Enough is enough

By Ronald C. Tinnell

Enough is enough!  Our judiciary’s encroachment on the executive has been a developing problem for some time.  Liberal judges have been finding excuses to overrule President Trump’s actions since the day he took office.  Even if the President eventually wins

the issue in a higher court, the judiciary acts so slowly that, by that time he does, the issue is often moot.

Now a judge has just ordered the White House to reinstate Jim Acosta’s White House pass.  If the President cannot control who comes to his own press conferences, what can he control?  Are judges going to start rendering opinions about what bills he must sign and which ones he must veto?  If we are attacked, will a judge instruct the President on when and how he can act to defend us?

In response to this outrage, the President should do two things immediately.  First, he should announce that there will be no more White House press conferences till this matter is resolved to his satisfaction.  Give Jim Acosta his pass, but make it useless. Second, he should call for the immediate impeachment of the judge that issued this order.  I’m not sure there would be enough votes in the House to impeach, but he should do it anyway.  At some point, you have to fight back.

On a longer-term basis, it’s time for Republicans to start acting like Democrats.  As things stand now, Democrats are happy with the judiciary.  Liberal judges happily intrude on executive decisions of the President, and conservative judges do not.  Democrats do not want to reign in the judiciary because it is actively supporting their agenda.  If conservative judges start acting like liberal judges, then the Democrats will be forced to change their tune.  Let’s appoint some activist conservative judges to the bench and see how the Democrats like it.  I know this goes against conservative principles, but, sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire.


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