Fake news media

Trump vs. fake news media

By Alison Nichols

When President Trump accused the “fake news media” of being an enemy of the people, there was a collective gasp heard around the world. Time has once again proven the President correct.  Tong warfare and -ism accusations from the left have reached epic proportions.  The so called “progressive” media no longer speak the truth to the American people; that qualifies as an enemy of the people.

Wallowing in the drum beat of negativity coming from the socialist progressive media, Democrat sycophants, who apparently cannot think for themselves, engage in the politics of ignorance.  Case in point, Dannel Malloy, former Governor of Connecticut, was asked what his plans were for his first night in his new home in Essex, CT. He told the reporter that he planned to watch the coverage of President Trump’s speech…but not the speech itself. His remarks speak volumes about not only the intellectual deleterious Democrats, but the real dynamics between the Democrat party and the so-called main stream media.

There has been an accepted idea that the liberal media is a pawn of the Democrat party.  It seems apparent, since the election of President Trump, that this opinion is slightly skewed.  It is the Democrat party that is the pawn of the media.

With alacrity, Democrats, in particular politicians, political pundits and Hollywood types, expose themselves as not only intellectually challenged, but profoundly dependent on the memes in the media.  It is always a scratch your head moment when they open their mouths or text their tweets.   Consider the missile of ignorance tweeted by Alyssa Milano following the misreporting by the media about the Covington Catholic High School students.

The vituperation against President Trump stinks like inspissated bile.  The more it stinks, the easier it is to shine a light on what is really going on.  The liberal press, who misreport time and time again at the expense of the American people, look like rabid raccoons who become so focused on their target that they fail to see what is going on outside their orbit.  And the Democrat leadership and celebrities fall in line like dutiful soldiers.

The irrational hatred directed at our President says more about the media than their target.  Many of Donald Trump’s supporters have felt that the hatred was a result of an overwhelming narcissistic rage following an election that they got so wrong.   Still others believe that the fancy social butterflies in the left-wing media abhor the thought that America elected an offensively bold street-fighter from Queens, New York.

While there is a kernel of truth in these beliefs, it is far more sinister than just a neurotic disturbance.  It is becoming more and more apparent that liberal progressive socialists in the media fear an unabashed capitalist in the White House who threatens their deepest belief in themselves.  What could be more threatening to a socialist than an archetypal capitalist in the White House — particularly if the policies emanating from the white House have been so successful?  It is of no wonder that the liberal media fails to inform the American people of his successes.

The next question is: why do these people who know socialism has failed time and time again cling to this odious ideology? Could it be because it is only the leaders in the movement who do not suffer the consequences?   Consider Venezuela that is crumbling under socialism.  The promises of prosperity and equality for all made to the masses quickly vanished to the point where toilet paper was no longer available.  Dollars to donuts the leadership always have soft tissue to wipe their Fannies.


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