Liberals just don’t think like us

By Robert Arvay

If you are mystified by things that liberals say and do, then you are in good company.  What they say, and what they do, begin with what they think, and they do not think like us.  Their thinking makes as little sense as what they say and do.

For example, liberal politicians can lie to your face — and then, even when they know that you have caught them in a lie, they have no shame.  Indeed, when challenged, they will, astonishingly, either repeat the same lie, or tell a different one, and all without blinking an eye.  Witness Elizabeth Warren with her repeated fabrications, one of the latest of which is that she was fired for getting pregnant, provably a lie, and yet, she tenaciously repeats it without shame.

When you or I speak, our reference point is the truth.  When they speak, their reference point is their political or personal self-interest.  Truth is their enemy.  It exposes their corruption.  When they speak, their intent is to deceive, to mislead, and to conceal.  There is no reasoning with such people.

They say they eschew violence, while physically and publicly beating those who disagree with them.  Then, they justify their violence by calling it free speech, while calling your speech, violence.  They call good evil, and evil good.  Up is down in their vocabulary.  They speak a language that only they understand.  The only way to learn their language is to become as depraved as they are.

I confess that I no longer listen to liberals.  Is that a sign of a closed mind?  No.  It is because I don’t waste time speaking to people who fail the Turing test, which detects whether a speaker is a human or a robot.  When I must interact with liberals in conversation, I have learned never to try to persuade them.  Why does it need persuasion to convince someone that killing a newborn baby is wrong?  What kind of mind could possibly think that such a gruesome act is ever justified?  No human mind could.

When the infamous Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann was captured by Israeli agents in 1960, it was reported that his captors had attempted to elicit some sign of remorse from him.  One of the agents had remarked to Eichmann that his uncle had been murdered in a death camp by Eichmann’s minions.  Eichmann reportedly responded, but your uncle, he was a Jew.

Eichmann seemed unable to recognize the quality of humanity in others.  His defense, that he had been ordered by his superiors to murder innocent people, was to him, perfectly reasonable.  He likely went to the death chamber convinced of his innocence.

Today’s Nazis are people who call themselves, anti-fascists.  They employ Nazi Brown Shirt tactics to brutalize and silence ordinary Americans, and seem never to recognize the obvious fact that they are not anti-fascists, they are in fact, fascists.

We have recently seen the spectacle of the National Basketball Association, which was outraged that some Americans define sexual identities according to biological reality.  They also object to Americans who voice opposition to the brutality of the Chinese government in Hong Kong.  That, apparently, is too much free speech.

We have seen technology corporations refusing to assist American law enforcement in the fight against terrorists here in the US, while at the same time, they provide software assistance to China to hunt down and punish (sometimes by death) Chinese dissidents who seek freedom.

Liberal technology-producers assure us that they “do no evil.”  When confronted by the dichotomy of their words and actions, they keep right on talking around the questions without ever answering.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden openly boasted of extorting the Ukrainian government to fire one of its prosecutors, while at the same time, his party accuses President Trump of improperly influencing the Ukrainian government to look into Biden’s crimes.  One of their most common tactics is to accuse Republicans of the exact misdeeds committed by Democrats.

There is no end to this.  It is utterly futile to expect the liberal news media to cover stories that expose the corruption of Democrats.  They are too busy fabricating lies about imaginary offenses by President Trump.  Liberal news media accuse Fox News of bias, while at the same time, they openly state that their purpose is to propagandize for the left — oh wait — they call it advocacy “journalism.”

It has been accurately said that when one argues with a fool, the only result is two fools.  My advice is, if confronted by a liberal, state your case briefly and concisely, and then walk away.  Beyond that, it is pointless to try to persuade them.  Actions, not words, will resolve the issue.  Votes, not violence, will settle matters.


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