The left is seriously out of control

The American left is seriously out of control. Now they are dangerous

By Patricia McCarthy

The Left’s hysteria over Trump’s victory in 2016 has escalated into something quite beyond mere hysteria. Now they are well and truly dangerous.   Antifa, the fascist organization that protests anything and everything with which it disagrees is violent, very violent.  They show up with weapons, wearing masks and attack anyone they perceive to be in opposition to their own warped ideology.

CNN has long defended the group as good guys, social justice warriors.  That is how off the rails CNN is.  Like Antifa, CNN is officially and openly anti-American.   Over the weekend in Portland, Quillette journalist  Andy Ngo was badly beaten, seriously injured,  by a group of these thugs and got no help from the Portland police, who actually made him walk back through the mob to seek help.

Antifa thug throwing a rock at AndyNgo (YouTube screen grab, cropped)

Portland may be ground zero for the worst of leftist brutality at the moment but the Left is definitely ramping up its malicious intolerance.  As everyone who cares to look knows, there have been many incidents of violence against Trump supporters around the country, often for just wearing a red hat.

Also over  the weekend, the supercilious owner of the Red Hen, the Lexington, VA, restaurant that asked Sarah Sanders and her family to leave her establishment a year ago, penned an op-ed in the WaPo defending her despicable manners.   (What does this tell us about the WaPo?  It is not a news outlet, it’s a hateful screed.)  Her column is predictably a snooty defense of her rudeness.  She complains of being “branded a racist, a bigot and a hypocrite.”  Clearly, she is all those things.  How is what she did any different from the Jim Crow racists who refused to allow blacks or gays in their cafes and hotels in the fifties?  It’s exactly the same thing.   Wilkerson, this owner of the Red Hen, thinks Trump supporters should not venture out to eat, that they “should dine at home.”  Oh, the tolerant left.

No one can forget Maxine Waters calling out her supporters to “get in their faces,” to harass Trump supporters “wherever you run into them.”   But then Obama, he with the Nobel Peace Prize,  had advocated: “if they bring a knife to  fight, you bring a gun.”  This from the man who wants to confiscate guns from all law-abiding Americans.

Did anyone on the left criticize Waters’s remarks?  Or Obama’s?  No.  They are all on the same page.   Hillary called Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables” and the “dregs of society.” A charitable woman?  That she is not.   John Hinderaker wrote,

“The Democratic Party has abandoned all norms of civility and constitutional government. Somehow, though, liberals believe they are immune from having to live by their own ‘new rules.’ They sow the wind, but think they never will reap the whirlwind.”

The Trump-haters counted on the Mueller Report to vindicate their unbridled loathing of the man. Since that failed, their brains have dissolved into puddles of goo.  Their propensity to violence, or at least excusing it, has intensified.  They think Mueller showing up to testify will be the end run around the actual report, which was  448-pages of innuendo, an embarrassment to legal scholars.  They will very likely try to prevent the Republicans from asking the many questions that need to be answered.  For example, it was collusion with Russia that was the reason for the special counsel’s investigation and yet he never looked into Clinton’s and the DNC’s having commissioned the phony dossier that was the basis of their FISA warrants.  The report barely mentions this sham phonied-up smear.  That fact alone makes the entire report a joke, a grand cover-up.

The Left, aside from approving of all manner of violence in service of their agenda and their anger,  has been willing to break every law on the books, abrogate every word of the Constitution to get their way or defend those who do these terrible things.  But Trump is still the President and a damn good one.  That is what really makes them mad as a bag of ferrets.

They have all melted down over Trump’s meet-and-greet at the DMZ with little Kim.  Horrified they are that he was so bold as to even suggest such a thing.  Doesn’t he know Kim is a brutal dictator? Uh, yeah, he absolutely does.  He’s trying a different tack, one no previous President has tried.

The Left, though is afraid it might work.  They are already enraged by all his successes: the economy, energy independence, deregulation, getting Mexico to police their own border, getting China to the table, a soaring stock market, and record low unemployment for blacks and Hispanics.   If he seduces little Kim into some kind of de-nuclearization deal, they will surely self-destruct.  It’s anyone’s guess how they will act out then.

The Democrat debates of last week were nothing but a contest: which candidate is the most willing to sell out America?  Turns out every one of them is champing at the bit to do just that, along with their partners in crime in Congress like Ocasio-Cortez and her coterie of fellow traitors to this country. They all want American citizens to pay all expenses for the millions of illegals who have fled here for the financial support and free medical care the Democrats promise.

America as founded is under attack by a vicious left that hates Trump much, much more than it loves or respects the United States.

“A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious.  But it cannot survive treason from within.  An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.”  (Cicero)

The left has shown its true its colors.  We are one election away from losing our country … and they cheat.


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