Who Are the Actual Adults

Who Are the Actual Adults, and Who Are the Adults Who Act and Govern as Children?

By Jack Hellner

In 2000 when George W. Bush picked Cheney as his running mate, the word of the day for the media puppets was “gravitas.”  Now, the talking points that have gone out (obviously) suggest words like “chaos” or some version of “who are the adults in the room?”

When these same media puppets wholeheartedly supported a community organizer with few legislative accomplishments, not once did I hear the word gravitas to suggest he was lacking. I also do not recall journalists using the word chaos and looking for adults in the room no matter what he said or did and no matter how weak the results were.

Obama had four Defense Secretaries and the first three were critics of what he did, but somehow the media and other Democrats didn’t care, nor say how dangerous and chaotic it was. 

Ex-defense secretaries among toughest critics of Obama’s military strategy

When I think of adults who act like children, I think of words and phrases such as:

  • inexperienced,
  • Inability to learn from history,
  • just repeat what they are told without questions,
  • possessive and living in a fantasy World by just pretending and making things up.

We have seen a child who for the past nine years has claimed he brought the country out of a severe recession even though it ended around 110 days after he took office, before his policies could have had any effect.

For eight years we had children running the economic policy which gave us the slowest economic recovery in seventy years despite almost zero interest rates, a massive Federal Reserve infusion of money, massive increases in government spending and around a $10 trillion increase in federal debt. …

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