Punishing Working-Class Americans

The Green New Deal Is About Punishing Working-Class Americans

If you haven’t read the details of the Green New Deal, let me save you the trouble: it’s a raging assault on America’s already-declining working-and-middle-class. When Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her fellow Green-Marxists in the Democratic Party put forward their proposal, they made it clear that this program was intended to be used on the “most at-risk” communities in the United States.

The now-deleted (though it is archived) FAQ section on Congresswoman Cortez’s website specifically outlines the need to “Reverse climate change by fully rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, restoring our natural ecosystems, dramatically expanding renewable power generation, overhauling our entire transportation system, upgrading all our buildings, jumpstarting US clean manufacturing, transforming US agriculture.”

The Green New Deal policy says that all of these newfangled processes will be tried on “The frontline communities that are already facing the ravages of climate change and pollution and working-class communities reliant on fossil fuel industries.”

Interestingly, the Democratic Party’s vast new social engineering project will not be tried in the towns and communities where America’s billionaires and pentamillionaires reside. No, according to the Green New Dealers, it’s not their wealthy friends who are the cause of global warming. It’s you and your struggling family. You are the dirty, rotten polluters who have to rely on the far more efficient and affordable fossil fuel-driven technology to get through the day. America’s democratic globalist managerial elite can afford to drive Teslas and subside on overpriced Kale juice from Whole Foods. It’s you SUV-driving, God-fearing, hard-working, mortgage-paying, middle-class Americans with your pesky 2.5 kids that are the problem!

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