Fear strikes deep into the woke

By J.R. Dunn

An interesting portrayal of the leftist mentality, particularly as regards matters involving President Trump, can be found on the left-wing site Medium.

It’s not often we get a clear picture of how leftists actually think. The message is so simplified, dumbed down, and controlled, largely for the benefit of the lowest-common-denominator left, along with camouflaging the actual agenda, that what we usually get is no more than a cartoon. “Journalists,” print, broadcast or whatever, are simply robots who repeat whatever is given to them. Pundits and other commentators are in the business of soothing and calming down true believers – yes, it’s all going according to plan, yes, utopia is on schedule, yes, the revolution is coming.

So “Is William Barr the Head of DOJ or QAnon?” by Rick Wilson is an interesting surprise – for once, we’re getting the true gem of what a leftist thinks.

And what is that, precisely? Well, fear, paranoia, dread, and a slowly mounting hysteria.

That is apparent in the opening sentences:

I warned you William Barr was the most dangerous man in America.

I warned you he would burn Washington to the ground.

I warned you Barr would shatter the Justice Department into a million fragments.

I warned you… but you didn’t listen. You were all against me. I could hear you snickering and giggling. But I proved, with geometric logic…

Well, maybe not that bad. But bad enough. Those sentences set the tone, and it never changes. The piece maintains a high, grating shriek throughout, like hands across a mental blackboard. It’s a soul-baring, one that has occurred without the writer being aware of it. It’s not a pleasant experience but it’s a necessary one.

There’s no serious analysis or examination here, but that’s not what was intended. What we get instead is insults:

…the Trump administration feeds its conspiracy-addled base…

Speculation as to motives:

Their fantasies of roundups, mass arrests, secret indictments, and one-way tickets to GITMO for anyone connected to the operations to identify and neutralize Russian election interference are a common element of their wishcasting.

Bogus accusations:

…[Barr’s] selective persecution… of Trump’s enemies and his refusal to uphold his oath is stunning.

Apart from this, there’s a wide streak of wish fulfillment – he states that Barr “came up empty” in his European investigations, though how he knows this I have no idea. There’s also, as is always the case with the left, a massive dose of hypocrisy, as here:

Barr will investigate the investigators until he either breaks them or intimidates them into submission.

This, of course, is exactly what the coup plotters have attempted to do to Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and many others.

But the overall impression is one of fear. Wilson is truly terrified as to what is going to come out of Barr and Durham’s efforts. What is he afraid of? It’s hard to say. It’s all very amorphous and vague, nothing concrete to it. A nightmare vision,  some dark, indescribable beast slouching toward Bethlehem, with Orange Man there to greet it.

And that’s the value of this essay – the spotlight that it shines on left-wing motivations. Things once dark are now illuminated, and what we see clears up a lot of mysteries. Because the answer that we find here is fear. The obsessive secrecy of the “impeachment” process, Schiff running off to hide when confronted by GOP congressman, McCabe suddenly dropping his lawsuit, the visible nervousness of Brennan and Clapper over the past week.

These people are afraid. And that is good news for Donald Trump, and for the Republic.


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