Rich illegals now crossing

Rich illegals now crossing over with their suitcases

By Monica Showalter

Is there something new happening within the border surge? The American Mirror has a Border Patrol video showing illegal immigrants now towing huge suitcases, along with kids (who might even be rented as entry tickets), writing:

Groups of hundreds of Africans, Haitians and others from Central and South America continue to trudge across the U.S.- Mexico border in record numbers, despite promises from Mexico to help stop the massive migration.

Footage from the Del Rio Sector of the border in Texas shows scores are making their way in mini-caravans, with many arriving well-dressed in designer clothes, toting luggage and backpacks with their children in tow.

These aren’t the desperate people of media lore and sob stories, these are clearly the middle classes of the developing world, bringing their goods with them. We’ve already seen quite a bit of this – in the designer-accessories of Lady Frijoles in her Instagram posts as well as her appalled shock at being served what she haughtily called ‘pig food’ which was basic Mexican beans and tortillas, and in the expensive abandoned strollers of the caravan migrants. The most recent story is that migrants are now emptying out the Texas Western Unions based on the huge amounts of money they have access to and can withdraw out. And with migrants now rolling in from distant Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America – it’s clear they’ve got money for costly voyages to the U.S. border … to enter with suitcases.

I think there’s too little information about whether the Mexican border efforts to help stave the flow are ineffective, or if these people were already in the pipeline when the Mexican effort started.

But we can conclude that the threshhold for immigrating to the states has begun to reach the richer classes of would-be illegals, based on word getting out about what a great deal the lower classes in these countries are getting. Better deal, zero-consequences for illegal entry, more migration.

This isn’t a good development. These aren’t poor people. These are the middle classes moving in now based on the largely Democrat Congress’s failure to do anything about asylum system abuse or loopholes in U.S. immigration law. As a result, they’re coming…


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