time.

Why was he not booted back to his hellhole of origin, first plane out?

Why were the cops, that everyone’s supposed to rely on in lieu of guns, not around?

Why did it take bystanders, one “armed” with a whale tusk taken from a decorative display on a chowhouse wall, and another wielding a fire extinguisher, to knock the beast down?

Why don’t bystanders in London have access to guns?

So many things wrong with this picture just to start.

The worst though was the fact that the terrorist was not just let out on a much undeserved parole, he was busy lecturing the leftists at Cambridge University at a conference, participating in “workshops” on his supposed prison rehabilitation, the leftists eating it up and calling for more such “reform.” He was one of their leaders and they were taking it from him.

Here’s the London Telegraph’s report:

The event at the centre of the London Bridge attack was an alumni celebration for an organisation run by academics from the University of Cambridge.

Learning Together was set up in 2014 by Ruth Armstrong and Amy Ludlow, from the Faculty of Law and Institute of Criminology.

It brings together people in criminal justice and higher education institutions.

The attacker, who was on probation and wearing a tag, is understood to have been invited to share his experiences as a former prisoner.

Academics and criminal justice campaigners had tweeted excitedly about the day ahead as they gathered at the Grade II listed Fishmongers Hall, just off London Bridge, to celebrate Learning Together’s fifth anniversary….

Seems that coddling and cossetting terrorists like these as warm, fuzzy, cuddly ‘victims’ who need reparations from society for their time in the can doesn’t work out the way they say it will work out.

Campaigns against “mass incarceration,” a Soros agenda hobbyhorse, fail wherever they are tried. Thomas Lifson has an item today about how “affordable bail” and letting rabid criminals circulate freely in the law-abiding population has created a hellish situation in Chicago. But the influence of this dreck is all over, including woke London.

You can bet the leftists involved in this sham will refuse to take any responsibility for the two people now dead that their coddling led to. They’ll keep calling for letting these beasts out of the can because dead people can always be dismissed easily.

Already there are claims on Twitter that Khan got his soft treatment under Tory wet Theresa May. Color us unimpressed. May was always imitating leftists.

For the rest of us, it shows the big reasons why the whole Sorosian free-the-prisoners, blue-city-ethics arguments need to be shut down.

U.K. is coming on an election shortly. One can only hope that British voters remember this one and vote accordingly.


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