Hidden Gun-control Agenda

Florida Election Fraud’s Hidden Gun-control Agenda

By Daniel John Sobieski

We’ve all seen those lists of objects, names, or places on tests along with the question of which one doesn’t belong or is out of place. Apply that test to the three Florida races affected by the vote fraud/incompetence in Broward and Palm Beach counties: senator, governor, and agricultural commissioner. Uh, agricultural commissioner? Why is anyone trying to steal that election, one lost under the radar among the seemingly more important national impact offices at stake?

The answer is that capturing the Florida agricultural commissioner’s post would be a key victory in liberal and progressive push for gun control. As the Tampa Bay Times notes, Florida is unusual in that the Florida agricultural commissioner, rather than the courts or other law enforcement, is the entity that regulates and controls things like concealed carry permits:

If it seems unusual for Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to handle concealed weapons permits, that’s because it is unusual — nearly every other state gives the job to police or courts…

the NRA had lawmakers quietly move the Division of Licensing, which handles the concealed weapons permit program, from the Florida Department of State to the state’s Department of Agriculture in 2002, so that the program was answerable to an elected official.

Marion Hammer, the NRA’s chief lobbyist in Florida, defended the move and the practice as a way of protecting the Second Amendment rights of Floridians from a confusing array of county and city gun ordinances:

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