Trump draws blood

Trump draws blood from the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse

By Lynne Lechter

Revelation is the last book in the New Testament.  It portends the end of days, facilitated by four men on horseback.  It was foretold they created chaos through pestilence, war, famine and death.

This script has been played out through millennia.  Sometimes, civilization is set back centuries.  Sometimes, the evil is vanquished swiftly — but never without cost.  Thankfully, the final knockout blow has not yet been cast.

We are now seeing the latest incarnation of the apocalypse.  The four horsewomen are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Omar Ilhan, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Presley — malevolent congressional representatives who refer to themselves as the “Squad.”

YouTube screen grab.

Not in the benign colloquial sense of social media influencers or pop stars with female entourages.  Not in the rah-rah sense of a cheerleading or sports team.  Rather, this squad is the modern version of the Nazi death camps, and China’s, Russia’s, and Cuba’s re-educational drives, mass population relocations, and imprisonment and murder of dissidents.

Their goal is not the immediate destruction of the whole world.  Their immediate goal is the destruction of America.  If America falls, so goes civilization as we now know it.  They have fertilized the ground in Western Europe.  And while Americans were busy pointing “over there,” the seeds of our own destruction were being planted under our myopic eyes, as a brainwashed youth increasingly support the elimination of sovereignty, the Constitution, rule of law, and capitalism.

The Squad’s war is espoused through their vile, disdainful anti-American philosophies, anti–rule of law, ugly anti-Semitism, and concomitant dismissal of the beliefs of others — be they President Trump, Amazon, elected Republican officials or anyone of “color” who disagrees with them.  Their handmaidens include U.S. universities, tax-funded entities who have facilitated their lies of BDS, anti-Semitism, and white male privilege; media who provide a platform for their propaganda; and a heretofore mostly somnambulant public who couldn’t believe “it could happen here.”  They are also emboldened by the cowardly silence of the Democrats in Congress and weak Democrat presidential candidates who race to the moral bottom to follow them.

Due to their destructive policies on illegal immigration, welcoming illegals — criminal or otherwise — while ignoring the American homeless in California, pestilence has re-emerged.  Human waste is polluting groundwater.  Concomitantly, certain diseases previously eradicated, such as measles and chickenpox, have resurfaced.

War is not just armed combat.  It is also the stealing of one’s power.  The Four Horsewomen, until Trump pushed back, had stolen our power.  They had stolen it by abridging our right to free speech through their insidious implementation of political correctness, extreme distortions of history, and their outright lies about Palestine.

After all, we have heard for years that “people of color” cannot be racist.  Heretofore, if a minority were challenged on a political or cultural statement, their response was always the same: you are a racist, a sexist, Islamophobic, a toxic male, a privileged white male, and/or a harasser.

This power-grab has been accompanied with violent random attacks against Republicans from their muscle group, Antifa.  These tactics also suppressed the wearing of Trump themed campaign products in public, for fear of physical attack; many other pro-Trump voices have been silenced for the same fear of violence.

And then Trump tweeted.  And bellowed.  And doubled down in more tweets and at a rally.  He fought back.  And he drew blood.  Not literally, but figuratively.

They may not know it yet, but President Trump has knocked the four horsewomen off their steeds.

He has signaled that the double standard regarding racism is over.  He has eviscerated the myth that people of color can’t be racist.  They are.  He has stripped them of the knee-jerk power of their false accusations of racism, harassment, gender bias, toxic male, and white male privilege.

And by so doing, Trump’s approval ratings have gone up.

Of course, this battle for America’ soul is not yet over.  But a seismic shift in attitude is “trending” well.  All thanks to President Trump!


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