Hillary Contractor Described ‘Cover-up Operation

Hillary Contractor Described ‘Cover-up Operation Work Ticket’ in Newly Uncovered Email

By Mark Tapscott, April 8, 2019

A newly obtained internal message from the Denver-based Platte River Networks firm that serviced the personal email system used by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for official diplomatic business referenced a “Hillary cover up operation work ticket archive cleanup,” the non-profit government watchdog Judicial Watch said Monday.

The email with the cover-up reference is contained in FBI notes on a February 2016 interview of an unidentified Platte River Networks official.

Judicial Watch obtained the notes as part of more than 400 previously unreleased FBI documents a federal district court ordered turned over to the non-profit as a result of its Freedom of Information Act suit.

In the Dec. 11, 2014, email, an unidentified Platte River Network official told another that “I’m kind of freaking about Gresham. Thoughts on what to do with [name redacted].”

The official responded that “Its all part of the Hillary coverup operation. I’ll have to tell you about it at the party.” A smiling emoji was inserted by the responder between the two sentences. …


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