Trump was right

Trump was right: In Venezuela’s wake, protests are breaking out in Cuba

By Monica Showalter

You don’t often hear about protests in Cuba, despite the hellish conditions of that socialist dictatorship, but I suspect that’s going to change, and maybe pretty fast.

Alberto de la Cruz at Babalu blog reports that protests are breaking out on the communist island dictatorship in the wake of Venezuela’s popular fight for freedom:

Video from Cuba shows hundreds of Cubans marching on the streets of Havana this Saturday in protest of the communist Castro dictatorship. This rare show of massive dissent in Cuba comes on the eve of the Castro regime’s sham referendum vote to ratify a new communist constitution.

Translation: HAPPENING NOW – Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of Havana, Cuba in protest against the Castro regime.

It has the look of a chain reaction, and for that reason, Marxist Nicaragua and Bolivia need to be watched closely, too. Here is the video from a source inside Cuba who witnessed the protest of hundreds:

President Trump, in his great speech in Miami a few days ago, knew it was going to happen, stating:

“The days of socialism and communism are numbered, not only in Venezuela, but in Nicaragua and Cuba as well,” Trump told a crowd gathered in Miami.

And right on cue, the dominos started tottering. It sounds like the Cubans are taking courage from Venezuelans as they seek to “take back” their democracy and are deciding that that’s a great project for themselves to pursue, too. What’s more, the Venezuelans have arranged it so that they are winning – they are calling all the shots on how they take the democracy back, they have a built-in government waiting for the transition, and they are rallying the international community of nations behind them. They also mobilizing civil society for the great mission of distributing aid to the hungry and destitute ravaged by socialism, which is a great thing for the country’s trashed social capital, and focusing on rebuilding the country. That frankly looks like a winning plan, and people recognize winners – and they follow.

One has to realize that Trump most likely had something to do with this, too. His stellar speech, noted here by Thomas Lifson, very likely was heard in Cuba, the same way Gulag prisoners heard President Reagan’s great ‘evil empire’ speech and took heart from it.

Trump understood this. And now we see motion not just in Venezuela but also in Cuba. One can only hope that all three countries most plagued by socialism in the hemisphere go down together. The celebratory fireworks will be amazing.


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