Joe Biden’s crazy rant

In a crazy rant, Joe Biden tells reporters what kinds of questions they can ask

By Monica Showalter

Is Joe Biden losing it?

Falling in the polls in Iowa, looking at that indirect political backlight on his son Hunter’s sleazy Ukrainian business dealings as Democrats desperatedly scramble to make a new scandal about Trump, he’s now reduced to yelling at reporters.

Jabbing and pointing at a dweeby harmless-looking reporter, and slurring his speech, Joe aggressively hollered:

‘…You should be asking [Trump] the question: Why is he on the phone with a foreign leader, trying to intimidate a foreign leader? (pauses for wild finger waving) …if that’s what happened, that’s (inaudible) what happened. You should be looking at Trump! Trump’s doing this because I beat him like a drum! And he’s using an abuse of power, and every element of a presidency to try to do something to smear me! Everybody looked at this, and everybody who’s looked at it said there’s nothing there! Ask the right questions! (reporter tries to get a word in edgewise, fails) Here’s what I know: That Trump deserves to be investigated…”

Reporters aren’t the most sympathetic characters out there, given their past sucky-uppiness to the Obama administration, and their willing to making themselves Democratic operatives with bylines, but oh, goodness, look what happens when one of them doesn’t suck up.

Now he’s telling them what kinds of questions they’re allowed to ask. Which is doing it wrong, and quite likely to annoy the press.

David Martosko, the Daily Mail’s big Washington guy, first noticed that aspect of Biden’s meltdown, even as most press attention went to Biden’s demand that the press spotlight be directed to Trump.

Martosko’s not a guy any leftist buffoon pol wants to get too interested in him. But now Joe’s got Martosko’s attention, so one can probably count on some more attention from Martosko to the man’s tantrums.

Apparently, Joe’s so used to the press sucking up from his Obama days he can’t help himself now that he’s not drawing the same adoring treatment. He goes into meltdown when one of them wanders off the plantation, telling them what kinds of questions they’re allowed to ask. Not a way to win the hearts of the media the way Obama did. One can expect he might actually get some bad coverage now, something any savvy politician would know, but not Joe.

Brittle little feller, no? Something tells me this guy isn’t waving, he’s drowning.


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