Poor Joe Biden:

Poor Joe Biden: Out to ‘rebuild’ the middle class Trump has already rebuilt

By Monica Showalter

Is there anything more wretched than a leftist who’s late to the party?

Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden says got a new something to offer us – a promise to “rebuild” the middle class.

The Democrat will hold his first big campaign event Monday in Pittsburgh to lay out his “vision for rebuilding America’s middle class,” his campaign said.

Biden spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield said Mr. Biden’s ability to raise $6.3 million in the first 24 hours of his campaign last week shows that Americans are ready, in part, for someone who can “rebuild the middle class so everyone gets a fair shot.”

Umm, that train left the station two years ago, Joe. President Trump has taken care of the problem.

Biden, who was vice president during the Obama years of extended sub-par economic growth, seems to think that Americans would gladly give up their 4% unemployment rate, low inflation, and 3.2% economic growth in exchange for .. what, the Obama economy all over again? Scrap the record-low unemployment for blacks, women, Latinos and everyone else on the outside looking in, and put them all back on food stamps? Mo’bama?

Just his record alone makes his promise to rebuild the middle class ring hollow. His ignorance of the laws of economics makes it positively a joke.

There’s actually only one way to top President Trump’s stunning record on economic growth for the U.S., and that’s to make the U.S. economy even more free-market. That would mean cutting taxes further, slashing regulations further, and reducing the size and scope of government. To date, old Joe hasn’t come near to offering any such proposal on any single one of those fronts.

Biden’s idea of a good economy is the Obama model – that of a pocket-lining elite Solyndra-ing itself to wealth on the backs of U.S. taxpayers, one step ahead of the green schemes falling apart. And Biden himself is no stranger to this kind of pocket-lining either, given that politics has made him a very wealthy man. The recent news that he pressured the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor investigating his son’s gamy business deals in that country is a sign that this is who he is and this is what he means by restoring prosperity.

So much for ‘rebuilding the middle class.’ One can only hope that voters’ memories extend as far as the Obama era to recall what Biden means by ‘rebuilding the middle class.’

Trump has that matter handled, Joe. Run along to your pocket-lining operations. Your promise is old.


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