Trump scores — 52% approval

Trump scores — 52% approval higher than Obama for the same period

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President Donald Trump continues to withstand the left’s attacks and the onslaught of negative coverage by maintaining his approval score.

And two-and-a-half years into his first term, Trump’s rating – despite ongoing false claims by Democrats of collusion, corruption, and conspiracy – stands several points higher than his predecessor.

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Tuesday’s Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll showed Trump with a 53 percent approval rating. In contrast, former President Obama scored a 46 percent approval rating at the same time in his presidency.

Trump’s higher numbers did not just appear on the Rasmussen poll, however, according to Newsweek which reported last week that according to a Real Clear Politics average of major polls, Trump’s approval rating was 44.3 percent – slightly higher than Obama’s rating of 43.9 percent on September 18, 2011. The president’s approval rating stayed higher than his predecessor’s for a few days.

The president has maintained his approval numbers nearly a year after a study showed that broadcast stations attacked him with the “most hostile coverage of a president in TV news history,” according to the Media Research Center which found 92 percent negative coverage of Trump, something Obama never contended with.

John McLaughlin, a Trump pollster during the 2016 presidential election said last month that Americans are supporting a 2020 win for the president by a wide margin.

“You’ve already mentioned they (the NeverTrumpers) lost the 2008 and 2012 race to Barack Obama. And Obama went on to destroy the health care system for middle-class America, raise their taxes, lose their jobs. And basically put their sons and daughters at risk in far off lands that we couldn’t win these wars,” he told Fox News host Laura

“So Donald Trump ran on a message of change. And our strategy was to light up the rust belt, the sunbelt, the Heartland of America and we brought out millions of new voters. We had a record 139 million voters show up and Donald Trump got 63 million votes because he was saying change and he ran against the Republican establishment and the DC establishment,” McLaughlin said on “The Ingraham Angle” last month.

“And to this day he will win reelection because he’s bringing change to Washington. Our last poll said 51 to 38, the majority of Americans want him to continue to fight for change,” he added.

Tuesday’s Rasmussen numbers got plenty of attention from Twitter users.


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