Ghislane Maxwell

Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘madame,’ Ghislane Maxwell: Despise her, but pity her

By Richard Jack Rail

“They’re nothing, these girls. They are trash.”  Thus spake Ghislane Maxwell, accomplice in Jeffrey Epstein’s quest to destroy innocence in America, one girl at a time.

What kind of human being could say such a thing?  The spoiled rich not only cannot, but won’t even try to walk in the rabble’s shoes.  They are so twisted that the world exists solely for their pleasure.

Anyone with a modicum of decency recoils at such an astonishing lack of self-awareness.  This is soul rot, this haughty cutting oneself off from the common run of humanity.  Hierarchy and social distance are necessary and inevitable in human affairs, but humanity is even more so, and humanity is missing when entire classes of people become “trash.”  This is how racists look at other races, misogynists at women, misandrists at men.

Don’t doubt it: Maxwell was talking about your little girl, your granddaughter, your baby sister, the girl next door.  Anyone not of her social class, and especially girls not of her social class, are trash, fit only to be used and tossed aside as so much litter.  Who cares what she feels or what such treatment does to her emotionally?  She doesn’t matter; they’re all trash, and not even white trash — just trash.

Ghislane Maxwell made it possible for Jeffrey Epstein to prey on hapless, helpless young women.  She is as guilty as he.  The only possible consolation is in the realization that ultimately, Maxwell’s opinion of these girls is her own self-opinion as well.  She sees women as objects for men to use as they please and then discard.  She kept herself from being discarded by making herself useful in other ways.

What a grotesque gargoyle of a woman.

This is life for so many women in the elite social circles where move such people as Jeffrey Epstein and the Kennedys — to be despised, but also to be pitied.


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