Two long years

Two long years

By Peter Lemiska

The long-awaited report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller should have put to rest the false and destructive narrative propagated by the Democratic Party and the liberal media.  But instead, many willfully blind Democrats still reject the finding that neither Trump nor anyone in his administration colluded or conspired with the Russians to win his election.  All the others have simply shifted their attention to something else — obstruction of justice.

Whether it’s Stormy Daniels, the president’s tax records, Russian collusion, or obstruction of justice, each glimmer of hope for impeachment becomes a tantalizing, shimmering object that Democrats somehow can’t resist.  Like a school of fish, they dart from one shiny object to another.

They say they’re doing their job.  They pontificate about their congressional oversight responsibility.  But their utter indifference to Hillary Clinton’s illicit private email server belies that claim.  Their stupefied expression at the mention of Uranium One, or government abuse of the FISA Court reveals that they care nothing about congressional oversight.  Time and again they’ve shown they’re really only interested in the political and personal destruction of Donald Trump.

So Democrats and the news media are now focusing on ten instances in Mueller’s report that could be interpreted as obstruction of justice, and the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is poised to repeat everything Mueller and his team have been doing for the past two years.

If they believe that vague, legally debatable suggestions of obstruction demand congressional inquiries, they must have been asleep when the last president used his executive privilege to short-stop the congressional investigation into Fast and Furious.  That scandal directly involving the death of an American Border Patrol Agent and countless others.

Now they plan to reveal exactly what President Trump was thinking when he offered a few words of support for General Michael Flynn during a private meeting with then-FBI director James Comey.  And after more endless hearings and incantations, like Johnny Carson’s Carnac, they’ll triumphantly reveal what they’ve already concluded — that he fired Comey, not because of his incompetence, but in order to obstruct justice.

But if they’re so desperate to find obstruction of justice, they don’t need to divine the deepest thoughts of Trump’s psyche.  For decades, two prominent Democrats have been showing the country what obstruction of justice is all about.  Hillary Clinton offered a perfect example during the last presidential campaign, when she deliberately deleted 30,000 emails that had already been subpoenaed by Congress.  It doesn’t take a mind-reader to interpret her motive.  And when Bill Clinton lied in a written deposition in 1998, there was no question about his purpose.  It was what led to charges of perjury and obstruction of justice by the House of Representatives.

Democrats today are unquestionably mindful of Clinton’s impeachment.  They remember that even with a clear-cut case of obstruction of justice, and the opposition party controlling both houses, Republicans could still not muster the two-thirds majority needed in the Senate to convict the president.  They also know that the entire impeachment proceedings lasted less than two months, and only seemed to boost Clinton’s popularity.

So they’re in no hurry to begin Trump’s impeachment and end this folly.  For them, the threat of impeachment is far more valuable and much safer than the path laid out by an irrational, obsessed, hyperventilating congresswoman from California’s 43rd District.  For now, they’re happy to prolong the national nightmare with accusations, innuendo, and endless hearings.

If they were not so consumed with hatred and the president’s impeachment, those breathtakingly hypocritical Democrats would accept the findings of the two-year, $30 million Mueller probe, and work with President Trump to resolve real problems, like the invasion of our southern border.  Or they could ignore history, impeach this president, and suffer the consequences.  Maybe, when it’s all behind us, they can finally move on and allow a reinvigorated, more popular President Trump to continue the work he was elected to do.  Either way, it’s time to end the travesty.


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