Wallowing in stages of grief

Democrats wallowing in stages of grief over Mueller report

By Monica Showalter

In the age of Trump, the Left and its NeverTrump enablers are in a bad way. The release of Mueller report was a bombshell to them, discrediting everything they’ve been arguing and now they’re shellshocked. Suddenly, their pacifier-narrative, the one cooked up by Robbie Mook less than 24 hours after Hillary Clinton threw in the towel after losing the presidency to Donald Trump as a consolation is all gone, flushed away by their great white hope, Robert Mueller. They’re devastated. Their initial responses to that blown narrative actually show the various stages of grief. Here are some choice tweets:

Denial: Start with Beto O’Rourke sticking to the same old stale story:

Anger: Here’s Adam Schiff raging that Attorney General Barr is now the problem:

Bargaining: Minute parsing from assorted leftists.

Acceptance: NeverTrumper Bret Baier is trying to make the best of it:

The reality for them is that they’re discredited as Trump is exonerated. There was never any Russian collusion. The Mueller report says so. I knew that even before the report was written. Trump spoke of wanting to get along with the Russians and plenty of us agreed with him – it was never anything more than that, but the fevered imaginations of Trump’s opponents – whether in the deep state, in smear-outfits on the outside, in the leftist mainstream press, or above all, in sneaky imagination of Mook –  it was always true – solely because they wanted it to be. Their tactic was to just repeat the lie until it became the truth.

Didn’t work. They’re howling now, and it’s going to be a lot worse for them than just blown credibility.

To start, their failed assault on Trump is actually bolstering the man. As the old saying goes, when you strike the king, you must kill the king. They’re learning the hard way the other old saying: That which does not kill Trump makes him stronger. Get a load of what’s coming down the pike in the electorally critical Midwest:

A strengthened Trump is what they bought themselves with that $25 million Special Counsel investigation, premised on their own partisan lie.

And a strengthened Trump means a weakened left.

We are seeing calls for Schiff’s resignation in the wake of his consistent spreading of lies – the Mueller report would merit that, given that Schiff is now utterly discredited.

We are also seeing an invigorated right, which isn’t laying on its laurels after this victory, but calling for the real colluders to be exposed – and punished. The right is learning to use political power the way Trump does, not the way George Bush did, fighting Democrats the way they fight us – on the terms they set – signaling that this isn’t the end of the matter.

We are also seeing vindication for one of the Republicans Democrats hate and fear most – one of the few they couldn’t ballot-harvest out of Congress – and one whose dedication to the truth will raise his stature further:

Lastly, what’s next for the Democrats is that they’ve lost a key tool for invigorating their base – the prospect of impeaching Trump, which is what they are counting on to goose up Democratic turnout. No collusion, no impeachment. They’ve just dropped their spear in the toilet with this Mueller report.

Unable to use the Mueller report as a tool, the only thing they will have left is promoting socialism, which is their undifferentiated platform, no matter who their candidate is. Socialism has been found to be the biggest turnoff to voters according to a recent poll.

Good luck on that one, jackasses.

Image credit: Face the Nation, via YouTube, screen grab


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