Hating the president

Hating the president just for fun

By Richard Jack Rail

Patricia McCarthy has an interesting take on the standoff between the president and Congress: it’s part of a conspiracy to sicken America with a “truth-resistant cancer” based on hatred of Trump for his “many successes: record-low unemployment, a roaring economy, his unwavering support for Israel, the revitalization of manufacturing in the U.S., tax cuts that have worked spectacularly on several levels.”  Her metaphor of cancer is powerful and spot-on.  Let’s extend it.

Democrats hate Trump not really for his successes or any of that.  They hate him just because they hate him.  No reason, no rationale, no thought.  Three years ago, I asked a onetime friend what she didn’t like about Trump.  “He breathes!” she shouted.  I thought she was goofing around and asked what, specifically, was so objectionable.  “He’s a liar!”  I pointed out that probably everybody in politics and most people in life can be justly accused of that, but it didn’t matter.  She hated Trump just because she hated Trump.

There’s no reasoning with people like this.  Donald Trump at one time was the toast of New York.  They ran spreads on him in the broadsheets and magazines — the way he dressed, his coifs, his limousines, his buildings, his family.  They sought his opinion on everything: Men’s hairstyles, women’s hairstyles, men’s shoes, women’s clothing, babies, cars, whatever.  He was on talk shows, and the audiences, near 100% liberal, cheered him wildly. 

Then he ran for president opposite lefty fave Hillary.  Overnight, Donald Trump became the most hated man on the planet — not for anything he’d done or said, but because he dared stand up to the Establishment Left.  The more vitriol they poured on him, the more effectively he ridiculed them.  Rather than whine and fold, he stood taller and taller.  And clobbered them.  Knocked them out.

Now there’s no forgiving him.  There wouldn’t have been anyway, no matter what, but you know how it is: leftists scramble for some “reason” for blowing cover and bringing their vileness into the open.  Donald Trump beat and now is about to take down the entire cancerous infrastructure hiding out in sinecures within the U.S. government, dodging and ducking, waiting for the Trump Era to blow over so they can safely reassert their lawless, anti-America, hate-America, anything-but-America power.

Ridding us of that burden and those poisons will alone Make America Great Again.


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