Chicago infected our nation’s politics

Corrupt Chicago infected our nation’s politics, with Obama as its agent

By Russ Vaughn

With every passing week, we’re learning more about how the FBI and the Obama Justice Department did their best to ensure the election of Hillary Clinton by undermining Donald Trump.  Try as Democrats might to prevent it, the truth is slowly coming into the light, thanks to some tenacious seekers of truth on the right side of the political spectrum.  What has become crystal-clear in this forensic process is the reality that the Democratic Party, led by Barack Obama, is a corrupt criminal enterprise that if left unchecked will eventually poison the lifeblood of this country, a societal sepsis that, like most such systemic infections, may prove fatal to the body of America.

What has brought us to this critical point in our nation’s destiny?  I submit that it is the malignant Chicago political machine and Chicago politics, introduced into the national bloodstream in the form of Barack Obama, a local community organizer whose pleasing demeanor and sonorous, mellifluous oratory, and nothing more, led to his phenomenal rise from political unknown to frontrunner for president.  He was a product of the Chicago Machine, a political cartel quite willing to front this unknown young black man for president if it brought the machine’s bosses greater national influence and power, which it did.

To head up a corrupt system of enforcement, a thoroughly corrupt leader is required, and the Democratic Party had a ready candidate waiting in the wings: senior legal advisor to the Obama campaign Eric Holder.  If you tried, you couldn’t devise a better agent for the toxic infection of the federal Justice Department and its enforcement arm, the FBI, than Eric Holder.  In testimony before a congressional investigation of white voter suppression by Philadelphia Black Panthers, Holder made it clear with his “my people” reference that he and his Justice Department were unquestionably skewed racially.  It is only now that we are confirming our suspicions as to how thoroughly and corruptly he and his boss had skewed it politically.

With the revelations coming out of congressional hearings into the FBI investigations into Donald Trump, we are learning just how despicably corrupt our national law enforcement has become, employing venal Chicago prosecutorial and policing methods on a national scale.  The latest has an FBI lawyer telling congressional investigators that her agency’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s all too obvious violations of federal security laws were thwarted by unnamed persons in the Obama Justice Department, persons who, as we all know, do not ever operate without the approval and direction of their superiors, a rule that holds true going all the way to the top.

Or the bottom — depending on your point of view.


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